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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Maine News for Thursday, October 11, 2007


State to promote local health issues Today's setup doesn't help small towns, say officials. Forums will focus on other changes.

Campaigns remain low-budget affairs

Natural gas leak forces city to close roads

EDITORIAL: The future of coal ought to be cleaner A settlement with a Midwest power company will mean less pollution in Maine's air.

Gas leak inquiry promotes safety and consumer choice State officials are right to look at whether there are system problems at Northern Utililities.

LTE: Free speech not up for discussion

LTE: Eligible voters must exercise patriotic right


School consolidation moving slowly; some units lost in red tapeThe first deadline for the new school consolidation law has come and gone and the second, which requires each school unit statewide to submit an actual reorganization plan is just seven weeks away.

Commission OKs cell tower plan for Old Town, Howland Thursday, October 11, 2007A cellular phone company received state authorization Wednesday to build a 320-foot tower in the Penobscot County town of Argyle.

Moosehead plan hearings delayedThursday, October 11, 2007State regulators on Wednesday reluctantly postponed public hearings on Plum Creek's development plan for the Moosehead Lake region after the company submitted more changes to its massive application.

EDITORIAL: A regional winSoon after he took office in 2003, Rep. Mike Michaud adopted the very good idea of creating a regional economic zone along the northeast border - Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York - to help economically distressed towns, much as an Appalachian zone has helped that region for 40 years.

Editorial: Lost at sea treatyAfter years of inaction, the melting of polar ice has added urgency to efforts to have the United States belatedly sign on to the Law of the Sea Convention.

Nicole Witherbee: Trust fund to help eliminate homelessnessFor one Bangor family trying to make ends meet, a lost purse holding the rent money was all it took to tumble to the edge of homelessness.

Thursday's Letters to the Editor … Edwards comes up short … Children left behind … Bush’s Biddeford library … Sen. Collins’ role … Water legislation


Maine urged to invest more AUGUSTA -- The state needs to invest more money on a consistent basis if it wants to help new companies and new ideas thrive in Maine, a panel of experts told lawmakers Wednesday.

RELOCATING STAFF FROM AUGUSTAState recreating local public health districts Evolving threats, efficiency require change After wresting control from municipal health authorities a century ago, the state wants to promote public health at the local level again. The Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention has divided the state into eight public health districts, and begun relocating staff from Augusta to other communities so they'll be more accessible to residents and health professionals.

Fundraising lagging for ballot questions AUGUSTA -- Referendum campaigns on gambling and term limits are raising relatively little money when compared to previous statewide drives, according to new finance reports from political action committees.

MaineGeneral will expand its parking lot AUGUSTA -- The Planning Board Tuesday unanimously approved expansion of a MaineGeneral Medical Center parking lot west of Arsenal Street.

Professor sees term limits' unintended impact WATERVILLE -- Term limits were supposed to eliminate career politicians who gained too much power and help foster a greater influx of young people with fresh ideas.

JIM BRUNELLE : Presidential debates: New form of reality show I don't know about anyone else, but the presidential debates are fast becoming my favorite reality show of the current video season.


LTE: Democrats do not have the taxpayer in mind Thank you, President Bush, for vetoing the Schip program.


Tribe accused of withholding namesAUGUSTA (AP) - Critics of a proposed Down East racetrack casino are accusing the Passamaquoddy Tribe of withholding information about investors.

State lawmakers want to see additional ways to cut high jail costsAUGUSTA (AP) - Some Maine lawmakers, expressing concern they could be hemmed in between the governor's plan for a state takeover of county jails and a competing proposal from counties that's not yet been developed, say they want additional ideas for cutting costs.

School system consolidation targeted in dozens of bill requests

EDITORIAL: Shifting odds for Maine gamblingFor gambling types, the smart money is riding on Massachusetts.

