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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Maine News for Wednesday, October 3, 2007


EPA assesses three Senate climate bills, including one sponsored by Snowe Each similarly would succeed in cutting carbon emissions, but with a caveat, the agency finds.

Study: Offering housing to homeless saves money Moving people into units that are subsidized cuts in half the average cost of services to them.

We should not rely on under-trained officers Reserves should be used to support, not replace, qualified police force members.

OP/ED: State jail takeover might not mean relief County commissioners and sheriffs have a better idea than Gov. Baldacci on how to run them.

LTE: U.S. must alter its course

LTE: Impeachment proceedings necessary, not distracting


State reorganization plans on table AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine state government faces the most sweeping reorganization proposals in more than 40 years as the Legislature's Appropriations Committee explores several consolidation proposals of state programs and agencies.

Economist calculates slots revenue A study released Tuesday by a University of Maine economist estimates that the Calais racino proposed by the Passamaquoddy Tribe could generate between $11.9 million and $13 million in slot machine revenue annually.

Cianbro axes plan to dump on coast Wednesday, October 03, 2007Officials with Cianbro Corp. have withdrawn plans to deposit materials dredged from the Penobscot River into an area off the coast of Rockland in response to local opposition to the dumping.

Nurses drop strike threat, but talks produce no accord Wednesday, October 03, 2007BANGOR, Maine - Negotiators for the nurses union at Eastern Maine Medical Center on Tuesday withdrew the formal 10-day notice of their intention to strike that was issued Monday. But as the day closed on an emergency bargaining session and last-ditch effort to avert the nursing strike, negotiators from both sides announced they had come up empty-handed.

EDITORIAL: The jail escapeJohn Baldacci has been trying to consolidate government for as long as he has been governor. But over the years he has changed tactics substantially, going from a very public and deliberative merging of human services in 2004 to the surprise declaration on county jails this year.

Sharon S. Tisher: Restore the Clean Water ActHigh discharges of phosphorus from a Millinocket mill this August caused a massive algae bloom that threatened aquatic life and drove swimmers, including me, from our favorite swimming holes along the Penobscot River watershed as far as 75 miles downstream in Hampden - a reminder of how fragile, and connected, our Maine waters are.

Wednesday's Letters to the Editor … Terrorism trap … Forgetting the details


Medicaid reforms compared: Maine lawmakers are given overview on states' efforts AUGUSTA -- Charging co-pays for services or requiring recipients to pledge a more health-conscious lifestyle are two ways states are looking to cut their Medicaid spending, a national health-care expert told Maine lawmakers Tuesday.

Equipping GIs for war becoming more costly WASHINGTON (AP) -- As official Washington argues over the spiraling price of the war in Iraq, consider this: Outfitting a soldier for battle costs a hundred times more now than it did in World War II. It was $170 then, is about $17,500 now and could be an estimated $28,000 to $60,000 by the middle of the next decade.

CONSOLIDATIONChina stuck between large, small districts CHINA -- Selectmen, School Committee members and other residents spent an hour rehashing school reorganization issues Monday evening, without evidence that anyone changed his or her mind.

PHIL HARRIMAN : Maine can't gamble its way to prosperity - Attacking gambling opponents doesn't change facts It's unfortunate that Donna Loring has chosen to promote the proposal for a racetrack casino in Washington County by rewriting history and attacking casino opponents with false accusations ("Gambling a solution to lack of jobs, health insurance, hope," Sept. 27). Apparently, the argument for the Downeast casino isn't strong enough to stand on its own merits, so she feels it's necessary to pillory those of us who believe that the expansion of casinos in Maine will harm the state's image and economy.

LTE: Sticking with spending cut plan was good policy George Smith and I sometimes disagree about the kind and scope of government we need, but I found his recent column about reducing the cost of government interesting.

LTE: America must remain strong militarily Regarding "There's another side to the Blue Angels coverage" Kennebec Journal Sept. 15 -- Tom Sturtevant's letter and reference to Maine Veterans for Peace struck a chord with me.


CONFORMING TO FEMA REGULATIONSFranklin County making progress for certification FARMINGTON -- Franklin County's emergency management director said Tuesday the county is making some progress in efforts to get certified in a federal incident management command system.


EPA: Rival climate bills achieve same endWASHINGTON (AP) - Three competing Senate proposals calling for limits on greenhouse gases would have roughly identical success in curbing global warming, but only if other nations also significantly cut heat-trapping emissions, a government analysis says.


Maine reservists come home...(full story)


New committee to focus on economic development
BAR HARBOR – With several members of the Town Council calling it long overdue, the council voted Tuesday night to create a permanent Economic Development Committee.


United States Senate Youth Program to select two Hoosier delegatesSusan Collins of Maine, the first program delegate elected to the Senate; Judge Robert Henry, US Court of Appeals; former Ambassador to West Germany Richard ...


Pricey plane tickets for government officials usually unjustified ...Coleman, joining a bipartisan group of senators led by Susan Collins, R-Maine, is pushing legislation to expand first-class reporting requirements to ...


