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Friday, November 7, 2008

Maine News for Friday, November 7, 2008

Portland Press Herald

Democrats Mitchell, Pingree in line for legislative leadership posts
Both parties will choose their State House leaders over the next two weeks.

Maine House has glow of youth with six new members under 30
The lawmakers join two young re-elected colleagues, all from districts north of Augusta.

Surge in jobless claims signals recession taking hold in Maine
With new applications up 54 percent from a year ago, the negative trend in the job market appears to be accelerating.

Obama quickly aligns top staff
Hard-edged Rahm Emanuel accepts the chief of staff post, and more decisions are expected in the coming days.

Will Obama choose Mainers for federal posts?
Democrat Tom Allen and independent Angus King are in the running, experts say.

Financial crisis a test for Obama
The president-elect will have to weigh how to sway policy and Congress before he takes office.

‘No’ means ‘try again’ to the gambling industry
The defeat of two ballot measures looking to expand legalized gambling won’t mean the end.

Voters in 12 towns made progress on school mergers
Tuesday's election results show that some towns still have a lot of work to do.

Bangor Daily News
AUGUSTA, Maine — Legislative Democrats, who appear to have strengthened their control of the State House, and Republicans mired deeper in minority status have one thing in common at the top of their to-do lists: Select leadership teams for the two-year session that opens on Dec. 3.
BANGOR, Maine — Adam Goode won Maine’s House District 15 (Bangor) race on Tuesday with more than 70 percent of the vote. He’s 25, by the way.

BANGOR, Maine — The Penobscot County budget committee Wednesday night approved a $14.41 million budget for 2009, which is $36,360 less than this year’s budget.

BREWER, Maine — The message from business owners along the North Main Street corridor, the stretch of roadway between Joshua Chamberlain Bridge and Penobscot Bridge, was loud and clear at Thursday’s public meeting about proposed traffic changes: Leave the downtown parking situation alone.

Susan Collins not only won re-election Tuesday; she became the most important member of the Senate.

The 2008 presidential election has provided more evidence of the need to reconsider campaign finance rules.

Kennebec Journal
Jail change aids women inmates
AUGUSTA -- After months of planning and construction, the Kennebec County Correctional Facility is prepared to move most woman inmates from different cell blocks throughout the jail into a single pod.

WASHINGTON -- A fresh wave of bad economic news, including a half-million Americans newly out of work and the weakest October retail sales in nearly 40 years, pummeled the stock market Thursday, driving the Dow Jones industrials under 9,000 again with a stunning two-day decline of 10 percent.

Maine's U.S. senators disavow Cabinet talk
Maine's two moderate Republican Senators have been rumored as possible candidates for cabinet posts in the Democratic administration of president-elect Barack Obama.

Craigslist agrees to thwart inappropriate, illegal activity
Anyone advertising erotic services on the Web site Craigslist, in Maine or elsewhere, will now need to provide a working phone number and credit card, and that information would be shared with police, if subpoenaed.

Furnace debate heating up
RANDOLPH -- The Budget Committee wants to know why selectmen and the public-works director disregarded a directive by voters to install a new furnace in the town garage.

AUGUSTA: Conduct closes soup kitchen
AUGUSTA -- The bad language and bad behavior that caused a one-day closure of the soup kitchen in downtown Augusta was absent at lunch on Thursday.

'What an opportunity for women to grow professionally'
AUGUSTA -- Edie Benttinen spent much of her career as a truck welder and boat builder. But, she said, she did not find the work fulfilling.

AUGUSTA: City to change how it buys oil
AUGUSTA -- A few months removed from locking in a heating-oil price -- and then watching as prices plummeted -- the City Council approved a policy change which administrators think will help avoid future budget surprises.


Olympia Gaming loses its bet on Maine casino
You come into Maine, spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a political and advertising campaign and leave empty-handed. Again.

Sun Journal
Legislators look to elect leaders
AUGUSTA (AP) - Legislative Democrats, who appear to have strengthened their majority control at the State House, and Republicans mired deeper in minority status have one thing in common at the top of their to-do lists: select leadership teams for the two-year session that opens on Dec. 3.

Disconnection rules begin Nov. 15
AUGUSTA (AP) - The Maine Public Utilities Commission's winter restrictions that bar electric utilities from disconnecting customers who try to pay their bills take effect Nov. 15.

New county board should pursue charter
The two-thirds replacement of the Androscoggin County Commission, which too often put politics over public service, on Election Day was a mandate from voters to clean up the county's act.

Democrats must give up old ways, surge ahead
"What do we do now?"

Allen Revisited

November 6, 2008 Reported By: A.J. Higgins

A late start, a reluctance to go for the jugular and a reliance on broad national themes are all being cited by political analysts as key reasons why Tom Allen suffered a stunning defeat in his U.S. Senate campaign Tuesday. Others say the Democratic congressman's reluctance to enthusiastically embrace voters in northern Maine's second congressional district may actually prove to be the reason why Republican Sen. Susan Collins led Allen by 22 points when the votes were counted.

A High-Powered Entepreneur To Operate Red Shield

November 6, 2008 Reported By: Anne Ravana

The woman who's taken over the reigns at the former Red Shield Environmental mill in Old Town may not be what workers expected. Lynn Tilton is the high-powered entrepreneur and CEO of a 6 billion dollar New York City-based investment and acquisitions firm with a fondness for jewelry and helicopters. But she says her company, Patriarch Partners, is excited about the ethanol fuel technology being developed at the mill and passionate about giving jobs to laid-off workers in the manufacturing industry.

Voters Weigh In On School Consolidation

November 6, 2008 Reported By: Keith McKeen

Maine voters approved 12 school consolidation plans on Tuesday, but another five were rejected. The Maine Department of Education is hailing the approvals, calling them steps toward streamlining school operations in the state. However, some communities whose voters rejected reorganization say the costs will out weigh the savings.

Stringent Salmon Protection Opposed By Industry

November 6, 2008 Reported By: Susan Sharon

Maine paper companies, water treatment plants and hydro-power producers are among those urging the federal government not to add Atlantic Salmon from the Androscoggin, Kennebec and Penobscot Rivers to the Endangered Species list. Salmon from eight downeast Maine rivers were listed eight years ago. But their recovery continues to be slow.