Maine Voters Signal Lack of Interest in Ballot Questions

LURC Delays Consideration of Plum Creek Development

State to Probe Gas Company Safety Practices

Low State Reimbursement Rates Continue to Plague Physicians

Gendron to ask for changes in Maine's schools squeeze law...(full story)

EDITORIAL: Debt spiral...(full story)


Racino Question Looms on November Ballot
ELLSWORTH — Is it finally a way to jumpstart the chronically dismal economy in Washington County?

Lobstermen Face New Restrictions in Whale, Offshore Fishing RulesThe MLA and Maine senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins have asked NMFS to delay implementation of the new sinking rope regulation until 2010 to allow ...

EDITORIAL: Habla Español, Mike?
U.S. Rep. Mike Michaud of Maine’s Second District took a little trip down to Costa Rica recently, hoping to do whatever he could to sabotage the U.S.-Central American Free Trade Agreement. Michaud traveled with U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont, a self-described socialist and steadfast opponent of free trade, at the invitation of Otton Solis, the leader of the anti-CAFTA movement in Costa Rica.

EDITORIAL: Bond Issues Seek $134 Million
Maine voters will be confronted by bond issue proposals totaling $134 million when they go to the polls at the statewide referendum election on Tuesday, Nov. 6. The bond proposals appear in three articles on the ballot and, if approved, can be expected to cost taxpayers a total of $174,535,000 in principal and interest if they are issued for the full statutory period authorized.

LTE: A Matter of Honor
I am horrified and nauseated after reading the recent New York Times article “From Errand to Fatal Shot to Hail of Fire to 17 Deaths.” We, the American people, cannot stand for mercenaries to act for our country abroad. I demand that our Congress immediately call for a criminal investigation and withdrawal of all Blackwater personnel and equipment from all U.S. foreign operations.

LTE: World’s Problems Are All Connected
A musician friend was recently recalling a concert performance in which she had performed a peace song. Someone in the audience later complained that the purpose of the concert was to raise concern about global climate change. “This isn’t an anti-war event,” she said. In telling this story, my musician friend sadly noted that too few people understand the interconnectedness of the awful circumstances our world is suffering.

LTE; Governor or Emperor?
When Governor Baldacci proposed his public school consolidation plans, this writer was intrigued by the prospect of its inherent savings in administration expenses, mainly thinking that some of the money saved would trickle down to benefit local taxpayers.

LTE: The Selfishness Must Stop
Listening to the candidates who are seeking to be the next President of the United States, stating why he or she is best qualified to lead and uphold the Constitution, the inalienable rights of everyone, I’m hearing and observing the same déjà vu.

LTE: Irony
Today I heard a Bush administration spokesman scolding European governments for prodding the United States to enact stiff regulations to control global warming. The spokesman said that “there is no world government, and no world dictator, entitled to tell the U.S. what to do.”


LTE: Habeas corpus


U.S. rep holds online peace rally
PORTLAND, Maine — Wednesday marks the fifth anniversary of the vote to authorize the use of force in Iraq. Today and Friday, Rep. Tom Allen, D-Maine, is hosting a 48-hour virtual peace rally, with the goal of garnering comment from people across the country.


Watchdog groups oppose more money for special counsel... Affairs Chairman Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., and ranking member Susan Collins, R-Maine, and heads of other key oversight and legislative committees.


The job Lieberman is failing to doSusan Collins (R-Maine) — has shown relatively little interest in tackling those issues. And what of all the contracting abuses that Waxman is scrutinizing?


The job Lieberman is failing to doSusan Collins (R-Maine) — has shown relatively little interest in tackling those issues. And what of all the contracting abuses that Waxman is scrutinizing?

Google bans ads
The banned advertisements said, “Susan Collins is MoveOn’s primary target. Learn how you can help” and “Help Susan Collins stand up to the money machine.” The ads linked to Collins’ campaign Web site with a headline reading ...

Susan Collins marks anniversary of her Iraq war vote by attacking ...
Five years ago today, Senator Susan Collins voted to go to war against Iraq. In her floor speech, Collins invoked every bit of Bush-produced propaganda -- biological, chemical, even nuclear weapons -- to justify that vote.

