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Friday, September 26, 2008

Maine News for Friday, September 26, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Locally, Wall Street stalls funds for Maine's streets
State hits surprising obstacles in trying to sell road bond: high rates, no buyers

Maine's lawmakers want taxpayer protection
A financial bailout should also boost accountability, Sen. Olympia Snowe says.

Republicans not sold on financial rescue plan
Leaders remain split after a 'contentious' high-level White House meeting ends with no agreement.

Debate in doubt: McCain may not show, Obama wants to go
In the midst of a financial crisis, the two candidates are sparring over their roles and priorities.

Palin defends her earlier Alaska-Russia remark
She cites trade missions and national security issues as factors that have enhanced her experience.

Seizure completes downfall of largest savings and loan
Washington Mutual, crippled by mortgage and credit card losses, is sold off to JP Morgan Chase.

Local-option tax debate a big undertaking
Cumberland County might want to narrow the discussion to a new civic center for now.

U.S. should back Afghan plea for Pakistani joint border effort
If the two nations could join forces against terrorism, that would be a major advance.

M.D. HARMONQuick, what does PCCC stand for? No, it's not a golf course
The Portland Conservative Candidates Caucus is semi-boldly going where few in the city have gone before.

Bangor Daily News
WASHINGTON — The U.S. House has voted to double the amount of money available in the new fiscal year for energy assistance to low-income households.

BREWER, Maine — MaineCare's unmet obligations to hospitals, the state's contentious certificate of need program, mandatory nurse-to-patient ratios and other indigestibles were on the menu Thursday morning at a breakfast meeting for aspiring lawmakers and the incumbents they hope to unseat.

AUGUSTA, Maine — State Sen. Richard Rosen, R-Bucksport, has submitted a bill that would create an additional seat on the Maine Maritime Academy board of trustees, a post to be held specifically by a resident of Castine.

A new poll suggests Republican Susan Collins is a strong favorite over Democrat Tom Allen in the race to retain her U.S. Senate seat.

The headlines coming from Wall Street and Washington are reliably gloomy these days, but Maine’s economists, bankers and investment advisers say there’s no need for people to panic — or start stuffing their money under their mattresses.

BANGOR, Maine — Lucy Quimby and other members of the Bangor Land Trust have been working for years to identify both existing and potential multiuse trails throughout the Queen City.

With dire warnings about the fragility of the U.S. economy, President Bush Wednesday pushed Congress to act quickly to pass legislation to rescue the financial sector.

Military deaths are a regrettable cost of waging war and can turn a nation against a war. Civilian deaths can turn an invaded nation against the invaders.

Kennebec Journal

Market chaos thwarts Maine's attempt to float $50M bond
The state of Maine could not float a $50 million transportation bond this week because traders told officials there was "no market" at all for large financial transactions such as this one. The state hopes the national financial crisis will resolve itself by next week, when it again tries to access capital, likely at a higher interest rate than had been expected.

AUGUSTA -- A report due out today recommends tax incentives and a state buyback program designed to help Maine people reduce their dependence on home heating oil.

WATERVILLE 'Educare Center' in focus
WATERVILLE -- An $8 million to $10 million center providing child care and education to as many as 200 children from newborns to age 5 could be coming to the city.


L. SANDY MAISEL : Debate moderators' task to compel worthy answers from candidates
In my dream, I am sitting between John McCain and Barack Obama ready to ask the first question in a presidential debate.

GORDON L. WEIL, CONSULTANT, WRITER AND PUBLISHER, : Quality of appointments indicates candidate's ability
This is not a column about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin or Illinois Sen. Barack Obama.

Sun Journal
Viral e-mail spurs donations for Maine Planned Parenthood
A viral e-mail encouraging people to tweak Sarah Palin by sending donations to Planned Parenthood in her honor - triggering a thank-you note to the anti-abortion Republican candidate - is working in Maine.

Teachers could face losses
AUBURN - Saying it needs to harness costs to taxpayers, the Auburn School Department is asking teachers to give up health care for spouses unless teachers pay for it.

Panel endorses Plum Creek plan
BANGOR (AP) - Maine's Land Use Regulation Commission has given its blessing to a large-scale development plan for the Moosehead Lake region that calls for nearly 1,000 house lots, two large resorts and more than 400,000 acres of land conservation.

Market meltdown 'It's business as usual'
"Economic crisis."

Grant to fund 6 buses at Acadia
PORTLAND (AP) - Maine will be getting a $1.1 million grant to replace six of the 17 propane buses that serve Acadia National Park and surrounding communities.

Ruling will be setback for Dirigo
AUGUSTA - It looks like financing for Maine's program to promote affordable health care will remain limited, perhaps just enough to keep it steady - and stuck.

Bailout plan an example of kleptocratic socialism
When I worked for then-Rep. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., in the late 1990s, Washington was in the panting throes of a deregulatory orgy. Many lampooned my boss's opposition to the grotesquerie, and his notoriety as the only self-described socialist in Congress. Nobody guessed that a few years later, our country would become the globe's newest U.S.S.R.: The United States' Socialist Republic.

State Budget Writers Brace for Wall Street Aftershocks
State budget writers in Augusta are bracing for the likely aftershocks from this month's implosion on Wall Street. As Congress crafts an economic rescue plan, members of the Legislature's Appropriations Committee were informed today that Maine's revenue picture will not escape the negative impacts of a prolonged recession. General fund revenues were down last month, as income tax collections fell about 38 percent short of projections.

Summers Takes New Approach in Second Bid for Congress
He's one of about two dozen veterans running for Congress this year, and much of his campaign in Maine was conducted while he was out of the country, serving a one-year assignment in the Navy Reserves in Iraq. This is Republican candidate Charlie Summers' second bid for a U.S. House seat in Maine's First District. But his resume and life experiences have been re-written since his 2004 campaign. And as Susan Sharon reports, in the latest installment of our Your Vote 2008 candidate profiles, Summers says he's running for one basic reason: he wants to help people.

Former MBNA Employees Allege Predatory Practices
Two former MBNA employees from Maine have been blowing the whistle on what they called 'predatory credit card company practices.' Their testaments helped launch a national campaign by the consumer group AFFIL - which stands for Americans For Fairness in Lending. It's calling for an end to "abusive lending practices that trap millions of Americans in unending cycles of debt".

Maine lobster earmark an issue in PA Congressional tv ad

Survey USA: Obama leads by 5 percent in state