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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Maine News for Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Portland Press Herald
A call to fight for justice
Teachers turn the NAACP president's visit into a teachable moment after recent racial incidents.

Auto bailout plan gets tuneup
With the bailout, an overseer would be named to 'achieve long-term sustainability.'

Maine delegation differs on automaker rescue

Up to 200 Iraqis likely to relocate to Portland
Refugees are resettling on their own from other U.S. cities after hearing good things about the area.

Birth-control consent issue revived
A state senator may file legislation to require a parent's OK for a teen to obtain birth control.

Proposal would let town oust its officials
Windham's council will hold a hearing on the recall provision on Dec. 16.

Group seeks public use for Park Street School
Kennebunk voters will get a chance to decide whether the town should borrow funds to renovate the property.

Sprawl's decline is good news for Maine
Decades of troubling development patterns are starting to reverse themselves.

State's nonprofits find giving's getting harder
Groups receiving less have less to give, even as public agencies face cutbacks, too.

RON BANCROFTWe can't wait to 2016 to help our graduates learn the essentials
While we may not reach 100 percent right away, 70 percent is within reach – and is an improvement.

Bangor Daily News
OLD TOWN, Maine — Betty LeBretton’s recent fall wasn’t serious. “We were having a fire drill,” the 83-year-old explained Monday. “I was reaching for my housecoat, and I slipped and fell on my knees and then right down on my face.” A tiny abrasion on her forehead and another on her nose mark the incident.

Twenty feet down in the dark, ice-cold muck of the Penobscot River near Bangor lurks a creature so reclusive and so mysterious that for decades no one knew it was there.

ORONO, Maine — Waters off the Northeast coast are called by some the Saudi Arabia of wind for their potential in providing massive amounts of energy to the region.

WASHINGTON — A man with strong Maine ties has been awarded the second-highest honor accorded by the Department of Homeland Security.

BANGOR — The Rev. Kevin Loring, head of the Temple of Advanced Enlightenment, proposed Monday night that his church join with Bangor police and city officials to develop a plan to distribute medical marijuana to residents who have prescriptions for cannabis.

BREWER, Maine — The six months given city staff to review and update land use codes concerning methadone clinics apparently is not enough time to complete the work, so another six months has been requested.

The political meltdown in Canada, at first, looks like a power grab by the Conservative Party and its leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper. A closer look reveals that the parliamentary crisis came

Kennebec Journal

Blaine House raps DAs
Budget cuts ordered by the governor's office for the coming year are not aimed at reducing the law enforcement presence in central Maine, but rather are a challenge to identify alternative ways to reduce spending in tough times, a top aide to the governor said Monday.

AUGUSTA -- Imagine a classroom full of students. One says to another, "Get out of my way" using a word referring to sexual orientation.

AUGUSTA Council pledges help on school cuts
AUGUSTA -- City councilors on Monday vowed to work with the Board of Education as it works to overcome a potential $1.5 million school budget deficit.


Rewriting book on government could save money
Property owners rarely spend the money to build ramps for the disabled on a whim or for frivolous reasons. Either the owner has been required by law to construct the ramp or there's someone with a disability who needs it to regularly navigate into, and out of, the building.

ADAM D. LEE : Detroit Three need new rules of conduct if bailout funds given
Five times a day, I get asked the same two questions:

DAVID B. OFFER : After budget frills are gone, it's time to end agency duplication
Gov. John Baldacci and state legislators can learn some unpleasant but essential facts about budgeting from Augusta School Superintendent Cornelia Brown.

SEN. SUSAN COLLINS : Protecting our senior citizens from harmful retirement account penalties
The precipitous decline in our nation's financial markets is presenting America with its greatest economic challenge in decades. Broad measures of stock-market value have fallen more than 40 percent since the beginning of this year.

Sun Journal
5 poisoned by CO in Maine
SOUTH PORTLAND (AP) - Carbon monoxide poisoning is being blamed for the hospitalization of five people who lived in a duplex in South Portland.

Scouts' victory
Boys' Life magazine features Lewiston Scout Troop 007's unofficial tournament at Belfast Curling Center

Probe finds air toxins around Maine schools
Two northern Maine schools are in toxic hot spots and several tri-county schools are located in areas likely to have poisonous chemicals and cancer-causing agents in the air, according to an investigative report by USA Today.

Estimate on pilfered pills increases to 6,000

In parks, battle of the butts
Lewiston's city council is on the right track with its concern about cigarette butts and dog waste in city parks. The presence of both turns what should be a community asset into an impromptu trash dump.

The Reach of The Creative Economy
Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz talks with Jean Maginnis, Founder and Executive Director of the Maine Center for Creativity about the creative industries growing role in Maine's economy.

Maine Car Dealers Call On Congress To Approve Bailout, Save Local Jobs
December 5, 2008 Reported By: Josie Huang

As the chief executives of the Big 3 automakers asked Congress to reconsider a bailout, some of Maine's auto dealers are making a similar case at home.

Environmental Groups Criticize Car Makers' Resistance To Clean Car Standards
December 5, 2008 Reported By: Anne Ravana

As automakers pledge to switch production to hybrids and fuel efficient cars, a New England environmental advocacy organization is questioning the industry's intentions. The Conservation Law Foundation is reminding Congress that General Motors and Chrysler are waging a legal campaign in several states to block new emissions standards.

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