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Friday, November 14, 2008

Maine News for Friday, November 14, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Pingree likely choice for Maine House speaker
Hannah Pingree, daughter of U.S. Rep.-elect Chellie Pingree, is the unanimous nominee to wield the gavel.

Session to help state retirees with insurance change
Experts will offer details of the change in health insurance providers.

Same-sex marriage backed by ministers
Religious leaders in the state announce formation of the Religious Coalition for the Freedom to Marry in Maine.

Papers' future gets a bit clearer
The leader of the investor group hopes to reverse the company's slide, and already has a few changes in mind.

Project may need new lease on life
Portland intends to sue state, hoping to settle dispute delaying work

Former student charged with computer hacking
James Wieland stands accused of aggravated criminal invasion of computer privacy.

Submerged land issue shouldn't sink more deals
City and state should get to the bottom of who owns the land under the Maine State Pier.

Sentence sends a message about one man's bad choices
The family and friends of Robert LaPointe's victims will never get over his poor judgment.

M.D. HARMONOnce again, it's time to give advice to losers
Dick Richards, P.I., has only one purpose in life, but all the Wal-Mart greeter jobs were taken.

Bangor Daily News
BANGOR, Maine — Two women who live in public housing have sued the Bangor Housing Authority over the way it imposed surcharges for heating oil last winter.

The American Red Cross 12th annual Real Heroes Breakfast on Nov. 13, opened with the ceremony of placing the Stars and Stripes and the Maine state flag on either side of the podium where three individuals and two couples were honored for their heroic efforts on behalf of others.

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) — State Rep. Hannah Pingree, daughter of the state’s new congresswoman-elect, won her fellow Democrats’ nomination Thursday to serve as speaker of the House during the new two-year session.

The fish hatchery that has produced salmon for Grand Lake Stream and other top Maine fishing destinations for more than a century could be closed as part of a package of hard-hitting budget cuts under consideration by state officials.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Possible budget cuts leading to layoffs in the state Department of Transportation will not occur this fiscal year, the transportation commissioner said Thursday.

State Rep. Janet Mills, D-Farmington, has been named the recipient of the Maine State Bar Association’s Caroline D. Glassman Award.

AUGUSTA, Maine — The state lottery is getting strong, bipartisan criticism for its “Funds For Fuel” promotion as lawmakers say the lottery should not be using Mainers’ fear of high fuel prices this winter to sell more lottery tickets.

Mainers may be surprised that there’s still a political campaign going on. Although it involves the state’s top legal officer, the public has no say and likely isn’t even aware of who is competing for the job. This is a poor way to choose an attorney general and other constitutional officers.

These are not good times for conservatives whose faith lies in the unfettered marketplace. With President Bush, Congress and President-elect Obama all supporting the $700 billion federal bailout plan, the government has committed to playing lifeguard, even if it means rescuing those who decided to go swimming in a hurricane.

Kennebec Journal

AUGUSTA: State set to explain health-care changes
AUGUSTA -- State health insurance experts will be in Augusta next week to explain how a change in service providers will affect health insurance for retired state employees who are Medicare-eligible.

AUGUSTA: Parents cool to closure proposal
AUGUSTA -- Parents with students attending Hodgkins Middle School and Hussey Elementary School had a message for Board of Education members Thursday afternoon.

Religious coalition urges Maine to allow same-sex civil marriages
BANGOR -- Religious leaders across the state held news conferences Thursday to urge Mainers to end marriage discrimination against gay and lesbian couples, and called for the state to create same-sex civil marriages.


How to pick an attorney general
Three Democratic lawyers want to be elected the next Maine attorney general.

JOSEPH R. REISERT : Each one in family has a favorite thing to 'export' from Europe
After 10 weeks and nine countries, our adventure in Europe is coming to an end and my family has insisted that, in this column, all of us will share a little of what we've learned during our time away.

BILL TOWNSEND : Uniform sales tax more certain than 'use tax'
The current financial collapse will affect every level of our national economy for a long time to come. Even before it, the individual states had been put under enormous budgetary pressures as the result of a combination of factors, one of the most significant being the reduction in the dollars flowing to the states from Washington under the Bush-Cheney administration.

Sun Journal
Pingree nominated for Maine speaker
AUGUSTA (AP) - State Rep. Hannah Pingree, daughter of the state's new congresswoman-elect, won her fellow Democrats' nomination Thursday to serve as speaker of the House during the upcoming two-year session.

Man seeks to ban use of food stamps to purchase soda
BANGOR (AP) - The Bangor pediatric dentist and public health advocate who spearheaded a successful campaign to ban smoking in vehicles when children are present now wants to prohibit the use of food stamps to buy soda.

EMMC to run UMaine center
ORONO (AP) - Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor plans to take over operations at the University of Maine's Cutler Health Center in January.

2 Maine wind projects proposed
BANGOR (AP) - A Massachusetts wind power company has filed permit applications for two more Maine projects, a 40-turbine wind farm in the Lincoln area, and a 17-turbine project outside Danforth.

BIW loses out on $1.6 billion ship contract
WASHINGTON - The Navy on Thursday awarded Austal USA's shipyard in Mobile, Ala., an expected $1.6 billion contract to build 10 high-speed military transport ships.

Difficult case; wise sentence
In modern language, the phrase "activist judge" has become a slur. A popular stereotype is a black-robed liberal trying to legislate an agenda from the safety of the bench.

Colombia free trade pact would divide Democrats
It wouldn't be the George W. Bush we all know if our shamed president didn't spend his remaining White House days in a final fit of polarization.

Members Of The Maine Clergy Offer View On Same-Sex Marriage

November 13, 2008 Reported By: Josie Huang

Marriage, say many social conservatives, is a holy union between a man and a woman, as ordained by God. But in Maine, a group of clergymen and women say same-sex marriage should be viewed separately from marriage. Their announcement comes just a day after same-sex couples in Connecticut started to marry, and just a week after California voters overturned a court decision legalizing gay marriage.

CMP Proposal Raising Public Concern

November 13, 2008 Reported By: Anne Ravana

Central Maine Power's proposal to upgrade and expand its high voltage electricity lines drew a crowd of concerned residents to a public hearing in Waterville last night. More than a dozen told the state's Public Utilities Commission that they question or oppose the project because they're afraid of health and safety risks and don't want CMP infringing on their property.

Lobster Industry Plagued By Reduced Income

November 13, 2008 Reported By: Keith McKeen

Marine biologists, economists and regulators, from as far away as Florida, gathered today in York to talk about the future of the declining lobster population in the gulf of Maine. Recent stock assessments have alarmed the lobster industy, and more negative projections are expected.

Times Record

Navy musters public input on BNAS reuse process...(full story)

Nuclear power is no solution...(full story)

Village Soup
Dunlap: 'Real ID' could be real cumbersome, expensive
Augusta (By Christopher Cousins - 11/14)