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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Real Clear Politics
RCP Average 10/01 - 10/07 Obama 49.4 to McCain 44.1

Portland Press Herald
House District 140: Taxes, economy dominate race
The incumbent wants tax incentives to lure new business; his rival wants to freeze state spending.

House District 142: Candidates split over casino
Andrea M. Boland pushes preventive health care; Robert B. Carr wants a healthier business climate.

Collins, Allen clash over credit meltdown
Election 2008: Collins blames Democrats for inaction, while Allen says the subprime mortgage business was at fault.

Maine remembers veterans with Silver Stars
The medals are given to those who were wounded, received a Purple Heart or were prisoners of war.

Senate ads misplace blame for fiscal crisis
Experts say neither side paints a full picture of how the problems came to be.

Portland schools expect deficit again
But the overrun is predicted to be only a fraction of the shortfall discovered last year.

Candidates clash on economic cures
Obama and McCain also square off over foreign policy in more pointed exchanges

Meaningful graduation standards overdue
Though controversial, statewide requirements for a high school diploma are worthwhile.

Richer recruiting bonuses are worth every penny
The military uses money to compete for well-qualified men and women who have options.

RICHARD RUDOLFMountain Division Rail Line is not a Bridge to Nowhere
Now is the time to explore alernative transportation modes to address a future mobility crisis.

Bangor Daily News
Maine will use $750,000 from the first-ever “carbon auction” for weatherization and energy efficiency programs this winter, state officials announced Tuesday. Maine received an estimated $2.6

Courthouses in danger with statewide cutbacks
AUGUSTA, Maine — Fewer courthouses, delays in getting cases heard and larger workloads for staff are the likely results of cutting the budget for state courts by 10 percent, said Chief Justice

BREWER, Maine — The sharpest exchange in Tuesday’s hour-long debate between Susan Collins and Tom Allen occurred while the Senate candidates discussed the credit crisis that has resulted in a $700 billion federal economic package aimed at stabilizing world financial markets.
BANGOR, Maine — It’s just some gauze pads, a cheap plastic paintbrush and a thimble-sized dish of sticky goo. But for children covered by MaineCare, dentists say an application of fluoride varnish can spell the difference between a mouthful of healthy teeth and a lifetime of dental woes.

HERMON, Maine — The customers at the Country Market had some things to say Tuesday afternoon to shift supervisor, Marie Francis, about her gas prices. At $3.19 for a gallon of unleaded gasoline, for once those things were good.

By Charles Babington NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Republican presidential candidate John McCain pledged Tuesday night in campaign debate to require the federal government to renegotiate the

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — Nearly a year after officials from Northern Maine Community College announced news of its establishment, the Presque Isle college on Tuesday unveiled a $160,000 first-of-its

One of the more interesting yet mostly overlooked contrasts to come out of the first presidential debate was the times the candidates agreed on some issues. It was a contrast because it was Sen. Barack Obama agreeing with Sen. John McCain, and not vice versa.

You probably heard the phrase “green-collar jobs” uttered at both party conventions. The speakers were not touting hemp shirts, but an economic sector that could provide the U.S. with its next

Kennebec Journal
Many seek to vote before Election Day
Municipal clerks in Maine are swamped with applications for absentee ballots from voters who want to make sure their voice is heard on Nov. 4.

Officials seek OK to use surplus to finish road work
WINDSOR -- Selectmen Tuesday voted unanimously to ask residents at a special town meeting to allow them to use as much as $40,000 from surplus for public works projects including finishing up work on Greely, Sampson and Griffin roads.

Allen claims gain vs. Collins
AUGUSTA -- U.S. Rep. Tom Allen, D-Maine, said Tuesday he's gaining ground on U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, in the race for the U.S. Senate.

Fewer than half of Kennebec County's 30 towns, cities and townships have paid their county taxes, which were due Sept. 3.

