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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Maine News for Thursday, September 27, 2007


Panel to revisit offender registry Tuesday's ruling forces lawmakers to consider easing restrictions on sex offenders in Maine.

State will study idea of new tolls Addressing a shortfall for roads, lawmakers will consider tolls for I-295 and more of I-95.

Report: Pressure to cut budgets may keep rising State House: Members of the Appropriations panel are reviewing potential cuts in state spending.

Judge: Dogs from raid now property of state A Buxton couple, charged with running an unlicensed kennel and animal cruelty, fail to show for a hearing.

Maine's three largest urban areas: What they're worth The first federal figures measuring local economies show the state's metro areas growing slower than the national average.

EDITORIAL: Navy pays BIW tribute in a highly meaningful way The company and its solid work force will benefit from building the first DDG 1000.

Kevin DrummMaine's 'quality of place' an easy sell It has a national image that should make such a strategy easy to get across.

LTE: U.S. must assess motives in Iraq

LTE: Impeaching Bush/Cheney isn't just a radical notion

LTE: Congress shouldn't get involved in Jena Six case


Panel OKs highway tolls study Thursday, September 27, 2007PORTLAND, Maine - A legislative committee on Wednesday authorized a feasibility study of adding tolls to Maine's interstate highway system. Gov. John Baldacci immediately called it a bad idea.

Group kicks off tribal racino ballot campaignPORTLAND, Maine — A referendum group calling itself "Yes on Question 1" kicked off its campaign Wednesday to win passage of a ballot question that would allow the Passamaquoddy Tribe to build a racetrack casino in Washington County.

New program aims to stop pill pollutionThursday, September 27, 2007Open up any medicine cabinet in the state of Maine, or across the nation for that matter, and chances are you will find a few containers of unneeded or expired prescription drugs. Some households likely have dozens of half-empty plastic pill vials collecting dust.

JetBlue plans Portland-Orlando flightsThursday, September 27, 2007JetBlue Airways announced Wednesday that it would begin nonstop service from Portland International Jetport to Orlando, Fla.

Editorial: Editorial page changesThursday, September 27, 2007Close readers of the editorial pages will have noticed that this newspaper’s masthead contains but one name, temporarily, as staff changes take place here. Earlier this week, Susan Young, the assistant editorial page editor for the last four years, was named editor of the pages.

George Will: MoveON ad in Times unseemlyTwo days before Christmas in 1967, President Lyndon Johnson, visiting the Vatican, presented Pope Paul VI with a foot-high bust of Lyndon Johnson. Small choices can reveal the character of a person.

Thursday's Letters to the Editor … Bush by the numbers … Repudiating Bush …


Sex offender law up for overhaul AUGUSTA -- The Legislature's Criminal Justice Committee had planned to meet next month to discuss expanding Maine's law requiring sex offenders to provide officials with their home addresses.

Panel wants to study adding tolls to interstate AUGUSTA -- The Legislature's Transportation Committee voted Wednesday to direct the Maine Turnpike Authority to study the feasibility of charging tolls on the Interstate.

ALLOWED TO WORK EXTRA HOURSOfficer in shootinggranted extenstion A part-time Waldoboro police officer who shot and killed a Whitefield man after a traffic stop on Sunday was working under a special state-issued extension that enabled him to work more hours than state law allows.

Shooting sparks discussion of training Firearms training for part-time police officers across Maine is under scrutiny after a fatal shooting involving a Whitefield man and a Waldoboro police officer.

DONNA LORING OF BRADLEY : Gambling a solution to lack of jobs, health insurance, hope What Jim Brunelle calls a moral dilemma, I call economic discrimination (column, 9/20/07, "Nov. 6 ballot revives moral dilemma of racino").


Strimling to announce candidacy decisionState Sen. Ethan Strimling is expected to announce whether he will run for Congress at a noontime rally in Portland Thursday.


Shipyard hopes more good news coming...(full story)
Zumwalt destroys BIW gap year...(full story)
Medicaid funding for Dirigo denied...(full story)Collins: BIW to build first Zumwalt...(full story)


It won’t be soon before long: Politics and other mistakesWhat Strimling is doing in delaying his entry into the race may be on the high end of coy and the low end of ethical, but it’s dead center on traditional.


Tribal Leaders Join Campaign for Washington County Casino

Reduced Workplace Injuries Means More Money for Employers

Kennel Owners Fail To Show Up for Court Hearing


EDITORIAL: Blackwater: Above the Law?
Untouchable. That’s the term being used by many officials to describe the status of the thousands of heavily armed private soliders acting as escorts and bodyguards in the employ of security contractors throughout war-torn Iraq.

The November Election
The November election is just six weeks away and, with no state or national candidates on the ballot, interest to this point has been nearly non-existent. But Maine voters will be making decisions on three bond issues totaling $84 million and two other questions that will have profound impact on the state in the years to come.

LTE: Take the Politics Out of Health Care
Recently there has been much discussion regarding the value of hospital quality surveys and the results that they produce. These surveys are merely public relations gimmicks and do not reflect the most important issues, which are quality health care and the delivery of these services.

LTE: Supporting Our Troops?
We have an all-volunteer military at the moment. “Support our troops” has been indelibly burned into our thinking. I ask, “When does that support end?” Does it end when they are discharged? Does it extend beyond discharge and to what extent and for how long?

