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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Maine News for Wednesday, September 26, 2007


Obama's 'mission' is change The Democratic candidate for president visits the state and takes swipes at his main rival and President Bush.

FairPoint backers, foes speak up at Portland hearing Dozens of the company's employees are among 175 people who filled a school auditorium to weigh in on the Verizon asset sale.

Protesters arrested at Rep. Allen's office

Heating assistance funds to be released Sens. Snowe and Collins pushed for the money to be available.

Return to nuclear power part of answer to U.S. energy woes Nuclear plants have their critics, but many nations see their advantages, too.

Columbia event shows the answer to bad speech is more speech Letting Iran's president speak at the university does not endorse his message of hate.

LTE: U.S. should ensure safe passage for Iraqi refugees

LTE: Impeaching Bush/Cheney unlikely and impractical


UM receives $12 million giftORONO, Maine - The University of Maine announced on Tuesday the largest donation in the institution's history. The $12 million endowment was left to the UM School of Forest Resources by alumni George Houston.

Registry for sex crimes on trial Wednesday, September 26, 2007PORTLAND, Maine - Maine's sex offender law could be unconstitutional because it retroactively increases criminal punishments for people who already have completed their sentences for sex crimes, the state supreme court said Tuesday.

UM receives $12 million giftWednesday, September 26, 2007ORONO, Maine - The University of Maine announced on Tuesday the largest donation in the institution's history. The $12 million endowment was left to the UM School of Forest Resources by alumni George Houston.

State tells schools to finish RSU plansWednesday, September 26, 2007AUGUSTA, Maine — While the majority of Maine schools have identified their consolidation partners and have moved into the planning phase, the Department of Education is pressing the few that have not to find a workable plan.

EDITORIAL: Overseeing BlackwaterThe killing last week of a dozen Iraqi civilians by a private American security firm and the Iraqi reaction underscored why thousands of contractors will remain in Iraq but also why U.S. officials must do a better job of overseeing them.

Wednesday's Letters to the Editor … It’s all about oil … politics as usual … only some can speak? … Protect habeas corpus


SUING STATE OVER SEX OFFENDER REGISTRATION LAWTop court grants man trial A man who sued the state over a requirement that he register as a sex offender will get his day in court.

MAINE'S ECONOMY: Panel mulls future Higher education touted as the best investment AUGUSTA -- Former State Economist Laurie Lachance told lawmakers Tuesday that the best investment they can make to help the state's future is to put money toward higher education.

IN PORTLAND SPEECH Obama casts self as agent of change Democratic presidential hopeful Barack Obama cast himself as both an idealist and an agent of change Tuesday during his first Maine appearance -- a campaign speech to some 3,000 people who paid $23 for the privilege.

Hopeful Obama campaigns in Maine PORTLAND -- Presidential hopeful Barack Obama told energized supporters Tuesday that it's time to embrace "politics of hope" and reject "politics of fear."

State's community colleges need tools to fulfill their roles The state's community colleges have done us proud.

WILLIAM BRIDGEO : City officials feel void of Sylvia Lund's death 'Bye, Sylvia. We miss you already. Just the other day, Mayor Roger Katz and I were meeting and grappling with the anticipated consequences of MaineGeneral's proposals to reorganize facilities and services for the county.

GEORGE SMITH : Kennebec potential just waiting to be discovered Floating lazily down the Kennebec in my kayak one recent morning, I cast to eager bass, enjoyed the color of turning trees and the majesty of bald eagles, and marveled at this inspirational section of river between Waterville and Augusta.


Iraqis find haven in city LEWISTON - Several Iraqis who worked with U.S. soldiers in Iraq have moved to Lewiston.

E-tailer to fight IRS proposal LEWISTON - Bill Cartmel found work on eBay. Since 1998, he's sold records and antiques from his College Street home and made a full-time job of it. Someone noticed.

Maine to get $7M in fuel assistance PORTLAND (AP) - The director of the Office of Management and Budget has agreed to release $131 million that remains in a fund for heating assistance for low-income families across the country, Sen. Susan Collins learned Tuesday.

2,000 welcome ObamaPORTLAND (AP) - Presidential hopeful Barack Obama told energized supporters Tuesday that it's time to embrace "politics of hope" and reject "politics of fear."


BREAKING NEWS: Collins: BIW to build first Zumwalt...(full story)

LTE: Don't blame fighters...(full story)

LTE: A vote for story)


Council slate set for fall
ROCKLAND — Bentley Snow Davis said that keeping property taxes reasonable, while maintaining city services, is one of the most important issues facing the city.

Activists Rally For Impeachment Of Bush, Cheney

Paid Sick Days Promoted by Maine Women's Lobby


Collins: OMB To Release Heating Assistance Funds, Maine To Get ...Susan Collins' office says Maine's share will be $7.2 million. Collins and Sen. Olympia Snowe had asked OMB Director Jim Nussle to release the money, ...

Barack Obama Comes To Maine
PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) -- Democratic Presidential Candidate Barack Obama made his first campaign stop in Maine on Tuesday. Obama spoke to a crowd of about 2,000 people at the Portland Expo.

BIW To Build First DDG-1000Susan Collins says the Navy has awarded the contract for its first DDG-1000 destroyer to Bath Iron Works. Collins says she urged the Navy to have BIW build ...

Maine Group Calls For Bush, Cheney ImpeachmentsThe group is hoping to put pressure on Representative Tom Allen to encourage the judiciary committee to open hearings on impeachment.


