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Monday, October 6, 2008

Maine News for Monday, October 6, 2008

Real Clear Politics
RCP Average 09/26 - 10/04 Obamab 49.3 to McCain 43.4

Portland Press Herald
Senate District 5: Economy, taxes at top of agenda
The incumbent calls for further consolidation efforts; the challenger looks to control spending.

Senate District 4: Candidates differ on state insurance plan
Dirigo is a good start, says Nancy Sullivan, while Kristi Bryant feels creating more competition is the answer.

Senate District 3: Stackpole seeks to unseat Courtney in Senate race
The incumbent senator faces a challenge from the five-term school committee member.

Supreme Court to consider two cases from Maine in this term
It's considered unusual for the high court to accept even one case from Maine.

The money of color
Tourism businesses hope leaf-peepers and other fall visitors make up for a less-than-stellar summer.

Dubai aims to top its own tower record
Already home to the world's tallest building, the city plans a structure that would be two-thirds of a mile high.

Heating season worries haven’t fully abated
The situation has improved, but prices could still spike and aid could run out.

Another View: Teacher learning helps professionals do a tough job
The staff development goals of the Portland teachers contract can lead to greater things.

LEIGH DONALDSONWould a rose by any other name be just as liberal?
Only in politics could a word meaning 'favoring progress or reform' turn into an insult.

Bangor Daily News
Maine’s 2nd Congressional District stretches from the western border with New Hampshire to the eastern tip of Washington County, encompassing everything north of Augusta.

2 new scams reported in Houlton area
HOULTON, Maine — The Police Department is warning residents to be wary of two new scams that have surfaced in the area.

Every year, once Labor Day hits, we all get serious about winter. Of course, everyone and anyone involved in heating or energy is right out straight this year.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Federal law requires every school cafeteria be inspected twice a year by state health inspectors, and even though only 3 percent of Maine’s 666 schools are meeting that standard

VINALHAVEN, Maine — The area known as The Basin is a short drive or bike ride from the village shops, traditional island homes and working waterfront along Vinalhaven’s downtown strip

For those want to know more about Vice President Dick Cheney’s role in the troubled Bush administration, a gold mine awaits. It is a new book, “Angler,” by Barton Gellman, a Washington Post

A new report presents a shockingly dismal picture of the health conditions in Washington County. Consider these highlights of the Community Health Status Report released by the Mane Center of Disease

Kennebec Journal

SENATE 24: Former lawmaker challenging Mitchell
AUGUSTA -- Former Republican state Rep. Kim Davis of Augusta is running for the state Senate this year to challenge Senate Majority Leader Elizabeth Mitchell, D-Vassalboro.

AUGUSTA: Hiking, cabs on agenda
AUGUSTA -- A plan to create hiking and other recreational trails, while banning ATVs for the next several years, from city-owned land between Bond Brook and the airport, as well as a controversial change in taxi cab rates, go to the City Council tonight.

Guardsmen receive thumbs up
WATERVILLE -- Military police who have helped to stabilize western Iraq won accolades for the accomplishment Sunday during a ceremony at the Waterville State Armory.

Monitoring usage, checking temperature of heaters can make a big difference

LITCHFIELD -- The steering committee of the Litchfield Energy Savers Society is to meet 7 p.m. today at the Town Office.


Common-sense tips to reduce energy use
Tighten your house. Unplug the appliances. Slow down when you drive.

Sun Journal

Fall foliage creates bonus tourist season
Jeanne McGurn is happy to see beautiful fall colors and full motorcoaches this leaf-peeping season.

He knows from experience: Every vote counts
LEWISTON - Bill Henshaw knows the value of a single vote. When the 77-year-old Republican ran for his first elected office - selectman in Sabattus - he thought he won by three votes. A recount revealed that he lost by one.

Seven Alaska employees to testify in Palin probe
ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) - Seven Alaska state employees have reversed course and agreed to testify in an investigation into whether Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin abused her powers by firing a commissioner who refused to dismiss her former brother-in-law.

Tailspin over an airplane
Some members of the Legislature's Criminal Justice Committee are miffed because the Department of Public Safety replaced one if its airplanes - using forfeited funds - without the committee's permission.

Congressmen Maintain Positions in 2nd Bailout Vote
Maine's two congressman have stuck to their positions on the government's $700 billion financial bailout package which passed the House this afternoon. Tom Allen, representing the first district, voted in a favor of the amended Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, saying it was essential to stem the downward slide of the economy.

McCain to Focus on Winning Maine Votes
After announcing plans to concede Michigan to Democrat Barack Obama, the John McCain Campaign is rolling into Maine and a couple of other key states that Republicans believe could determine the winner in a close race. Maine is only one of two states that does not follow a winner-take-all approach in awarding its four votes to the Electoral College. AJ Higgins has more.

Independent Voter Explains His Presidential Choice
This election season we've been profiling Independent voters as they evaluate the presidential hopefuls. Last time we told you about a small business owner who's voting for John McCain. This week we introduce you to Louie Collins. He's not a soccer mom. But Collins comes pretty close. That's because he sells soccer balls, soccer cleats, soccer uniforms and all kinds of other soccer-related equipment to moms, dads and kids. As the manager of a sporting goods store Collins doesn't consider himself a political junkie. But he's following this election closely. And as Susan Sharon reports, he's throwing his support behind Barack Obama.