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Monday, November 10, 2008

Maine News for Monday, November 10, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Fasten all seat belts – asphalt shortage delays road-repair projects nationwide

Rules on rowdy behavior spark tension at new student complex
Building managers walk a fine line between police and residents who object to the oversight.

Islands could lead way on wind power
A man who led efforts on a Danish island to stop using fossil fuels addresses a Belfast conference.

Backyard wind turbines enjoying boom in Maine
Environmental and fiscal concerns help fuel an expected three-fold jump in the use of the technology.

Scarborough may see second school vote
Another plan to replace Wentworth Intermediate School is expected to go before voters in 2009.

Divided over consolidation
Falmouth, SAD 51 may each try to go it alone

Automaker bailout should look to future
Helping Ford, GM and Chrysler retool could make sense, but other ideas don't add up.

Early voting is changing the way we think about elections
Election Day is just part of the period in which people expect to be able to cast a ballot.

LEIGH DONALDSONObama's election helps bring America's black middle class to light
The vast majority of African-Americans are not poor, and yet they remain relatively invisible.

Bangor Daily News
AUGUSTA, Maine — As many states are raising taxes on employers to pay for unemployment benefits, Maine employers will see the basic rate structure stay the same for 2009, Labor

BAR HARBO0R, Maine — More than 75 people rallied Sunday against an incident last week in which black figures were hanged by nooses from trees on Mount Desert Island the day after Barack Obama won

ORONO, Maine — The aroma of foods typically not found in Maine enveloped those who stepped into the University of Maine Field House on Saturday, enticing them to taste the worldly cuisines of

BELFAST, Maine — Island residents are finding solutions to the high energy prices that threaten to make Maine’s coastal islands uninhabitable, Rob Snyder, vice president of programs at the Island

WASHINGTON — As moderate Republicans, Maine Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins will play a major role in the new

The former Boggy Brook Regional Vocational Center, renamed the Hancock County Technical Center, is playing a special role as Maine and the rest of the country slide into recession. Jobs are probably

Deterring shoplifting is important, but there must be better ways than the wasteful, and sometimes dangerous, packaging around toys, electronics and other products. Sadly, things will get worse in

Kennebec Journal
An uncertain future in politics
AUGUSTA -- Julie O'Brien is reassessing her political future after a loss Tuesday in an Augusta House race that has left her feeling disillusioned about politics.

Repeal try could block changes to school law
Maine education observers predict the state's school-district consolidation law will be the subject of heated debate when legislators convene for their 2009 session this winter.

New standards lead to cleaner versions of outdoor wood furnaces
FARMINGTON -- The popularity of outdoor wood furnaces has increased as the costs of oil, natural gas and electricity have risen.

Meetings put 202 corridor in limelight
The Kennebec Valley Council of Governments has planned a series of meetings over the coming days that will go a long way toward determining the future of transportation along the U.S. Route 202 corridor.

Controversial proposal faces action by Augusta council
AUGUSTA -- City councilors meet tonight to discuss changes to a controversial proposal which would require all commercial development projects taking place on major "gateway" streets in the city, regardless of size, to go before the Planning Board.

Speaker will criticize media
WATERVILLE -- Thomas B. Edsall, political editor of the Huffington Post and former Washington Post political writer, will speak at Colby College Tuesday at 7 p.m. on "The 2008 Presidential Election: Did the Media Do Its Job?"


Power line upgrade project affects most of us
When the intelligent and technically adept expert who heads the Public Utilities Commission describes an issue as "weird and complicated," then you know it's hard to understand.

Sun Journal

Stimulus? How about survival?
A 25-year high in unemployment benefits nationally? A surreal 54 percent increase in unemployment claims in Maine over the past year? Automakers pleading for rescue? A stock market stuck in perpetual free-fall?

U.S. election important to show democracy in action
Standing in line for 80 minutes at a Philadelphia polling place Tuesday (the first time in 24 years I'd seen such a line), I got a lesson in renewed American civic engagement.

Newly Elected Young Legislators Ready For Duty

November 7, 2008 Reported By: Anne Ravana

On Tuesday, Maine elected at least 9 new state representatives under the age of 30. The youthful group is mostly made up of newcomers to Augusta, all of whom promise to bring new energy and perspective to issues affecting Maine families. But there is some concern that during a particularly challenging upcoming session, young lawmakers might make mistakes or simply have trouble identifying with the state's older population.

Process Of Electing Attorney General Questioned

November 7, 2008 Reported By: A.J. Higgins

Forty-three states elect them at the ballot box. A handful of others let their governors appoint them. And in Tennessee, the decision is left to the state supreme court. Only in Maine is the state's Attorney General elected by a vote of the Legislature. This year's race features three members of the House, all Democrats, who are vying to become the state's top lawyer. Some observers think it's time to change the process for how the post is filled.

Maine Farmers Weighing The Impacts Of Federal Farm Bill

November 7, 2008 Reported By: Tom Porter

The Federal Farm Bill - also known as the Food, Conservation and Energy Act of 2008 - was passed by Congress back in May. But this $300 billion piece of legislation is so huge that only now are local farmers in Maine starting to learn how it will affect them. Officials from the US Department of Agriculture this week kicked off a month-long, statewide tour of meetings with Maine farmers. And today, being a farmer today is as much about environmental stewardship as it is about food production.

Unofficial Legislative Results Released

November 7, 2008 Reported By: Barbara Cariddi

Wondering if the Maine lawmakers you voted for won or lost? The Maine House and Senate have released unofficial their lists of winners.