Dresden ramps up winter-aid assistance efforts
DRESDEN -- A stalling economy and high oil prices will make this a difficult winter for most Mainers, but if you live in Dresden you will not have to face the challenge alone.

Collins, Allen disagree on root of financial crisis
BREWER -- The sharpest exchange in Tuesday's hourlong debate between U.S. Sen. Susan Collins and U.S. Rep. Tom Allen occurred while the Senate candidates discussed the credit crisis that has resulted in a $700 billion federal economic package aimed at stabilizing world financial markets.


McCormick keeps citizens in mind
Both candidates for Senate District 21 are old hands at community and government work. Both have served in the Statehouse and hold relatively moderate positions. Both seem acutely aware of the issues facing the voters of the district -- high energy and health-care costs on top of uncertainty about the economy and jobs.

Berry respects tradition, has ideas for future
Eric Dickey is a soft-spoken, dedicated veteran who works as a volunteer veterans' benefits advocate at Togus.

GEORGE SMITH : No room for animosities when seeking energy independence
Sure, we'll need to ramp up the use of Maine's abundant natural resources to produce more energy from wood, water and wind -- call them the 3 Ws -- and a little old nuclear plant might be good, too, or something exotic like that underground power unit proposed for Wiscasset.

PAUL GUERRETTE : Bank-credit union merger a 1-sided deal
The potential merger between Kennebec Savings Bank and KV Federal Credit Union has generated a lot of discussion, but also much misinformation.

Sun Journal
Disaster site might get memorial
SOUTH PORTLAND (AP) - A committee is looking into the possibility of putting a historical marker at the site of a plane crash that killed 19 people in Maine.

Maine stop a hit for Nader
PORTLAND (AP) - Ralph Nader received an enthusiastic reception when he spoke to about 250 people at a Portland church.

Judge testifies about Carey's conduct
AUBURN - A Rumford lawyer and former casino referendum official appeared at Androscoggin County Superior Courthouse on Tuesday to defend himself against efforts to suspend his license to practice law in Maine.

Candidates clash, blame each other for economic crisis
NASHVILLE, Tenn. - The presidential candidates turned a town hall debate Tuesday night into a festival of blame, issuing dire warnings about the other's ability to rein in huge deficits and corral an economy spinning out of control.

Voters approve $5,000 for heat

Voters need to see revised casino bill
Forget, for a moment, the rhetoric of the Oxford County casino campaign and focus upon where everyone agrees: The enacting legislation, as currently written, is an unmitigated disaster.

Financial Crisis Plays Role in Maine Bond Sales
Amidst all of the handwringing over the world's financial markets, there's a flicker of good news coming from the state agency that borrows money on behalf of Maine's cities and towns. As Keith Shortall reports, the Maine Municipal Bond Bank yesterday sold more than 100 million dollars in bonds, and will pay an interest rate that's nearly half what it was only a few weeks ago.

For Collins and Allen It's Three Down and Seven to Go
Taxes, the federal bailout, transportation, health insurance and research and development were the major topics tackled this afternoon at a debate between incumbent Republican U.S. Senator Susan Collins and her Democratic challenger, U.S. Representative Tom Allen. The two met in Brewer for the third in their series of ten debates to be held before the Nov. 4th election. As Anne Ravana reports, the questions posed by the Bangor Region Chamber of Commerce attempted to get the candidates' opinions on local and national issues.

Political Parties Promote Absentee Ballots
With election day about a month away, Maine voters have already requested nearly 40 thousand absentee ballots. Today in Portland, the Maine Democratic Party held a news conference to remind the public of the early voting opportunities, and as Keith McKeen reports, party leaders are also emphasizing the need to ensure that voters are not disenfranchised as they have been in the past.

Nader Brings Independent Campaign to Portland
Independent presidential candidate Ralph Nader was in Portland Monday night to speak with supporters at a rally at the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church. Afterward, he sat down to answer questions from Josie Huang.