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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Portland Press Herald
TV ad aims for repeal of Dirigo beverage tax
Taxing soda, flavored water, beer and wine isn't the way to fund a health program, a business coalition says.

City may make smokers wait till later to light up
Portland's proposal would restrict the hours when smoking is allowed on outdoor restaurant patios.

Maine delegates pitch unity at convention, see more to be done
They cite the wisdom of having both Clintons speak at the gathering.

It 'must be' Obama
Hillary Clinton urges her reluctant supporters to unite behind her onetime rival for president.

For bankruptcy filers, catching up can take decades
A study finds the fresh start comes with a price: many years of trailing their counterparts financially.

Katahdin's Millinocket mill to close about Sept. 2

Old slur shouldn't be new name in Scarborough
The town got rid of an offensive nickname for its school sports teams for good reason.

Protesters have a right to be heard, but not to disrupt
A designated protest zone at the Democratic National Convention may be too far away.

CHARLES PRIESTTroops can see Obama's the candidate who supports them better
The Democratic candidate's proposals do more for active-duty service members and vets.

Obama can and will bring change

Are we all supposed to pay for everything for everyone?

Bangor Daily News
AUGUSTA, Maine — A Princeton man running as an independent candidate for the

Updated 8:42AM
AUGUSTA, Maine — State funding cuts that affect about 120 assisted living

Katahdin mill to shut down Sept. 2
MILLINOCKET — The Katahdin Paper Co. LLC mill will be shutting down

Feds start probe into park ranger brutality claim
ACADIA NATIONAL PARK — The National Park Service has begun its investigation

Nomination Failure Lawmakers shortchanged the public last week by quickly dismissing two qualified

How Old Is Old Enough?
Vehicle crashes are the top killer of teens and young adults. Raising the driving age to 21 and launching new drivers by simply handing them the keys without prior

Pat LaMarche: Feminists: get used to ‘biden’ your tongues Some day I am going to publish my own dictionary. It’s going to have words

Kennebec Journal
OPENING SALVO: Maine beverage tax foes hit airwaves
Fed Up With Taxes group takes swing at new law with TV ad for Question 1

Study: Mainers lost out during recent recovery
AUGUSTA -- Mainers were more likely to be poor last year than when the last recession bottomed out in 2001, according to Census Bureau data released Tuesday.

GARDINER: Business park growth hailed
GARDINER -- City officials on Thursday will celebrate the expansion of Libby Hill Business Park with a ground-breaking ceremony.

State, breeder spar over kennel search
WISCASSET -- A judge has yet to rule if a search warrant executed in January at a Somerville woman's home -- resulting in the seizure of 66 animals -- was supported by enough evidence.

On Maine Politics
Beverage tax foes air ad


School merger progress wends slowly forward
As school officials continue to make swerving progress through the state-mandated consolidation process, one thing's become increasingly clear: Maine's small towns love their local schools, believe in them in many cases and don't want to lose them.

GEORGE SMITH : TV ads make trivial issues important and vice versa
Bet you wish Maine voted in September, as we did back in the day when we could brag, "As Maine goes, so goes the nation."

ALEC CAMPBELL : Valid arguments for legal drinking age to be 18
Legal drinking ages are formally set by individual states but the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984 penalizes states with drinking ages lower than 21 by reducing their federal highway appropriations. This has effectively made 21 the national drinking age.

Letters to the Editor:

It's not good looks, but good brains we need
In regards to the letter from Frank Slason of Somerville, "Obama has one quality that will get him elected," (Aug. 13), I know lots of people say I will do this to help the American people -- but, it is only words no action, to get in the big white house and make sure he has a home for at least four years. But food and heat for us in Maine are out of reach.

Genetically engineered food part of larger plan
Many of us oppose genetically engineered foods. Looking beyond the official corporate and government press releases, studies show major decreases in health where these foods have been allowed on the market, increased food allergies, a dramatic increase in pesticide and herbicide use, sickness and death in lab animals, destruction of small farm agriculture, as well as new diseases like Morgellon's Disease.

'People's charter' work protects public petitions
The 2008 Augusta Charter Commission has completed its review.

Richmond tax shift will destroy rural character
The town of Richmond has recently re-valued its properties and, for some reason, the selectmen/assessors/overseers have decided to place a high proportionate value on rural open land.

Sun Journal
Maine delegates push party unity
Prominent Mainers attending the Democratic National Convention on Tuesday played down questions of party unity as delegates waited to see how long it takes for Hillary Rodham Clinton delegates and supporters to get behind presumptive presidential nominee Barack Obama.

Candidate to repay money
AUGUSTA (AP) - A Maine Senate candidate has been ordered to repay $2,000 to the Maine Clean Election Act fund for purchases made with public money.

No charges in assault over cell bill
PORTLAND (AP) - Prosecutors have decided against pursuing criminal charges against a Maine lawyer who flew into a rage and spanked his 20-year-old daughter in part over a $5,000 cell phone bill.

Millinocket mill closing next week
MILLINOCKET (AP) - Maine elected leaders say the Katahdin Paper mill in Millinocket will be closing its doors on or around Sept. 2. The mill previously set a July 28 shut-down date, but later said that date would be pushed back.

Buoy network has funding shortfall
PORTLAND (AP) - A network of weather buoys that gives weather forecasters, scientists and mariners detailed information about conditions from Cape Cod to Nova Scotia is in jeopardy because of a funding shortfall.

Cuts sting assisted living facilities
The state has slashed the money it pays to assisted living facilities to hold beds for residents who are in the hospital or away getting rehab. And when residents leave for reasons that aren't medical - say to visit family for a week - the state won't pay to hold their bed at all.

Dechaine To Seek New Trial Based On DNA Evidence
The attorney for Maine's most famous child murderer says he plans to file a motion this week asking for a new trial. Steve Peterson says he'll make the request on behalf of Dennis Dechaine who is serving a life sentence for the 1988 murder of 12-year-old Sara Cherry. As Susan Sharon reports, under a new post-conviction statute in Maine...Dechaine and other prisoners who want to introduce DNA evidence that they think could exonerate them must do so by the beginning of next week.

UMaine To Host Conference On HIV/AIDS In People Over 50
Next month the University of Maine School of Social Work will host a conference on HIV and AIDs in the older adult population. According to the organizers of the event, within the next decade, about half of U.S. residents with HIV/AIDS will be over 50. Anne Ravana reports on what the state views as an urgent need to get people in that demographic tested for the virus.

Maine Schools Turn To Zipcar Program
Bowdoin College is the latest Maine school to sign on to the ZipCar sharing service this year. The Brunswick institution joins, Colby and the University of New England in following the lead of Bates College which adopted Zipcar last year. The company bills its service as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to the challenges of having a car on campus, Keith McKeen reports.

Dean: Susan Collins = Lincoln Chafee

It’s no surprise the Allen/Collins race is getting bloody and starting early.

Baldacci: Ditch the caucuses

Michaud talks taxes, Senate race at delegate breakfast