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Monday, September 29, 2008

Maine News for Monday, September 29, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Senate race ads take separate paths
As Collins emphasizes constituent service, Allen focuses on the national big picture.

Cruise ships coming in waves
Six of them are visiting the city this week, providing a welcome boost to tourism.

Both congressional candidates call environmental issues a top priority
Chellie Pingree and Charlie Summers field questions on environmental topics.

Baldacci: Vacationland can become 'Opportunityland'
The governor discusses goals of his last years in office during a wide-ranging interview.

Bus to add Augusta-Portland-Boston
Concord Coach Line will offer five trips a day from the capital to points south.

Maine solar power backers plan biggest site tour ever
Among the 70 buildings on the tour are a structure at USM and an inn that has Maine's largest solar array.

Greenlaw faces charge of breaking fishing laws
The Maine fisherman and best-selling author is accused of fishing within Canada's 200-mile limit.

Candidate wants to pay son to play guitar at campaign event
The case tests a new state law prohibiting candidates from paying public money to family members.

Statewide business show to premiere Saturday
The hosts of 'Inside Maine Business' will be the mayor of Augusta and the CEO of Maine & Co.

How to trim budgets? With care and precision
Closing the gap between agency requests and Maine's revenues should be done thoughtfully.

Why do we produce a coin that no one wants to use?
Nostalgia and home-state lobbying don't justify the waste and expense of pennies.

LEIGH DONALDSONObama's foreign appeal should matter here
Foreign observers cannot vote in our election, but their views of our leaders do make a difference.

Bangor Daily News
PORTLAND, Maine — State officials have banned shellfish harvesting along the entire Maine coast because of concerns about bacterial runoff from the heavy rains of recent days.

BAR HARBOR, Maine — While Paul Newman is being hailed around the world as a Hollywood legend after his death on Friday, in Maine he is being remembered for his generosity to the College of the Atlantic and for the films he made in the southern half of the state.

AUGUSTA, Maine — More Maine college and high school students are taking classes online and through campus interconnections this fall, and education leaders say the numbers will increase

It was a quiet day Sunday at the Washington County Command Center, set up in a $300,000 mobile Department of Conservation unit in the parking lot of the Washington County Courthouse in Machias.

Unless you can remember life before World War I, the United States you know has always towered over the rest of the world. Since 1920 or so, the U.S. has been the world’s economic engine, its productivity expanding steadily and consistently leading the way in technology.

The Federal Communications Commission is wisely looking at ways to reform subsidies for expanding telecommunications services and to use some of that money to provide fast Internet connections across the country. Its fixes so far, however, have penalized rural areas and mobile communications without reining in spending or reallocating funding. This shortchanges consumers in Maine and other rural states rather than helping them.

Kennebec Journal
Candidate puts ethics law to test Commission will weigh request to use public money to pay family member
AUGUSTA -- A candidate running for the Maine House of Representatives will ask the ethics commission today whether he can use public money to pay his son to play guitar at a campaign event.

Starting Wednesday from its new Augusta terminal, Concord Coach Lines will offer daily bus service to Boston
AUGUSTA -- It would be fitting if the first passengers to board the bus at Concord Coach Lines' new Augusta terminal took a moment to remember Bennett Katz.

Solar tour offers Mainers green options
Lofving has a little solar car he will show visitors. It holds two people, goes more than 25 m.p.h. and travels about 30 miles on each charge -- but unlike a gasoline car, when it runs out, you park it in the sun and it recharges itself, Lofving said.

Degree seeking students soar at KVCC
FAIRFIELD -- Available parking spots at Kennebec Valley Community College are harder to find these days as enrollment continues to climb at the commuter college off Western Avenue.

TV show touts Maine business
Maine's first statewide business show hosted by Maine business leaders, "Jacobson & Katz: Inside Maine Business," premieres statewide in October. The first episode airs Saturday, Oct. 4 on TV outlets statewide.


Debate offered a clear look at the candidates
We're not going to use boxing terms to describe Friday night's debate between presidential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama.

Sun Journal
Game boosts food bank
LEWISTON - Fans weren't as quick to make their usual mad dash to the snack bar or bathrooms during the first intermission at Sunday's Maineiacs game.

Hurricane Kyle brushes Maine, moves to Canada
MACHIAS - Fishermen moved boats to shelter from a rare burst of tropical weather along Maine's rugged eastern coast Sunday as a weakening Hurricane Kyle spun past on its way to Canada, delivering a glancing blow equivalent to a classic nor'easter that made locals yawn.

Hebron Academy to dedicate athletic center

Missed the point, all along
Helen Poulin, an Androscoggin County Commissioner, moved to Auburn in August.

Note to McCain, Obama: Gates making a lot of sense
As the presidential candidates bone up for their foreign-policy debate Friday, they should study the speeches of Defense Secretary Robert Gates.

Ripple Effect of Crisis On Wall Street Hits Main Street
The ripple effect of the national financial crisis is being felt by a myriad victims, not the least of which are state and local governments. The state of Maine is finding that out as it tries to market a 50 million dollar transportation bond. In fact, borrowing for a variety of public projects may become a major issue if congress fails to adequately resolve the nation's financial crisis.

Task Force Sets Wood Burning Goal
A special study panel today presented its final recommendations for lessening the state's reliance on foreign oil. The governor's Wood-to-Energy Task Force is suggesting eleven policy actions and an overall goal of converting 10 percent OF Maine's heating oil customers to wood burning systems.

Maine's Independent Voters To Weigh In On Presidential Race
Millions of television viewers are expected to tune in tonight for the first presidential debate beween Barack Obama and John McCain. Some of those watching are undecided voters who want to hear more before making up their minds. And many will be Independent voters who are being heavily courted by both sides. Tonight in the first of a series of profiles of Independent voters, Susan Sharon takes a look at why a small business woman from Biddeford is backing John McCain.