Federal Officials Too Often Flying First and Business Class, GAO Finds

2 Oct - Miscellany
Ten Percent. China prohibits help to monks. Tomorrow What. Islam and Europe : a debate in Amsterdam. White Noise Insanity. Will Sen. Susan Collins support Rush Limbaugh’s right to speak out against our soldiers ?

Campaign Flub of the Month
Brought to you by Dailykos, Susan Collins, the Maine GOP, and the letter “Oops.” GOP press release this morning: October 2, 2007 Congressman Tom Allen missed each of the three votes the House of Representatives held yesterday, ...

Will Sen. Susan Collins support Rush Limbaugh’s right to speak out ...
Susan Collins voted along with her jackboot licking reich wingers in the Senate last week and with 22 democrats to make sure that the freedom of speech be squashed when it concerns our soldiers. Well, Rush Limbaugh has broken this ...

Where is Congressman Tom Allen - 132 Missed Votes?
Over the last three weeks the House has only held votes on ten days — Congressman Allen has missed four of those days completely, for a total of 22 votes. Support Senator Susan Collins.

Senator Susan Collins Blog Posting from Campaign Website Oct. 1
Note: Title of post won't copy, so we'll go right to the excerpt: "Last Monday, I participated in the promotion ceremony of a military fellow, Pam Powers, who is serving in my office this year. Pam was promoted from Major to Lt. ...

Maine PDA Moves on Impeachment
Maine Congressman Tom Allen won’t budge on impeachment. Says it’sa distraction and the Constitution is too vague. On Tuesday, Sept. 25, 2007 approximately 250 Maine people came to Portland, [...]

John Kerry on How to Restore Integrity to Our Government
I mean, we have very important races -- Jean Shaheen in New Hampshire, Tom Allen -- I mean, you know, Tom Allen in Maine, and in Colorado, Tom Udall, and so forth. If we can grow four, five or six seats, then we're in a position to ...

Tom Allen Skips Work Again
Congressman Tom Allen missed each of the three votes the House of Representatives held yesterday, bringing his missed votes total to 132. 4 Vote(s)

Maine Pushes for Impeachment
25 and 26. Hundreds of Maine people took time off during two work days and told Congressmen Allen and Michaud -- “IMPEACH!!” Maine First District Congressman Tom Allen doesn't budge on impeachment. ...

Maine GOP Attacks Dem Over Attending Family Funeral
You can just imagine the scene at Maine GOP headquarters: "OMG Tom Allen totally missed a vote he is teh suck!!!!" Oh, he was at a family funeral. Nevermind.

ME-Sen: Ooops
"Congressman Tom Allen missed each of the three votes the House of Representatives held yesterday, bringing his missed votes total to 132. He also missed three days of votes for a fundraising [sic] trip to California two weeks ago. ...

Why People Hate Politics: Exhibit A
Team Collins has decided that Tom Allen's attendance record is something to question publicly. Fine. We should have reasonable expectations that our leaders to show up for work, and we all know that Saintly Sue has never missed a vote. ...

Kamilewicz: Maine Dems “telling me that Tom is a very weak candidate”
Dexter Kamilewicz may be Tom Allen’s worst nightmare. Bill Slavick is not a sweet dream, either. Running against Allen, the Democratic incumbent, and Republican Darlene Curley, Kamilewicz won nearly 8 percent of the vote in the election ...

Rep. Tom Allen MySpace Page
Rep. Tom Allen MySpace Page Alex Hammer: Tom Allen's MySpace page has 164 friends currently including -- I love it -- Governor John Baldacci.

Scontras Fundraising: 3 Yards and a Cloud of Dust

Collins/Snowe Vote 'YEA' on $150B for War on Terror

Michaud in Costa Rica Urging 'No' Vote, CAFTA Referendum

Primary Candidates on Ballot w/ Party 'Preference' - Legal?
The Washington state law lets primary-election candidates identify their political party "preference" on the ballot, even if the party doesn't want to be affiliated with the candidate. The top two vote-getters advance to the general election regardless of their party allegiances, potentially squeezing out the major parties' favored candidates.

Nancy Pelosi: Why the Democrats Can’t Stop The War…

We need National Popular Vote NOW!
The 2008 Presidential election will be here soon. Questions remain whether or not we have dealt with enough of the problems that plagued the last two elections such as voting machine problems, partisan election officials and voter registration issues. But one thing we know hasn't been fixed is the mess that is the Electoral College system of choosing our President.

Monday Rundown
Whoa! An open ethics hearing? This is an option now? Really? So, if Senate leadership wanted to call for an open ethics hearing on David Vitter's past solicitation of prostitutes or Ted Stevens' possibly taking bribes for getting earmarks placed or Lisa Murkowski's sweetheart land deal or Pete Domenici's inappropriate contact with former U.S. Attorney David Iglesias or Susan Collins' possibly inappropriate use of taxpayer-funded Senate resources for political campaign purposes, they could do that? In that case, open ethics hearings for all!

The Freedom Agenda
The more I think about Sen. Collins' habeas votes, the more convinced I become that they'll come back to bite her during the campaign. And not just because the more recent vote exposed a widening rift between the junior senator and Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME).