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Friday, September 28, 2007

Maine News for Friday, September 28, 2007


Assess new highway tolls? Pass on that, critics say The state needs more funds for roads, but some say adding tolls would have too many drawbacks.

Police probe tainted from the start The attorney general's director of investigations should step aside.

Agencies want Plum Creek plan modified State and federal officials list concerns ranging from lost habitat near Moosehead Lake to reduced access to woods.

Enrollment drop spurs USM deficit Officials expect a $3.6 million shortfall this year, mostly because fewer students are attending the school.

Strimling joins race to replace Tom Allen The state senator makes stops in Sanford, Biddeford and Portland to announce his candidacy.

Maine program aimed at making drug disposal safer People would send their unused prescription drugs to the Maine DEA in pre-addressed pouches.

Petition aims to disband police force Some Waldoboro residents are looking at last weekend's fatal shooting as the last straw.

EDITORIAL: Sick leave bill may not be worth the trouble Sick leave is important, but so is turning around the state's reputation as anti-business.

OP/ED: Failing to confront Iran, Syria is a path with one ending Those who think words will control what's being readied in those nations are making a tragic error.

LTE: Sen. Collins' vote rejects our constitutional values

LTE: No candidates stand out as presidential material

LTE: President Bush's budget message full of hypocrisy


Mitchell urges resolve on global issuesORONO - Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell lamented what he says is 'waning' resolve to tackle global environmental issues, but called Thursday for university researchers, grass-roots groups and local governments to lead the fight.

Strimling announces congressional candidacy... Maine (AP) — Democrat Ethan Strimling announced Thursday that he is running for Congress for the 1st District seat being vacated by Tom Allen. ...

EDITORIAL: Too Soon on NCLBWith Congress trying to reauthorize the federal education act No Child Left Behind, it's natural that a new set of scores on what’s called the nation's report card would be used by both sides of the debate to support their claims.

EDITORIAL: After the Federal FundsOver the past several years, the Department of Homeland Security has handed out billions of dollars to communities to improve security and combat terrorism.

David DeVoss: Iraq’s 'Dirty Harry' gunmenBlackwater. The name says it all, conjuring images of imminent danger, hidden predators and night terror.

Friday's Letters to the Editor … Iraq conflict costs … Kudos for Joe Perry … Justice, not politics


Augusta's 'opportunity to decide' AUGUSTA -- Authors of a preliminary draft of the city's new comprehensive plan hope their proposals will improve the capital city's image -- for residents and outsiders alike.

Town road accessfor ATV riders asafety issue for all All-terrain vehicles occupy an important role in the current and future success of tourism in the state, but towns should think carefully before opening significant sections of roads to them.

JOSEPH R. REISERT : Columbia's presidentacted the coward, bullyAhmadinejad was asked to speak; no comments needed It's a sad day for academia when the president of Iran behaves better than the president of a major American university, but that's what happened this week at Columbia, when Lee Bollinger introduced President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who was invited to deliver an address at the university.

LTE: Love it or leave it Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but Thomas Sturtevant's letter to the Kennebec Journal on Sept. 15 was very idealistic and totally unrealistic.

LTE: Sept. 11 questions remain unanswered Yet another anniversary of 9/11 and still no real answers about what actually happened that day, who really did it and how it was done.


Strimling hits Augusta
The “Senator from Handsometown” aka Sen. Ethan Strimling, joins a crowded field of Democrats who hope to represent their party in the race for the 1st District Congressional seat.

LTE: Sentinel a big advocate of big government The Morning Sentinel has let its unrelenting leftist view of the world show in its editorial concerning Gov. John Baldacci's proposed state takeover and consolidation of county jails.


Strimling to run for CongressPORTLAND (AP) - Democrat Ethan Strimling announced Thursday that he is running for Congress for the 1st District seat being vacated by Tom Allen.

LTE: Leader of the packFrom a strong field of Democrats, I am supporting Sen. Hillary Clinton.


Updated: Battle waged over legality of council candidate’s nomination papers
ROCKLAND — A controversy has erupted over the legitimacy of nomination papers filed by a candidate for the city council.


Allen praises Camp Elllis fundingSACO (Sep 27, 2007): Congressman Tom Allen, a member of the House Budget Committee, said Wednesday he is "very pleased" that the Senate approved $26.9 ...


