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Friday, December 5, 2008

Maine News for Friday, December 12, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Program offers small loans to small business
The program is aimed at starting and improving businesses in distressed areas of the state.

Delegation pressed to OK auto bailout
Maine dealers plan a news conference today on the industry's ties to the state's economy.

Crews spend second night at site of Paris fire
Firefighters will continue containing hot spots and flare-ups at a paper and pulp warehouse today.

Polluted runoff near mall leads to cleanup order
The EPA will require up to 110 property owners to take measures to help restore Long Creek and protect Casco Bay.

Firefighter accused of sex abuse of two girls
The teenagers participated in Cumberland's Fire Explorers program. Craig Rawnsley's attorney says he is innocent.

Stimulus should not include money for states
There are better ways for the federal government to get the economy moving.

Provider 'conscience rule' tips the balance too far
Workers' right of refusal should not stand in the way of patients exercising their rights.

M.D. HARMONWhen the money tree's shaking, grab the bushel baskets
It's good that our society has finally rejected outdated notions of responsibility and thrift.

Bangor Daily News
AUGUSTA, Maine — State insurance regulators have approved a filing by the National Council on Compensation Insurance that will result in most employers in Maine seeing a decrease in their workers’ compensation insurance rates in 2009, with business groups saying that is good news as employers deal with the recession.

BANGOR, Maine — Don French has been waiting for his pellet stove since July, when he paid a deposit of $1,000. Charlie Anderson and William Osmer have been on the hook even longer and for more money.

BANGOR, Maine — The bankers, politicians and nonprofit officials behind a new, $9.5 million low-interest loan program for small and medium-sized businesses in Maine are hoping they have hit upon a way to give the state’s economy a much-needed lift.

BANGOR, Maine — A panel seeking to learn how international trade agreements are affecting the lives of Mainers got an earful Thursday night.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine wildlife officials rushed through new rules Thursday intended to help keep Canada lynx out of sportsmen’s traps and the state out of hot water with the federal courts.

MECHANIC FALLS — Auburn Manufacturing Inc. said it has won two U.S. military contracts worth up to $7.8 million over several years.

HARRINGTON, Maine — An annual convoy of trucks carrying wreaths made by a local company is scheduled to depart for Arlington National Cemetery at 9:30 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 7.

Don’t Waste Two Months
This interregnum seems interminable. Barack Obama was elected president on Nov. …

A search with few clues LUBEC, Maine — Officers from the Maine State Police and Marine Patrol

Avoiding agricultural meltdown
Food is the centerpiece in our physical existence, and should be guarded far.

Kennebec Journal

AUGUSTA -- The state of Maine needs $3.3 billion in the next decade to modernize and maintain highways and bridges, Maine Department of Transportation officials said Thursday at the 58th annual Maine Transportation Conference.

AUGUSTA: Council moving weekly meeting
AUGUSTA -- The Augusta City Council's regular Monday night date will move to Thursdays starting in January.

On Maine Politics
Who will fill Mills’ House seat? 12/04/08

Maine car dealers urge bailout support
Local economies feared at risk; Congressional delegation appears undecided

FAIRFIELD: KVCC, UMF team up on education courses
FAIRFIELD -- Kennebec Valley Community College will begin hosting advanced classes in Early Childhood Education in the fall of 2009, through a partnership with the University of Maine Farmington.

Chamber selling gift certificates
AUGUSTA -- The Kennebec Valley Chamber of Commerce is once again selling "Shop Local" gift certificates, offering shoppers certificates in $10, $25 and $50 denominations redeemable at more than 100 area businesses.

Business breakfast to focus on business succession planning
WATERVILLE -- The next Business Breakfast Series, presented by Thomas College in partnership with the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce, will focus on executive transition and business-succession planning.

Wreath work a boost for Somali refugees
LEWISTON -- When Maine wreath-makers and veterans groups honor U.S. veterans in Arlington National Cemetery Saturday, they'll be taking the handiwork of a group of the city's newest residents with them.

