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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Maine News for Tuesday, October 9, 2007


Gendron holds merger power, but is it too much? ' Some say the law gives the education chief too much decision- making latitude.

Governor to lead Far East trade mission Fourteen businesses and education groups plan to take part, after learning the countries' customs.

Nurses in Bangor give notice of walkout The union at Eastern Maine Medical Center threatens to start a 24-hour strike on Oct 17.

Canadian dollar helps lumber mills The decline in the value of U.S. currency evens the playing field with Canadian producers.

LTE: Impeachment proceedings: Distraction or solution?


Education bonds top ballot issuesAUGUSTA - Two years ago Maine's higher-education leaders were surprised when voters rejected their modest bond proposal for $9 million by a margin of fewer than 3,000 votes.

Prison, jail unification plan concerns officialsMACHIAS - The governor says he has no plans to close the Washington County Jail, but his new county jail and state prison unification plan has caused heartburn for some law enforcement officials Down East.

Meeting aims to avert nurses strikeTuesday, October 09, 2007BANGOR, Maine - A federal mediator has once again called an emergency meeting between contract negotiators for Eastern Maine Medical Center and the 870 registered nurses who work there.

EDITORIAL: Smoke SignalsWhen several communities considered following Bangor's lead in banning smoking in cars carrying children, local leaders said a statewide prohibition would be better than a patchwork of local rules.

EDITORIAL: Ending TortureBy leaving the definition of torture up to the Bush administration, Congress shirked an important responsibility to ensure the treatment of detainees in the war on terror meets U.S. and international standards.

Tuesday's Letters to the Editor … Soldiers’ names sacred … Blackwater horror


Governor to lead overseas envoy AUGUSTA -- Businessman Mark Eichenbaum's product is carried in 9,000 stores, including local supermarkets.

Augusta airlinelooks to reducenumber of flights AUGUSTA -- The only regularly scheduled airline serving Maine's capital city is proposing to cut the number of daily flights during the fall and winter and to increase them during warm-weather months.

EDITORIAL: Staying power? That's Putin power What's the difference between track star Marion Jones and the Bush administration?

DAVID B. OFFER : Taxpayer Bill of Rights resurfacing to fill voidGovernment still spending money as if it had it Get ready for Son-of-TABOR. The Maine Heritage Policy Center has drafted a new version for a Taxpayers Bill of Rights to limit state spending.


Who is the deceiver in school consolidation? A school system that's too deeply in love with itself ought to get a divorce!


Britain cutting its Iraq force LONDON - Britain will cut its forces in Iraq by half in the spring, shrinking the commitment of America's leading military partner to just 2,500 troops engaged mainly in training Iraqi forces, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Monday.

LTE: Expensive effortsState legislators are hard at work in Augusta trying to lower the tax burden for Mainers. A few thoughts come to mind here.


EDITORIAL: No life for this party...(full story)

LTE: Time for a war tax...(full story)

Special Legislative Panel Aims At Job Retraining Obstacles

Soldiers Adjust To Life After Iraq


SAD 35 fights school mergers
ELIOT, Maine — The Maine School Administrative District 35 School Board of Directors sent its strongest message yet about consolidation on Wednesday, Oct. 3, unanimously agreeing to sign a letter to state representatives that called for a...


Local governments to be lobbied to oppose school district consolidation — Hope selectmen to be asked this week — others towns likely to follow
HOPE — Following the five-town high school board’s vote to support the school system consolidation repeal, other local government boards and school committees will be asked to follow suit.


Immediate action needed
The decision by a large private family medical practice to drop its patients who are covered by the MaineCare program is further evidence that the wheels are falling off the health insurance system, and only federal intervention will get the program back on the right road.


Lesbian Couple Files Suit Against Boys' ParentsTom Allen and Attorney General Steven Rowe - who turned out to show their support for the women. Fuchs and Boutaugh, who now live in Penobscot County, ...


Another potential Dole foe says noHillary Rodham Clinton, as well as several moderate Republicans such as Susan Collins of Maine and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee. "I firmly believe that we ...