LTE: The Real Truth Behind Iraq
The cat’s out of the bag. The real reason we’re in Iraq? Forget weapons of mass destruction, deposing a tyrant, promoting democracy, ending terrorism.

LTE: What’s Wrong with This Picture?
I was interested to read your editorial wherein you heartily criticized for bad manners, then went on to criticize the war against Iraq.


Strimling Expected To Declare Congressional Candidacy Thursday
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) -- Ethan Strimling has been acting like a congressional candidate for months.


Funding Approved For Camp Ellis RepairTom Allen of Maine said he's pleased with action that would pay for modifications to the 6660-foot jetty and restore sand on a half-mile of Camp Ellis beach ...


Healthcare vote likely to affect '08 electionsSusan Collins, R-Maine, another incumbent facing a tough campaign next year, said Bush's veto threat is "a terrible mistake." "Republicans in safe seats ...


Out & Equal institute hires first directorHerwitt said Senator Ted Kennedy (D-Massachusetts) and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) would lead the bill on the Senate side. Out & Equal's 17th annual ...


ME-Sen: Is doing this sort of thing so hard?
I voted against this resolution today because I believe it is the job of the Congress to bring our troops home, not legislate free speech." But it was an ad. In a newspaper! On the web: Tom Allen for Senate.

Allen for Senate
Not that there was any suspense...but I'm voting for Tom Allen in the US Senate race, and you should, too. I think it really comes down to only one question: Is the country better off than it was 6 years ago? True, this is not the most ...

NRSC: What'll it be, Democrats?
Tom Allen has received $249472 in conduit contributions raised through; Tom Harkin's PAC has received $5000 from MoveOn's PAC; Mary Landrieu has received $8000; Frank Lautenberg - $5000; Mark Pryor - $4000 ...

... crowned City of Portland poet laureate Martin Steingesser. We handed out 750 leaflets that explained to the public our reasons for protesting and urged folks to call our Congressman, Rep. Tom Allen, and urge his support for impeachment.

Collins/Snowe Vote Iran Guard a Terrorist Organization
WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US Senate on Wednesday called for Iran's Revolutionary Guards to be officially designated as a "foreign terrorist organization," one day after the House of Representatives passed a similar measure.

Allen and Michaud back Move-on

Allen & Michaud Vote “Yea” on Massive Expansion of Gov’t Controlled Health Care
It hardly matters that the expansion would be expensive or a step toward socialized health care, Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y., said.

Vradenburg hosts Collins fundraiser
APNo bullPhillips Collection Chairman George Vradenburg hosted a fundraiser and reception for Sen. Susan Collins, R Maine, on Monday evening at his Northwest DC home.The theme was Collins’ “bipartisan leadership,” especially on th...

Collins, Maine GOP Knock Allen For His Missed Votes
Susan Collins (R-Maine) has a perfect Senate voting record. If Maine voters don't already know that, they will be educated in the coming weeks and months. ... For Collins, the early knock on Allen is that he has missed 129 votes, ...

Tom Allen from Maine: "I believe it is the job of the Congress to ...
We will never, ever see that kind of strong statement from Bush's loyal toadie, Susan Collins. She doesn't stand for anything -- except whatever Bush says. And, by the way, if Congress is so outraged about speech, where's the resolution ...

Tom Allen Won’t Stand Up For Troops; Refuses To Denounce ...
NRSC Press Office. Democrat candidate refuses to denounce tactics for at least the second time. WASHINGTON, DC — Last week, Tom Allen’s campaign practically admitted he’s proud to be associated with and today, ...

Collins Votes For Biden Amendment Collins voted in favor of separating Iraq into three autonomous regions. Statement of Purpose: To express the sense of Congress on federalism in Iraq. Vote Counts: YEAs 75 NAYs 23 Collins (R-ME), Yea.

Maine’s quiet presidential campaign picks up a bit
Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, former Gov. John McKernan, who is married to Snowe, and state House Republican floor leader Josh Tardy of Newport, who endorsed John McCain in January. “The Ron Paul people seem to be strongly organized, ...

One Man, Doing the Right Thing: Tom Allen
Statement on Motion to Recommit Condemning Political Ads - 9/26/2007.

House Votes To Condemn MoveOn Ad
Case in point: Tom Allen, future senator from Maine:. "I respect General Petraeus and honor all of our troops. They have done a phenomenal job and done everything that we have asked of them. General Petraeus is a soldier who simply ...

Maine Group Calls For Bush, Cheney Impeachments
The group is hoping to put pressure on Representative Tom Allen to encourage the judiciary committee to open hearings on impeachment. "We're not asking him to go in and grab Cheney by the scruff of the neck and haul him out of the White ...
Condi Rice is inteferring with Congress’ investigation of Blackwater
Well, of course she is! That gap-toothed bitch wouldn’t dare let the democrats come between her and her White House Husband (George Bush) religious militia who are using Iraqis as target practice for their jihad!

Future US Senator Tom Allen of Maine is correct again…
The following is future US Senator Tom Allen’s response to the Congress condemning’s truth about General Betray Us:

Lieberman-Kyl’s Iran Amendment - Prelude to War in Iran

LIHEAP Season Arrives
In response to a request from U.S. Senators Snowe and Collins, the Office of Management and Budget today agreed to release $131 million that remains in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) contingency fund.