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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Maine News for Thursday, August 28, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Allen urges change for next generations
The congressman from Maine is among four U.S. Senate candidates to address the convention.

Mental health crises defy police protocol
The Michael Norton case focuses attention on how police and hospitals respond to those who are suicidal.

Dechaine seeking new trial based on new DNA standard
A 2006 change in the law makes technological advances a basis for requesting a new trial.

Obama, Biden trumpet change on historic night
Reaching unprecedented ground – by acclamation – Obama and his running mate say it’s time to 'take back America.'

Blethen, Maine group end exclusive talks
Both sides say they still hope to come to terms on a sale, but other parties may now make offers for the newspapers.

Bloggers getting down to business
Companies large and small find that blogging can be a good way to do free marketing and connect with customers.

Shift at agency doesn't change AIDS threat
Changing treatments led to the closing of Peabody House, but the epidemic remains.

DONALD A. GRANTBurying spent nuclear fuel would waste a resource worth billions
Recycling it instead would conserve energy, avoid more mining and help keep power plants going.

If McCain can't count houses, how can he be counted on?

Bangor Daily News
DENVER — U.S. Senate candidate Tom Allen of Maine addressed the Democratic

AUGUSTA, Maine — Over the past year, the speed of Internet access has

Maine is among a half-dozen states selected to take part in a federal program

MILLINOCKET, Maine — Multibillion dollar conglomerate Brookfield Asset

BREWER, Maine — Calling them outright lies, officials from some of the region’s labor unions took aim Wednesday at a barrage of recent campaign advertisements claiming that the Employee Free Choice Act would take away workers’ right to a private ballot.

BANGOR, Maine — U.S. Sen. Susan Collins released a re-election campaign video on her Web site Wednesday evening at about the same time her opponent, Rep. Tom Allen, was speaking at the National Democratic Convention in Denver.

Firm poised to open waste-to-energy plant
BAILEYVILLE, Maine — Baetal Corp. of Kennebunk is poised to open operations

Preserving Frannie Mae and Freddy Mac is among the most important challenges that face this country.

Kennebec Journal

Maine Dems tout value of Tom Allen speech
U.S. Rep. Tom Allen invoked the future of his newborn grandson as he exhorted Democrats at the party's national convention in Denver to help improve the country for the benefit of succeeding generations.

Group ends negotiating status with Maine papers Maine Media principals say talks continue with Blethen Maine Newspapers' owners
Blethen Maine Newspapers and the investment group seeking to buy the company's properties have ended an agreement that gave the group exclusive negotiating rights.

Researchers are recruiting a new set of students from five Augusta-area towns to participate in a study evaluating what -- if any -- effect arsenic has on children's intellectual development.


Fishing line nearly silences one loon's song
But for the efforts of some goodhearted citizens on North Pond, the song of one lone loon was almost stilled this week.

THEODORA J. KALIKOW : The approaching winter will be our Hurricane Katrina
I didn't think I would be discussing energy anytime soon, since I just wrote a column about the issue. But then three things made me write more.

BUDDY DOYLE OF GARDINER : New administration must lead nation back to its finest values
The pre-eminent role of our government today should be to re-invent itself. There exists no confidence in government to accomplish much of anything. Witness Congress, currently vacationing. The solutions to our pressing issues -- the economy, global squabbling, employment, health care -- are futile if we fail to diffuse the bitterness and division. That's Job No. 1.

PAUL R. LEPAGE : Voters must elect strong leaders who will solve nation's problems
What should candidates be talking to us about this election?


American Dream not just for people earning $5M
I am hoping that the young adults of the U.S.A. think clearer than their older peers did during the last two elections, and they will vote for America.

'In my opinion,' McCain better suited to presidency
I thought this was an opinion page. I have sent you two letters expressing my opinion about Barack Obama and you won't print them because of unverifiable allegations. I didn't write anything that hasn't already been said on the Internet or TV or even in the newspapers.

Nader would discuss serious, important issues
It's fashionable once again for disgruntled Democrats to ridicule Ralph Nader's candidacy for president. The Kennebec Journal has weighed in with an especially vitriolic editorial (Aug. 18), accusing him of abusing the voters and making a mockery of the electoral process.

Sun Journal
Workshop eyes ways to weather winter
JAY - Legislative concern that people will have a hard time finding the resources to keep their homes heated this winter prompted an energy conservation workshop Wednesday at Jay High School.

After 22 years in mill, it's a shock
LIVERMORE FALLS - Kenny Smith didn't expect to be on the layoff list at the Wausau Paper mill after 22 years with the company.

During roll call, Maine delegation favors Obama, but 8 vote for Clinton
Maine's delegation gave 24 votes to Barack Obama and 8 votes to Hillary Clinton as the presidential nomination roll call was held at the Democratic National Convention.

Former mayor sues over MERC stench
SACO (AP) - Former Saco Mayor Mark Johnston is suing Maine Energy Recovery Co. over odors emitted from the trash-to-energy incinerator across the border in Biddeford.

Maine lawmakers endorse Obama
AUGUSTA (AP) - Present and former leaders of the Maine Legislature are pledging their support for Barack Obama, who will become the Democrats' nominee for president this week.

Maine attorney general warns of Visa scam
AUGUSTA (AP) - Maine's attorney general is alerting people about a scam in which people receive phone messages warning that they've reached the credit limit on their Visa cards.

No injuries reported at BIW fire
BATH (AP) - Officials say no one was hurt when a fire broke out on the roof of a building at Bath Iron Works.

Getting a chill from the Almanac
On its Web site, the Farmers' Almanac keeps a running tally of when its predictions have turned into realities:

Biden's record suggests discord with Obama
DENVER - In selecting Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate, Barack Obama gains some needed foreign policy expertise, but loses some credibility. If Washington is as bad as these two say it is, was Biden a contributor or an enabler during his six Senate terms? If 36 years in the Senate doesn't make you an "insider" and part of the problem, what does?

Defending unions?
I was struck with total disbelief when I saw the anti-union, anti-Allen ads being run so frequently on local television. Was I really being told that the Republicans and Sen. Susan Collins were defending unions? Surely everyone remembers the Reagan union-busting and the Republican anti-union positions of the last century. Was this a new, changed stance?

Former Saco Mayor Sues MERC Over Foul Odor
The former mayor of Saco wants to eliminate the stench that he says has been plaguing residents of Saco and Biddeford for decades. Mark Johnston has filed suit in York County Superior Court against the Maine Energy Recovery Company and its downtown Biddeford trash incinerator for being a habitual nuisance under Maine law. The company has a 24-hour-a-day hotline to respond to odor complaints, but, as Keith McKeen reports, some local residents say that's not enough.

Program For Cancer Prevention Fails For Lack of Funding
A last-ditch effort by the 123rd Legislature to launch a cancer prevention program has failed after lawmakers were unable to find a source of funding to get the project off the ground. However, the goal of raising awareness and providing improved cancer screening will continue in the next legislative session, according to one lawmaker who wants to remove Maine from its ranking as the state with the highest per capita cancer rate in the nation. As A.J. Higgins reports, proponents of the plan insist the state must make cancer prevention a priority.

Labor Leader Blasts Anti-Union Ad Campaign
As most Maine television viewers, radio listeners and newspaper readers know, an intense advertising campaign is underway to draw opposition to the so-called "Employee Free Choice Act". The ads depict union bosses bullying workers and imply the act would take away workers' right to private ballot elections. The Eastern Maine Labor Council is speaking out against the ads, claiming they are the product of a corporate campaign aimed at keeping workers from unionizing and having any say in workplace decisions.

Allen: We need change for the next generation