Suspect in child-sex crimes arrested, jailed
A Fairfield man is scheduled to appear by video today in Augusta District Court on charges of five counts of unlawful sexual contact that allegedly occurred in Waterville, involving two girls younger than 12.


If local bidder isn't lowest, it's the wrong choice
Perhaps it seemed like a good idea at the time.

L. SANDY MAISEL : Bush using last weeks in office to further his agenda, help friends
Eleventh-hour pardons. Burrowing. Midnight regulations.

DAVID LILLARD : Maybe Victory Gardens can save U.S. again
With millions of baby boomers racing toward retirement, you might think it's time for their parents, "The Greatest Generation," to fade into the sunset. Not so fast!

Sun Journal
Biz loan capital provided
PORTLAND (AP) - Coastal Enterprises Inc. and Bangor Savings Bank are making $9.5 million available in the form of low-interest loans to small- and medium-sized businesses in hopes of providing a spark to Maine's economy.

Firefighters battle on
PARIS - Firefighters Thursday night made their way to the heart of a smoldering fire in a massive Pine Street warehouse, removing stockpiles of rolled paper as their battle entered its second day.

Teen gets 8 years in prison
PORTLAND - A former Edward Little High School football player was sentenced to eight years in prison Wednesday after he pleaded guilty to trafficking cocaine out of an Auburn apartment.

Fabric firm wins Navy contract
MECHANIC FALLS - Auburn Manufacturing Inc. on Thursday announced that it has won two U.S. military contracts worth up to $7.8 million over several years.

Bailout mulled
PORTLAND (AP) - Members of Maine's congressional delegation say they're waiting for more specifics on the proposed bailout of the nation's top three automakers before deciding whether to get behind the plan.

Men sentenced in beating
BANGOR (AP) - Two Maine men will each spend more than a decade behind bars after being sentenced for attacking a Bangor hotel guest with a bat and a hammer in a case of mistaken identity.

Hospital's debt should be paid, first
News that Gov. John Baldacci will ask the Obama administration for a Medicaid waiver for Dirigo Health is not exactly news; the waiver, which would match federal funds to Dirigo premium payments, was part of Dirigo 1.0.

Those other elections were also important
A month after Barack Obama's triumphant victory, we are still celebrating America's only authentic national religion, and it isn't Christianity - it's presidentialism, the worship of the president as an all-powerful, all-knowing deity who is the only important political actor in our country.

Bank Teams Up With Non-Profit To Create 9.5 Million Dollar Small Business Loan Fund Bangor Savings Bank and Coastal Enterprises have formed what's being billed as a first-in-the-nation partnership to create a pool of low-interest loans for small and medium-sized businesses in the most economically distressed parts of the state.

Trade Policy Activists To Sound Off On Effects Of Free Trade

December 4, 2008 Reported By: Susan Sharon

Laid-off workers, union members and others concerned about trade policy are expected to attend a meeting Thursday in Bangor of the Citizen Trade Policy Commission of the Maine Legislature. By statute, the group holds public hearings twice a year to hear from citizens about the local and global effects of so-called "free" trade policies. And as Susan Sharon reports, a bill co-sponsored by Democratic Congressman Mike Michaud is expected to be touted as a way to make trade agreements stronger.

New Gas Tax and Freight Fees Recommended To Fund Ailing Transportation Infrastructure

December 4, 2008 Reported By: A.J. Higgins

The nation's transportation infrastructure is in need of a massive overhaul according to two national spokesmen for the industry who spoke Thursday at the 58th Annual Maine Transportation Conference in Augusta. State leaders say Mainers have to look beyond local potholes to envision a national movement to rebuild a transportation network that peaked years ago with the completion of the Interstate Highway System.

New Report Looks At Impact Of Retiring Newcomers On Rural Communities

December 4, 2008 Reported By: Josie Huang

The coast of Maine is one of the most popular retirement destinations on the eastern seaboard. But what happens once newcomers, who tend to be more affluent and educated than many long-time residents, settle into their new lives? That's the topic of a new report from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire entitled: "Grey Gold: Do Older In-Migrants Benefit Rural Communities?"

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