Dirigo Health Appeals Federal Funding Decision

Proposals for Closing State Budget Gap Reviewed


Senators Vote To Expand Children's Insurance ProgramOlympia Snowe and Susan Collins were among 18 Republicans who lined up with Democrats in voting 67-29 to increase spending on the State Children's Health ...


State Lawmaker Gives Dems Candidate Quartet in Open Maine House ...Tom Allen, who left the seat open to pursue a 2008 Senate challenge to Republican incumbent Susan Collins. Strimling had endured some local criticism for ...


Children's Health Bill Advances In US SenateRepublicans facing tough reelection bids appeared to agree. "It's the White House that needs to give," said Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).


Our words for counting the cost of war
A blogger at Newsweek has complained about "B&T" as "the Iraq war's go-to cliché," employed by politicians on both sides of the issue and the journalists who cover them. Republican senators who have used it recently include John McCain of Arizona, certainly one of the war's strongest supporters in Congress; Susan Collins of Maine, one of the questioners; and Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, a forceful critic.


Finding the Value of PharmaceuticalsTom Allen, D-Maine, and Josh Martin, legislative director to Rep. Michael Burgess, R-Texas, discussed proposals before Congress to address pharmaceutical ...


Roughead appears in CNO confirmation hearingSusan Collins, R-Maine, asked Roughead about the Littoral Combat Ship program, which has experienced problems and schedule delays. Roughead said he strongly ...


RealClearPolitics - Politics NationSusan Collins, up in 2008, won her first race with less than 50% of the vote, though she earned 58% in 2002. Still, Democrats got their top recruit --


Passage of Historic Hate Crimes Act Hailed, Bush Veto Feared
Nine Republicans also voted in support of the measure: Gordon Smith (R-Ore.), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Richard Lugar (R-Ind.), Judd Gregg (R-N.H.), Norm Coleman (R-Minn.), Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), Arlen Spector (R-Penn.), John Warner (R-Va.) and George Voinovich (R-Ohio).


Entry for September 25, 2007
Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican seeking re-election, urged the president to reconsider his threat of a veto, saying he would be “making a terrible mistake.” Ted Kennedy said,. The House has voted for the most important ...

Log Cabin Praises Bi-Partisan Senate Vote on Hate Crimes Bill
Senator Gordon Smith (R-OR), co-sponsor of the bill, was joined by Senators Norm Coleman (R-MN), Judd Gregg (R-NH), John Warner (R-VA), Susan Collins (R-ME), Richard Lugar (R-IN), George Voinovich (R-OH), Olympia Snowe (R-ME), ...

Simply "Vomitous": Liberal Dem is Lone Sane Voice on Myers/ICE Vote
And then there's Senatrix Susan Collins of Maine. She's the poster child for liberal Republican birth control (or abortion, if necessary). If her liberal parents practiced it, there wouldn't be this silly Yaya Sisterhood grrrlpower ...

Senate passes hate crimes legislation
Susan Collins Olympia Snowe George Voinovich Arlen Specter Norm Coleman Gordon Smith. Adulterer David Vitter and Larry "I'm still in the closet!" Craig voted "no". Of course. Update: Here's the roll call. In addition to those listed .

I know that unlike the Blue America candidates in safe and relatively safe Democratic districts (Hilda Solis, Jerry Nadler, Steve Cohen-- although he is under attack by reactionary Democrats in his district-- and Tom Allen),

Can It Be? A Senator Who Cares About Freedom??
Hard to believe, but there are politicians out there that actually do have our best interests in mind. Tom Allen actually thinks its *not* the job of the Senate to regulate free speech! Imagine that!

Baldacci applied for a waiver Medicaid funding to be applied to expanding Dirigo. The federal government has denied the state's request.

Strimling announces candidacy officially

He's In!
Hey TMB!
It's been a long, great summer. Sen. Ethan Strimling has had the chance to reach out across the District and speak with folks about the concerns they have, and whether or not he could be an effective Congressman.

The Unnameable
For the second time in recent months, the word "Iraq" does not appear in Sen. Collins' eNewsletter.

Together in Maine Politics - By Alex Hammer
Generally speaking, Republicans seem to believe that people are better off doing things for themselves, freed from as many encumbrances as possible (as well as not a drain via taxes).