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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Maine News for Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Real Clear Politics
RCP Average 09/30 - 10/06 -- Obama 49.6 to McCain 43.8

Portland Press Herald
Nader's message brings local voters to their feet
The presidential candidate blasts the powers in Washington for the recent financial crisis.

Coalition pushes to keep drink tax
No on One says a 'few pennies' on beverages is worth it to fund Dirigo Health.

BILL NEMITZIs this vote on a casino, or Bailey?

House District 132: Two candidates cite different priorities
The incumbent hopes to resolve a boundary dispute. The challenger aims to be an advocate.

House District 133: Rivals emphasizing tax reform
Challenger Charity Kewish would look for savings; Donald Pilon suggests broadening the tax base.

Oil prices fall amid turmoil
A barrel of oil drops below $90 as consumers and businesses cut back on fuel consumption.

Stabilization efforts and better regulation needed
Monday's market plunge shows that the $700 billion rescue bill was merely a starting point.

RON BANCROFTIn from the bullpen, Palin proves herself to be a knuckleballer
But the vice presidential debate was just a side session to this year's vital presidential race.

Bangor Daily News
'Cut-rate' stove sales place Glenburn man on hot seat
BANGOR, Maine — Police have charged a Glenburn man who they believe has been selling wood pellet stoves illegally from a Bangor retail store that he managed.

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court returned to the stage Monday as justices weighed whether state laws can be used to challenge deceptive cigarette advertising in a case from Maine.

Nearly three-quarters of Mainers who participated in a recent poll plan to turn down their thermostats this winter while 10 percent predicted they will not be able to adequately heat their homes due

BANGOR, Maine — Former Maine Gov. Angus King told a crowd of listeners at the Bangor Public Library on Monday that he has never been more scared or concerned about the future.

BANGOR, Maine — Members of Maine’s medical community held a media blitz Monday with stops in Bangor and Portland to broadcast their opposition to Question 1.

BREWER, Maine — Calling her re-election “critical to the small business owners” in Maine, the National Federation of Independent Business on Monday endorsed Susan Collins over her challenger

AUGUSTA, Maine — Town officials across the state are cautiously eyeing a new law that allows them to provide senior citizens with another avenue for tax breaks.

If ever there was a reminder that the U.S. economy is too heavily tied to the ephemera of speculation, the current crisis is it.

About two years ago, Grow Smart Maine released the Brookings Institution report “Charting Maine’s Future.” GrowSmart is a statewide organization of 5,200 Maine people who reflect the full range

Kennebec Journal
Local shoppers looking to save wherever they can
AUGUSTA -- There is turmoil on Wall Street. A winter's worth of heating costs are looming.

Phantom load power loss adds up

State, union battle in D.C.
AUGUSTA -- The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Monday in a case that pits 20 state workers against the Maine State Employees Association and the state of Maine.

New schools may wait as bonds curdle
AUGUSTA -- Facing the prospect of reduced revenues during the coming budget cycle, the state Department of Education will delay issuing bonds to finance 12 pending school construction projects.

AUGUSTA Bid to update city taxi fares hits red light
AUGUSTA -- City Center had to be one of the easiest places on Earth to hail a taxicab Monday night.


Seems obvious: Texting, iPods bad for drivers
Technology brings us wonderful things -- new ways to diagnose diseases, new ways to learn, new ways to communicate.

Drop a dime (or more) to help others keep warm
They don't look like a pile of firewood or a furnace, but they're just as likely to keep people warm this winter.

To get a canister for collecting donations at your workplace, call the United Way of Kennebec Valley at 626-3400.

DAVID B. OFFER : Fiscal meltdown happened when big banks forgot basic lessons
I think I am a former customer of Washington Mutual Savings Bank.

Sun Journal
Coalition backs new tax: Health care for 'pennies'
PORTLAND (AP) - A coalition trying to convince voters to keep a newly enacted tax on beer, wine and soda urged Mainers on Monday to find another way to show their frustration over taxes than to repeal funding that they say could leave Mainers without health coverage.

Maine solar homes welcome visitors
BUCKSPORT, Maine (AP) - Solar power groups say there are an estimated 3,000 solar users in Maine, ranging from elaborate homes to small cottages.

Casino backers check out land around Oxford
OXFORD - Representatives of the Olympia Group are in town this week to shop for a site for the proposed $150 million Oxford County resort casino.

State workers case hits highest court
AUGUSTA - The U.S. Supreme Court heard arguments Monday in a case that pits 20 state workers against the Maine State Employees Association and the state of Maine.

A second (district) of your time
News that the presidential campaign of Sen. John McCain has turned its attention to Maine - well, the 2nd District anyway - has political prognosticators in a tizzy about what this says about the state.

Presidential campaigns entering the last act
Newspaper accounts of past presidential campaigns nearly always reveal the singular moment when the public finally decided who should prevail on Election Day. A foolish remark, a speech not made, an inability to catch an unexpected swing in the public mood. It's often less that the winner fired the silver bullet than that the loser forgot to duck. Only the hindsight of the historian actually determines the fateful moment.

Study Assesses Question One Cost At $40 Million A Year
A report released Monday by the University of Maine says the state's new beverage taxes, at the heart of Question 1 on this November’s ballot, will cost Maine businesses and households more than 40 million dollars a year. The report does not taken an official position on the beverage tax, which funds the Dirigo Health Program. But as Anne Ravana reports, as election day approaches, campaigns for and against the tax, are raising their voices and boosting their advertising beginning this week.

PUC Okays $2 Million In Penalties, Approves Sale of Northern Utilities
State utility regulators today imposed 2 million dollars in penalties against Northern Utilities for what they call "probable" safety violations linked to nine incidents, including two house explosions and gas leaks in Southern Maine. As Keith Shortall reports, the Maine Public Utilities Commission also approved the $160 million purchase of Northern Utilities by Unitil Corporation.

Independent Hoffman Seeks Spot In TV Senate Debates
While Republican Sen. Susan Collins and her Democratic opponent, Congressman Tom Allen prepare for a series of statewide televised debates this month, Independent Senate candidate Herbert Hoffman is on the outside looking in. Hoffman is attempting to mount a write-in campaign for the race that he says was snatched from him by the courts. And although he did not meet the technical requirements for ballot status, he is attempting to convince the state's television stations that he should be included in the debates. A.J. Higgins has this report.

Older Workers Stay On The Job
As Mainers try to figure out how to deal with the combination of high fuel prices, an approaching winter and a declining economy, tightening the purse strings just isn't enough for some people. For older folks, it may mean putting off retirement, prolonging their working life and in some cases coming out of retirement to make ends meet. Tom Porter has the story.