Dems choose sides in Merkley-Novick raceBesides Merkley, that’s Mark Udall of Colorado, Mark Warner of Virginia and Tom Allen of Maine, all three of whom are widely considered top-tier Democratic ...


Bush threatens to veto a bill that would stengthen IGsThe bill will now go to the Senate, where Sens. Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, and Susan Collins (R-Maine), ranking member, are working on their own IG reform bill. ...


Alexander: Iraq is the biggest issue
The Republican Senator, along with Ken Salazar (D-CO), Mark Pryor (D-AR), Susan Collins (R-ME), Hillary Clinton (D-NY), George Voinovich (R-OH), Elizabeth Dole (R-NC), and Jim Webb (D-VA), has helped introduce a bill which would require a report on the status of redeployment planning from the Bush Administration.


ME-Sen: Not the story the Collins camp hoped forHis intended target: Democratic Congressman Tom Allen. For weeks, the state GOP and members of Sen. Susan Collins' staff have been diligently shopping a "hot tip" to members of the Maine media: Allen has missed a number of votes in ...

Senator Susan Collins - (Funding of Campaigns)Excerpts: "2001-2006 Total Receipts: $4461,1992001-2006 Total Spent: $4192498" and "Source of Funds:(How to read this chart / methodology) Individual contributions $2499137 (56.0%) PAC contributions $1684761 (37.8%) ...

TOM ALLEN (D-ME) Top Contributors -
Excerpt: "1 Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers $15250 2 Air Line Pilots Assn $15000 3 American Fedn of St/Cnty/Munic Employees $10500 4 Mayflower Partners $10300 5 American Assn for Justice $10250" ...

Mainers turn out for equal rights
Tom Allen, D-1st District, encouraged participants in their fight for equal rights. Allen said. ...

My Column Saluting "Progressive" Fighters
I thought I’d take a brief stroll down Memory Lane, back to the days before the government got serious about helping us improve our lives. Yes, there was a time when Maine’s government wasn’t as large as it is today.

SEIU: Too Many Great Dem Prez Candidates to Endorse One
CHICAGO - Citing the strength of the presidential field on the key issues for working families, and the importance of the 2008 election on the future of America, SEIU local unions will decide on presidential primary endorsements on a state-by-state basis.

Trade Takes Center Stage In Key Senate Race
"A proposed trade agreement with Peru is the latest front in Maine's Senate race between incumbent Republican Susan Collins and her Democratic challenger, Rep. Tom Allen. Allen has announced his opposition to a free trade pact with Peru ...

[links] Link salad with new improved croutons
Susan Collins' senate campaign attacks opponent for missing congressional votes — Seems he was at the funeral of a family member. More conservative family values!

Least Favorite People on the Right
William Cohen (actually, all "Republicans" from Maine, now that I think about it-- Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins). As you can see when comparing my list with John's full results, I am not alone in my dislike of certain people. ...

BDN On Habeas
Susan Collins voted no. Sen. Olympia Snowe, absent for a family funeral, did not vote. Sen. Collins voted for the unchanged bill, as did Sen. Specter, although he called the measure unconsitutional [sic]. Sen. Snowe again did not vote. ...

Portland Press Herald: Impeachment proceedings: Distraction or ...
Michael Cutting (Voice of the People, Oct. 3) takes US Rep. Tom Allen to task for refusing to pursue impeachment proceedings against President ...

Sandy Berger is going to be Hillary Clinton’s campaign advisor?
Oh wow. That’s gonna be a huge bump in the road for ole Hillary, but then again, it’s the Bush Regime who has pushed their power into the faces of Americans while sticking their middle finger up to all us whenever they put a crony in to help them reach their goals!

Fred Thompson: National Campaign Leadership Team
Fred “doh-DEE-doh” Thompson has hired Howard Baker, Elizabeth Cheney, and George Allen, the former senator from Virginia, to his “National Campaign Leadership Team.”

Mark Lawrence Update
This is an exciting time for the Lawrence campaign.