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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Maine delegation: Bailout needs work
Lawmakers agree action is needed, but they want accountability and aid for distressed homeowners.

State expects a big presence of absentee voters
In the last presidential election, almost one-quarter of Maine voters received a ballot in advance.

Plan for school site raises questions
Housing and public space would replace Portland's closed Adams school

Congress balks at bailout plan
Leaders expect eventual passage, but call for aid for the middle class and limits on executive pay.

Poland Spring faces a skeptical public
While its business is not very different from many others, it is finding expansion difficult.

GREG KESICHUndecideds, the rest of us need you to make up your minds
Now that most people know who they are going to vote for, the real campaign can begin.

Bangor Daily News
Policy changes on the state level could relieve some of the pressure on the people who are in the most dire straits, according to a study released Tuesday by the Maine Center for Economic Policy. more

With a total population of about 33,300, Washington County accounts for only 2.5 percent of the population of Maine. Yet that population is the oldest and poorest in the state with the highest rates of teen and adult smoking, obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer. more

If you’ve ever wondered where your tax dollars are going, the brand new Web site is for you.

BANGOR, Maine — Critics and supporters of Plum Creek’s housing and resort plan for the Moosehead Lake region made closing arguments Tuesday to state regulators winding down their review of the largest development proposal in Maine history.

Maine’s former Sen. George Mitchell, who led a recent conference in Portland, is one of many who are pressing for a bipartisan solution to the nation’s mounting health care crisis. The time for action should come under a new Congress and a new president.

Maine Attorney General Steven Rowe says 20 percent of the lawyers who work in his office effectively spend their days working on child protection matters — trying to remove children from abusive, neglectful homes, or working to get parents back on track so they can keep their kids.

Kennebec Journal
AUGUSTA -- Almost four months after a predawn machete attack left a father and daughter seriously injured, a suspect pleaded not guilty to eight charges related to that home invasion, including several punishable by up to life in prison.

As Congress considers a $700 billion package to shore up a shaken Wall Street, an Augusta think tank is recommending a series of government actions to help the state's working, low-income families.

Ill cop wins ruling on bias
AUGUSTA -- The Maine Human Rights Commission sided with a fired police officer on Monday, finding reasonable grounds to believe the town of Oakland unlawfully discriminated against him.

Gifford's sweetens up on new national clients
SKOWHEGAN -- Gifford's Ice Cream is scooping up more distribution outlets, winning awards and reporting what its owners say are sales gains of 7 percent to 10 percent for the year, said Lindsay Gifford, vice president of sales.


Lawmakers should review our Lemon Law
Fran Fontanez and his wife bought their dream car at a Skowhegan dealer in 2006. A 2003 Saab 9-3 with 23,000 miles on the odometer, it had heated leather seats and was a $17,000 "extravagance" that Fontanez and his wife could finally afford.

GEORGE SMITH : Salmon listing portends failure; livelihoods likely to be damaged
The restoration of Atlantic salmon in Maine's magnificent rivers would be a wonderful achievement. But after 50 years and millions of dollars, it might be time to recognize the futility of the salmon restoration effort.

Sun Journal
Man pleads not guilty in machete attack
AUGUSTA (AP) - A 20-year-old Augusta man has pleaded not guilty to eight charges linked to a home invasion in Pittston that seriously injured a former legislator and his young daughter.

Snowmobilers go for McCain
AUGUSTA (AP) - Maine snowmobilers are endorsing the McCain-Palin ticket and two ranking state senators are leading an effort to mobilize women voters for Obama-Biden.

Widening delayed
SOUTH PORTLAND (AP) - The Maine Turnpike is delaying plans to widen a nine-mile stretch of the toll highway from Scarborough to Falmouth for at least two years, an official for the toll highway said.

Man dies cutting wood
HOULTON - A Monticello man died Monday after injuring himself while splitting wood, according to police.

'Embarrassing to USA'
WASHINGTON - Refusing to be pushed, Republicans and Democrats alike rebuffed dire warnings Tuesday from the government's top economic officials of recession, layoffs and foreclosed homes if Congress doesn't quickly approve the administration's emergency $700 billion financial bailout plan.

Palin look-alike gets share of grief
BANGOR - The audacity of Cindy Michaels. The news anchor at WVII in Bangor, she sometimes wears her hair pinned at the top of her head. She has a nice gleaming smile, and neat eyeglasses, too.

Michael J. Fox campaigns with N.H. Senate candidate
DURHAM, N.H. (AP) - Actor Michael J. Fox said Tuesday he believes both presidential candidates back expanded funding for embryonic stem cell research, but with Democrat Barack Obama "there's no mystery about it."

It's improv time, up on Capitol Hill
In this country's fiscal meltdown, there's no room for ideologues, for the action required by Congress necessitates throwing pure ideology - both political and financial - out the nearest window.

What does black mean, and why is it so scary?
Last year, Sen. Joe Biden made a comment some people considered racially insensitive toward Sen. Barack Obama. Obama's response was a mild one - he called Biden's remark "historically inaccurate." This earned him a harsh rebuke from one of my readers. Obama, this gentleman told me via e-mail, had just lost his vote by acting like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, i.e., an angry black man. "Up to now," the reader wrote, "I did not see him as an Afro American."

LURC Begins Delibrations on Plum Creek
LURC Begins Delibrations on Plum Creek##After three years of application drafts and filings, public comment and hearings, the highly debated Plum Creek development and conservation plan for the Moosehead Lake region is awaiting a response from the state's Land Use Regulation Commission. As Anne Ravana reports, the commission begins deliberations this week on the Seattle-based timber company’s proposal to construct 975 house lots and two large resorts and conserve several hundred thousand acres near Greenville.

Senator Collins Prepares for Third Term
Since arriving on the Maine political scene as a virtual unknown 14 years ago, Susan Collins has established herself among many voters as an independent-minded Republican senator with a conservative bent on fiscal matters and a more moderate stance on social issues. Born and Raised in Aroostook County, Collins started out as a staffer for former Sen. Bill Cohen, and as she prepares to seek a third term in office, Collins is confident, but cautious. A.J. Higgins has this profile in the first of a series as part of MPBN's "Your Vote 2008" campaign coverage.

UFO "Experts" Land in Rangely
They're here - or rather they were here. This weekend in Rangely, UFO experts and specialists in the paranormal gathered at a conference organized by the Mindshift Institute, a New York-based organization dedicated to expanding our worldview through new discoveries in frontier science. Tom Porter reports.

Mainers Song Pokes Fun at Vice-Presidential Choice
Phil Hoose and his compatriots have performed songs about the Iraq War, the collapse of Enron, and love and pollsters, so it's not really a big step to today's contribution, "South to Virginia," about a certain presidential candidate and his new running mate.

Times Record
State's taxation revenue is down...(full story)

Mitchell recounts years spent in Brunswick area...(full story)

Confusing themselves?...(full story)

Village Soup lists salaries of state, school employees

Collins, Gang of 20 meets with T. Boone Pickens

Rothenberg: Little risk for Dems in House races

Pro casino folks come out swinging

Associated Builders and Contractors endorse Summers