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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Lots of energy efficiency cash – so who gets it?
Millions per year will be given out by trustees, who will gather advice at a public hearing today.

Baldacci confident Obama will aid strapped states
After a meeting with the president-elect, the governor hopes Maine will receive millions in extra federal funds.

Janet Mills nominated to be next Maine AG
The lawyer from Farmington, a 32-year veteran of the state's justice system, would be the first woman to hold the position.

At private colleges, a degree of caution
As endowments shrink drastically, Maine schools rein in spending and plan for difficult times ahead.

Man gets six years for child porn
A judge sentences the former U.S. Navy reservist, who had been collecting child pornography online.

NAACP chief to lobby for prison reform
Benjamin Jealous will visit Maine next week to meet with officials and deliver two speeches.

Latest terror attacks call for diplomatic surge
The terrorists win big if tensions grow between India and Pakistan.

Humility and details may not be enough to save Detroit
The Big Three automakers are off to a better start with Congress, but skepticism remains.

GREG KESICHObama girls might have raised hope in public schools
A private family decision has bigger implications when you are talking about the first family.

Bangor Daily News
Group fighting same-sex marriage
ORRINGTON, Maine — Nearly 100 ministers and lay leaders representing churches from Fort Fairfield to Richmond met Tuesday afternoon at Calvary Chapel to launch a biblically based opposition to

BANGOR, Maine — A state policy group that wants to preserve teens’ unrestricted access to birth control is gearing up for a potential legislative battle.

PHILADELPHIA — President-elect Barack Obama pledged quick work Tuesday on an economic recovery plan to include tax cuts and increased federal spending, and told the nation’s governors he wants

welcomes public comment on Calais LNG
BANGOR, Maine — Calais LNG was the last of three companies to propose building a liquefied natural gas project in Washington County — but its directors intend for it to be the one that succeeds.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Commissioner of Education Susan A. Gendron has been tapped to serve on a committee of education leaders tasked with developing a transition plan on education policy for

Times are tough for our many-legged ocean-dwelling friends, Homarus americanus — the American lobster. But times are even tougher for our two-legged, dock-dwelling friends, Traphaulinus mainerus — the Maine lobsterman.

BANGOR, Maine — The life of a winter road maintenance worker is always a delicate balancing act this time of year. Dozens of crew supervisors with the Maine Department of Transportation and some

ORONO, Maine — Despite growing scientific evidence about the dangers of smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke, many doctors steer clear of discussing the issue with their patients, a tobacco

Electronic Baby Sitter Here’s a distressing statistic: Children spend nearly three times as much

National Security Team Beyond the criticism — from both the left and the right — that his Cabinet

Trade pacts may undermine state laws A mother in the grocery store wants to be sure that the formula she is feeding

Kennebec Journal

STATEHOUSE Democrats back Mills for AG post Legislature expected to confirm state representative today
AUGUSTA -- Democratic lawmakers on Tuesday nominated Janet Mills, of Farmington, to be Maine's next attorney general.

AUGUSTA ROTARIES PROJECT: Memorial Circle to get same treatment as eastside roundabout
AUGUSTA -- Motorists confused by the new layout of stripes and arrows guiding traffic around the redesigned Cony Circle better get used to it soon: A similar layout could be coming to Memorial Circle next summer.

Maine Education Commissioner Susan Gendron is one of 10 state education chiefs helping to lay the groundwork for President-elect Barack Obama's incoming education secretary.

County praises sex registry volunteers
AUGUSTA -- Ronald Raymond could spend his retirement at the beach, or taking up a new hobby.

To school into July?
OAKLAND -- School Administrative District 47 board Chairman Michael Gosselin isn't happy about the $295,000 the district expects to have to cut from the current budget.

On Maine Politics
Cummings calls lawmakers “noble and absolutely crazy”


Shopping for a victim
Lawyers have been hired. Various parties are positioning themselves with public statements. Talk radio and daytime television have commandeered the story, which will, once there are charges, trials or settlements, slowly get untangled.

Device can keep drunken drivers off the road
There's no good reason Maine should have as many drunken drivers on the road as we do.

Sun Journal
Action assures Mills of AG post
AUGUSTA - Maine's newly elected Democratic legislators settled a three-way race for state attorney general Tuesday by nominating former prosecutor and three-term Rep. Janet Mills of Farmington for the $92,296-per-year post, assuring her of election by the full House and Senate.

Obama's pick for U.N. has ties to Maine
PORTLAND (AP) - The name of President-elect Barack Obama's selection for United Nations ambassador will have a familiar ring to many people in Maine.

Recount: Maine defeats slots
SCARBOROUGH (AP) - A ballot recount has confirmed that there won't be slot machines in Scarborough any time soon.

Man pleads not guilty in Internet sex case
PORTLAND (AP) - A 28-year-old Brownfield man has pleaded not guilty to allegations that he offered money to a father of four in return for allowing him to have sex with his 12-year-old daughter.

GM wants billions, or industry will crash
WASHINGTON (AP) - Humbled and fighting for survival, Detroit's once-mighty automakers appealed to Congress with a retooled case for a huge bailout Tuesday, pledging to slash workers, car lines and executive pay in return for a federal lifeline. GM said it wouldn't last till New Year's without an immediate $4 billion and could drag the entire industry down if it fails.

Winter festival planned to honor earmuff inventor

Not another downtown plan, please
For Lewiston's strategic planning to bear fruit, it must not repeat prior work. It must embrace fresher approaches toward the city's future prosperity. This means turning the city inside out.

Black Friday: The great lie of American consumerism
I like stuff as much as the next guy.

Democrats Select Janet Mills As AG Candidate

December 2, 2008

Majority Democrats in Augusta have selected Janet Mills as their nominee for State Attorney General, capping a campaign that has drawn an unusually significant amount of public attention. A.J. Higgins has been covering the party caucuses at the State House, and he spoke last this afternoon with Keith Shortall.

Proposed Air Guard Flyovers Front And Center Again In Western Maine

December 2, 2008 Reported By: Anne Ravana

Residents of western Maine have one more chance to have their opinion heard on a proposal to allow fighter pilots to fly as low as 500 feet overhead during jet fighter training missions. As Anne Ravana reports, the proposal has met with opposition from local residents in recent years, and Governor John Baldacci's office is concerned that the Air National Guard has not thoroughly examined the environmental impacts of such a proposal.

Study Examines Impact Of School Soda Bans

December 2, 2008 Reported By: Josie Huang

Since 2005, Maine schools have banned sodas from their vending machines in response to emerging evidence that sugary drinks contribute to obesity among young people. But prior to the ban going into place, Janet Whatley Blum, an associate professor in the Exercise, Health, and Sport Sciences department of the University of Southern Maine, decided to test how well the bans on soda worked, including sodas, sports drinks and diet drinks.

Maine's OUI Laws Cricized By MADD

December 2, 2008 Reported By: Keith McKeen

Maine could do a better job in reducing alcohol-related highway fatalities. That's the message from Mothers Against Drunk Driving, which has issued a new national report that finds Maine among the states seeing an increase in the percentage of aolcohol related deaths over the past two years.

Maine Forest Practices Examined

December 2, 2008 Reported By: Susan Sharon

A new, in-depth survey of logging practices in Maine finds most loggers are taking the right steps to protect water quality and avoid stricter federal regulations. The first-of-its kind survey by the Maine Forest Service looked at 250 randomly chosen logging operations by both large and small landowners. And while there are other signs that forest practices are improving, at least one environmental group says they could be even better.

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