Bill Promises Mainers Paid Sick Leave
AUGUSTA, Maine -- The push is on in Maine to ensure that all workers get paid sick days.

Obama Addresses Supporters At Portland Fundraiser
PORTLAND, Maine -- The race for the White House again took center stage in Maine on Tuesday as U.S. senator and presidential hopeful Barack Obama spoke at a Portland fundraiser.


A Bill That Everyone Can Love -- or ElseSusan Collins (R-Maine), in danger of losing her job next year, called Bush's threat "a terrible mistake." Yesterday's House debate gave strong support to ...


GOP Field for Open Maine House Seat Thins by One
National Republican strategists face a tough electoral landscape for 2008 as they try to gin up the gain of at least 16 seats they need to reclaim a U.S. House majority for their party. So the GOP can hardly take a pass on the race in Maine’s 1st District, where six-term Democratic Rep. Tom Allen has left his seat open to challenge Republican Sen. Susan Collins — especially since it is one of only two Democratic-held House seats in which the incumbent is not running for re-election.


Collins, Maine GOP knock Allen for his missed votesSusan Collins (R-Maine) has a perfect Senate voting record. If Maine voters don’t already know that, they will be educated in the coming weeks and months.


Resignation of DHS deputy prompts questions on Capitol HillSenate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., and ranking member Susan Collins, R-Maine, both praised Jackson for ...


A **NEW** Unbiased Blog covering Allen v. Collins
You have to give Lance some props - only he could write shit like this with a straight face:

Tuesday Round-Up
Maine: The Rockland Courier-Gazette editorial board hammers Susan Collins on Iraq, noting: "Collins has strayed so far into the camp of President George W. Bush that she can’t free herself. Her votes are destructive to the country and ...

Bath Iron Works to build first DDG-1000 destroyer - Lewiston Sun ...
Susan Collins said Navy officials notified her of the decision, which she said would prevent a gap in work at BIW between the completion of the last Arleigh Burke destroyer and construction on the first DDG-1000."

The Impeachment Trap
Mike Michaud and Tom Allen, demanding that they join them in doing exactly what Republicans are aching for Democrats to do: Launch a long, acrimonious and ...

NRSC Asks "What'll It Be Democrats?"
Tom Allen has received $249472 in conduit contributions raised through; Tom Harkin's PAC has received $5000 from MoveOn's PAC; Mary Landrieu has received $8000; Frank Lautenberg - $5000; Mark Pryor - $4000 ...

If You Voted Democrat, Is THIS Really What You Voted For?
Ensign and the National Republican Senatorial Committee released a petition calling on Democrats to return the money they have received from the extremist, liberal organization Some examples include: - Tom Allen has received ...

Citizens of Maine Are Currently Sitting In at Rep. Tom Allen's ...
Tom Allen. 250 people came to a MaineImpeach rally in Portland and walked into Rep. Allen's office to demand that Rep. Allen support either House Resolution 333 or an alternative Cheney impeachment resolution that was drafted and ...

This Is What Demorcracy Looks Like
Today I along with 200 others signed a letter which we hand delivered to the staff of Congressman Tom Allen D-Maine letting him know that he has a responsibility and a duty to properly represent the people of Maine.

The ALS Association and PALS Speak Out Against Competitive ...
The legislation, introduced by Representatives Tom Allen (D-ME) and Ron Lewis (R-KY), would exempt complex power wheelchairs from Medicare’s new competitive acquisition program, which is expected to be implemented in 2008. ...

Congress Urged To Honor Trade Deals
A House resolution was introduced by Tom Allen, a Democrat from Maine, and Sherrod Brown, a Democrat from Ohio, introduced a resolution in the Senate. “In developing countries, the price of medicines is often a life-and-death matter,”

Election 2008: New York and New England
Susan Collins is moderate, very popular, and will likely win, even against Congressman Tom Allen. Massachusetts Presidential: Solid Democratic The most Democratic state in the union. Nuff said. Senate: Likely to Solid Democratic ...

Impeachment supporters visit Allen's office
Earlier this afternoon, about 250 people hand-delivered letters to Representative Tom Allen's Exchange Street office, calling for Allen to vote for the impeachment of George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. The letters, written by the Maine ...

Baldacci Announcing Job Openings All Over Maine
This is pathetic. Maine's unemployment is still above the national average. But, according to one Portland resident that's okay. The state is getting "a lot better" at finding people jobs. And Gov. Baldacci is finding new jobs...everywhere!

OBAMA: Remove the cap on SS taxable income

Fake controversy
There is a new blog that has popped up called Allen vs Collins, its author is anonymous but describes him/herself as a college student in Maine interested in politics. The few posts so far seem to be pretty unbiased and quite thoughtful, including the latest one, titled ‘On the topic of fake controversy‘:

A Pet Peeve
Today I received a blast email from someone supporting a candidate running for Tom Allen's seat. As I don't know the person, I have no idea how they obtained my email address, but that doesn't bother me as much as the fact that this person didn't use the BLIND COPY method for sending out the blast.

Exclusive: Tom Allen Interview
We spend nearly all our time here at Collins Watch focusing on Maine's junior senator. And for good reason--it's what we're all about.

Bath Iron Works to build first DDG-1000 destroyer - Lewiston Sun Journal
Excerpt:"The Navy has decided to award the contract for the first DDG-1000 Zumwalt class destroyer to Bath Iron Works. U.S. Sen. Susan Collins said Navy officials notified her of the decision, which she said would prevent a gap in work at BIW between the completion of the last Arleigh Burke destroyer and construction on the first DDG-1000."