Blue America Welcomes Back Rep. Tom Allen On A Very Important ...
Of all the candidates endorsed by Blue America so far this year, Maine Congressman Tom Allen has been the most popular, both in terms of the number of people who have donated to his campaign (right around 500) and the amount we have ... Tom and his opponent, rubber stamp Republican Susan Collins were elected on the same day. While he has been a real and forthright leader in trying to right the wrongs of Bush’s disastrous policies, Collins has rarely varied from ...

Happy Anniversary!
Surf over & experience a difference between a Democrat who knows how to st& up to Bush’s tyranny & one– his Lieberman-backed opponent, Susan Collins– who only knows how to work a rubber stamp. Tom sent us over a clip his campaign just ...

Happy Anniversary!
Maine Congressman Tom Allen voted “no” and continues to oppose Bush’s toxic and catastrophic Iraq agenda. Well… not so happy. It’s the fifth anniversary of the Authorization For the Use of Force in Iraq.

What makes a conservative pol? Is Rudy one?
There are a lot of moderate Republicans who prove this rule every time they are the first to peel off on other issues: Chris Shays, Arlen Specter, Susan Collins, Olympia Snowe, Mike Castle — and to go back in history a bit, Linc Chafee, ...

Sen. Susan Collins continues to raise campaign money through ...
Susan Collins (Suzie-Q) continues to raise campaign money through special interest groups while pointing fingers at future Senator Tom Allen for raising money through….(wait for it)……………THE AVERAGE AMERICAN! Oh yes, ole Suzie-Q believes ...

Lieberman: "Oversight? Nah, Don't Care."
Susan Collins (R-Maine) — has shown relatively little interest in tackling those issues. Subscription is required on the Roll Call article, but Steve Benen has more. Lieberman says that fraud and abuse and corruption make him angry, ...

US REP. TOM ALLEN- AND MONEY is calling Tom Allen an ‘Anti-War Hero’ in this front-page feature. I’m not sure what level of heroism is involved in accepting hundreds of thousands of dollars from extremist groups and then pandering back to them, ...

Acknowledging a Long Held Truth
You can find the text of the bill here, where you can also find a list of the bill's co-sponsors, which includes Rep. Tom Allen.

Tom Allen: The Congressman is once again working to fill the coffers of far-left Congressman Tom Allen's campaign. 5 Vote(s)

Vandalism Suit Reminds: Hate Begins At Home
When the incident occurred, it drew widespread attention and a rally in Portland drew about 200 people including Gov. John Baldacci, US Rep. Tom Allen and Attorney General Steven Rowe who turned out to show their support for the women.

Clinton DefSec Cohen Believed Saddam Had WMD's

Michaud: No Federal Dollars, No Bright Maine Future

Bought and Paid For
Despite the fervent, bi-partisan condemnation of the ultra-liberal advocacy group after their inexcusable personal slander of U.S General David Petraeus, Maine Congressman Tom Allen continues to accept their money and support with open arms.

Republicans treat our soldiers as if they’re phony soldiers
Oh yes. If you’re a republican and you have yourself an illegal occupation to tend to and want to cut corners and save as much money as you can so your war profiteer friends & family members can continue to reap the financial benefits of the occupation, this is why you do…

Carter: Bush Authorized Torture
According to a CNN interview with former President Jimmy Carter, the United States has tortured detainees and Bush authorized it.

Democrats Show Signs of Life…
Huh? Defying the President, Democrats voted on Wednesday to bolster civil liberties safeguards in his anti-terrorism spying program and refused to shield telecommunications companies from pending lawsuits based upon the fact that they turned over confidential customer data to the President.

Have Term Limits Worked for Maine?
The Portland Press Herald has this story on its front page this morning, concerning the slow fund raising efforts for two ballot initiatives the electorate will see this November.
One of the measures would add an additional two terms to the current limit of four consecutive terms a legislator can serve, and this got me to wonder if terms limits have worked to the benefit of our state.