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Monday, October 1, 2007

Maine News for Monday, October 1, 2007


Fees increase cost of car oil changes, beginning today The Legislature imposed the new charges to help pay for cleanups of four former waste-oil sites.

EDITORIAL: Politics clouds debate over kids' health care Rhetoric about saving children and undeserved benefits does not help.


Canadian dollar's strength a positiveMonday, October 1, 2007AUGUSTA, Maine - Economists and state analysts say the strong Canadian dollar is helping Maine's economy, and members of the Legislature's Appropriations Committee have asked for a plan on how to maximize the positive impact.

Nurses to strike at EMMCMonday, October 1, 2007BANGOR, Maine - The nursing union at Eastern Maine Medical Center rejected the hospital negotiating team's final contract offer Sunday afternoon and announced its intention to call a one-day strike.

Demonstrators rally in Bangor to remember soldiers, civilians killed in the war in IraqOn Saturday, Master Sgt. Robert Horrigan's grieving mother told a crowd of anti-war demonstrators in Bangor that her son died believing in his mission, convinced that it was better to confront the terrorist threat in the Middle East than to confront it on U.S. soil.

Alfred Mosca: Baldacci didn't lie to leaseholder advocatesThe article "Governor failed, leaseholder advocate says" (BDN, Sept. 13) focused mostly on continuing problems between leaseholders (camp owners) and the landowners on which the lessee's buildings are located.

Telephones invaded the back woods a century agoBy Wayne Reilly, BDN October 1, 2007Mainers were finding a growing number of uses for telephones a century ago. Take funerals, for instance.

Visit to Maine State Library worth the trip


A trail now runs through us HALLOWELL -- The Kennebec River Rail Trail takes you into a world of wonder and beauty.

RONALD SNELL : State's legislative staffing levels just about right Paul Carrier's article earlier this month, "Cost-cutters Take a Look at Legislature's Payroll," provides readers a good introduction to the features that distinguish full-time from part-time state legislatures in the United States.

LTE: Oil discount policy may do more harm than good A new state policy requiring oil dealers to offer even greater discounts on heating oil to low-income Mainers ("Low-income heating program a good deal," Sept. 16) ultimately might threaten those who need help.

LTE: Flood at Walker's Point would be a kind of justice The news that flooding from global warming will destroy the Bush family compound at Walker's Point can only be seen as sweet, cosmic justice for George W. Bush, the great denier of global warming and scientific reason, and his heirs.


LTE: Filibuster efforts in Congress are disgrace Vote after vote comes up in Congress and we're told over and over that the Democrats couldn't get the 60 votes needed to pass the proposed legislation.


Maine Governors To Kick Off Educational Program
PORTLAND, Maine -- Three Maine governors will meet in Portland on Monday to highlight a new college tax credit that was passed with overwhelming legislative support last spring.


Iraqis oppose plan by Senate BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraq's divided political leadership, in a rare show of unity, skewered a non-binding U.S. Senate resolution approved in Washington last week that endorses the decentralization of Iraq through the establishment of semi-autonomous regions.

'Imagine Western Maine' topic for legislative caucus

LTE: Stand by the programIn response to the article "Animal program sets off 'alarms,'" (Sept. 14), I am writing to counter the ridiculous allegations made by a few misguided individuals who claim the Animal Welfare Program is abusing its power and ruining homes.


USM Enrollment Slide May Be Community Colleges Gain
The big enrollment gains at Maine's community college system could be coming at the expense of the University of Southern Maine. For the third year in a row, USM is running a budget deficit, which school administrators attribute to declining enrollment. Barbara Cariddi reports.

EMMC Nurses Take Strike Vote
About 900 registered nurses at Bangor's Eastern Maine Medical Center were preparing for a possible strike today with the pending expiration of their three-year contract at midnight Sunday. Unit 1 of the Maine State Nurses Association will announce the results of their strike vote at 10 o'clock tonight as they continue negotiations with hospital administrators throughout the weekend. Nurses claim that the contract dispute centers on patient care, but hospital officials counter that the disagreements center more on delegating decision-making roles to external arbitrators.


Snow Davis removed from Rockland ballot
ROCKLAND — A controversy that erupted over the legitimacy of nomination papers filed by a candidate for the city council ended Friday afternoon with her name being removed from the ballot.


Exiled Maine prisoners report abuse, danger: Prison watchMaine corrections officials and Governor John Baldacci refuse to comment on them or the state’s responsibility for their care.


EDITORIAL: How they 'support the troops'
The Senate's version of the defense authorization, which is expected to pass later today, is yet another reflection of the contempt many Democrats have for the military.


Retirements, Low Fundraising Confound Republican Chances at '08 ...
Senate Republicans from New Hampshire, Maine, Oregon and Minnesota, who face particularly tough races in 2008, all voted in recent days for a children's health care bill that Bush has pledged to veto.
"I just do not understand his decision, and I think it would be terrible," said Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine. She faces a challenge from Rep. Tom Allen, D-Maine.


Fish & Faircloth: The Skinny on Maine's K-12 Tax Dollars
Maine's educational spending per pupil is well above the national average. Governor Baldacci has proposed consolidating school districts. Do you agree? What other things can we do to better invest our educational tax dollars?

Snowe Support SCHIP Expansion?

Layers of Meaning?
Given the opportunity to host a Washington D.C. film screening (at the invitation of The Week magazine), Sen. Collins--together with her friend Rep. Jane Harman--selected THELMA AND LOUISE.

End of the Quarter
I’d like to suggest giving to the four Blue America candidates in congress who did NOT vote for the McCarthy-esque bill to censor MoveOn: Tom Allen (running against Susan Collins-Lieberman in Maine), Steve Cohen (fighting off the ...

Senate 2008 Guru's Week in the Senate Races
Maine: Following a manufactured scandal in Susan Collins' 1996 Senate run in which she worked with a reporter to portray her opponent's very typical opposition research effort as a seedy witch hunt, and another manufactured scandal ...

Who Knew? Susan Collins Sure Didn’t
Read it. Nothing steams a politician more than missing an opportunity to demonstrate lack of principle in a politically profitable way. “They never let poor Susan / Join in all their RINO games….”

Sen. Susan Collins' "dirty tricks" revealed...again
"A Tale of Dirty Tricks So Bizarre: Susan Collins v. Public Record" is slated to be out by mid-end of October (and will be updated--fast-forward to 2007, indeedy)! How timely...Tom's "houseparty" (mine will occur virtually, ...

How Hillary Clinton turned herself into the consummate Washington ...
At a casual dinner with Senate colleagues Graham, John McCain, and Susan Collins, all Republicans, the waiter followed local custom by bringing a bottle of vodka and shot glasses, whereupon Clinton reached over and began pouring; ...

Dems Use 12 Year Old to Manipulate Public Opinion
``Let us not jeopardize a successful, effective program for low-income children because we want to have a broader debate,'' said Senator Susan Collins of Maine. Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona said Congress was giving too much money to a ...

Think Big III: The Search for Candidates
I still firmly believe that the second priority after taking back the White House has to be increasing the Democratic margin in the Senate. At this point in the election cycle, the priority has to be making as many seats as possible potentially competitive. Dems already have an edge in Colorado, Virginia, and New Hampshire, so I'll leave those off the list. Otherwise, folks should consider adopting one of these fine candidates and throwing them some coin:
Oregon: Jeff Merkely Update or Steve Novick
Maine: Tom Allen