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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Maine News for Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Portland Press Herald
NOAA unveils rule to protect right whales
The regulation includes a large-vessel speed limit of 10 knots in designated waters off the East Coast.

WMTW decides not to air entire video
The fatal confrontation is too graphic to be shown to viewers, the station says.

Stripers really are the ones that got away this year
The bass lingered south of Maine, frustrating fishermen who yearly spend up to $30 million here.

Kennedy: Hope rises again
The ailing senator and the candidate's wife, Michelle, open the convention with a call for change – Obama.

Clean Election candidate ordered to repay $2,000
A truck cap, roof rack and GPS are deemed personal, not campaign-related.

Northeast homes sales dismal
In Maine, out-of-state buyers are sparse, locals are worrying about oil, and foreclosure filings double.

Wausau Paper to eliminate 150 jobs in Maine

Choice of Biden doesn’t help, hurt Obama much
A known entity, Biden will appeal to blue-collar Democrats but may say something to regret.

JONATHAN BEAL'Card-check' a necessary defense against union-busting, bullying bosses
The opposition to it by corporate voices makes sense, once you see it takes away their power.

Collins voiced views of many

Maine seat belt, helmet laws make no sense whatsoever

Bangor Daily News
DENVER — The state’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention being held here this week arrived over the weekend and prepared for one of the most highly anticipated Democratic conventions in recent memory.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Within minutes of his swearing-in ceremony last week, Jack Cashman was on the job as the third member of the state Public Utilities Commission. “I have a lot of reading to do, a lot of reading,” he said in an interview. “There are a tremendous number of important issues before the PUC.”

DENVER, Maine — Rep. Tom Allen, who is challenging Sen. Susan Collins for her

ELLSWORTH, Maine — Anyone calling the Washington Hancock Community Agency

The choice of longtime Sen. Joe Biden as Sen. Barack Obama’s running mate sends a wide range of signals. Whether those signals harmonize with or …

ClickBack on Folk Fest
This week, ClickBack focuses on the American Folk Festival, presidential politics and tidal power.

Kennebec Journal

AUGUSTA Developer seeks tax break
AUGUSTA -- A proposed 20-year deal discussed by the City Council Monday would give the developer of the Central Maine Commerce Center a tax break worth $56,000 or more a year while giving the city several road improvements, new jobs and a development that might not happen otherwise.

AUGUSTA -- The state ethics commission voted Monday to require a state Senate candidate to reimburse the Maine Clean Election Act fund more than $2,000 for a series of purchases made using public money.

Independent, former Democrat, rallying Mainers for McCain
AUGUSTA -- Rep. Tom Saviello stood on the Statehouse steps Monday to say he's leading a new group called Maine Citizens for McCain.

New students welcomed in their first day at UMA
AUGUSTA -- Addison Lewis is not your typical first-year college student.

Dems in Denver
Denver arrival

On Maine Politics
News from Collins, Dobson, Saviello


Biden won't help with votes, but his bite's an asset
A presidential candidate's selection of a running mate is supposed to tell us something about the candidate.

CRAIG HICKMAN OF WINTHROP : Bad cold not the best way to start Democratic convention
Editor's note: The writer submitted this column on Monday morning, before the convention actually began.

DAVID B. OFFER : Air Force generals get cushy digs 'befitting their rank'
The next time you squeeze into a airplane's seat with about two inches of legroom, sit back (if you can) and wish you were an Air Force general.

Sun Journal
Energy workshop set for Jay
JAY - People are invited to an energy conservation workshop from 6 to 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Jay High School library.

Otis mill to cut jobs
JAY - Citing the price of oil and other rising costs, Wausau Paper announced Monday that it would permanently shut down one of its two Otis mill paper machines by the end of the year and lay off approximately 146 of the mill's 235 workers.

Jay assessing weighs mill shutdown's effect on tax rate
JAY - Town Manager Ruth Marden told selectmen Monday she would know more Tuesday about the impact on the tax base when Wausau Paper permanently shuts down one of its two paper machines this fall.

Collins kicks off campaign bus tour
BANGOR (AP) - Sen. Susan Collins' campaign has hit the road on a bus tour that will take her across all parts of Maine in the weeks ahead.

Saviello heads state 'Citizens for McCain'
AUGUSTA - State Rep. Tom Saviello, U-Wilton, announced Monday that he is chairing Citizens for McCain campaign in Maine, part of a national effort to attract support among Democrats and Independents for U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Bethel has misread law on drug seizures
The ability to seize assets of drug traffickers is lucrative for police, justified by the simple, eye-for-an-eye principle of using forfeited drug proceeds to support drug investigations.

Gender had little to do with Clinton's defeat
There's nothing mellow about Hillary Clinton. She's the greatest polarizer since Richard Nixon. Her defenders are fierce, her detractors ferocious. It's not because she's a woman that she's "the might have been" as Democrats hold their convention in Denver, it's because of the kind of woman she is.

Keeping the peace
All voting should be private.

Based on research?
One hundred college presidents support lowering the legal age for drinking to 18 "based on research."

Funding Cutback Hits Assisted Living Facilities
About 120 assisted living facilities that care for 4,000 needy Mainers are preparing for an uncertain financial future as they absorb yet another state funding cutback. The money was formerly paid to living center operators to ensure that residents who require hospitalization for an extended period of time would not lose their nursing home beds. The reimbursement from the state Department of Health and Human Services ended August 1st and presents a new obstacle for the care providers who are already coping with skyrocketing food and fuel costs.

Maine Convention Delegates Focus on Unity
The Democratic National Convention opened officially today in Denver, Colorado. Gathering for breakfast this morning at their downtown hotel were Maine's 31 delegates and super-delegates--some of whom are still pledged to Senator Hillary Clinton. Despite that, the delegates aren't focusing on rifts--they're talking about unity. From Denver, Barbara Cariddi has this report.

School Lunch Prices to Rise
With students returning to school next week, the state today released income guidelines for the reduced-price and free student meal programs. Given the nation's troubled economy, Maine public schools anticipate an increase in parents applying for the programs on behalf of their children. And with rising food costs, the prices of meals are on the rise. Many schools are hoping teachers and students who buy breakfast and lunch won't mind paying a bit more this year, and that the federally-assisted school meal program will keep up with the rising costs.

Maine Climatologist Heading For the Arctic Circle
While many Mainers are trying to get the most out of the all-too-brief summer we have up here in Northern New England, one Maine-based scientist has chosen to spend a month at one of the coldest places on earth. Dr Paty Matrai from the Bigelow Laboratories in West Boothbay is currently aboard the ice-breaker Oden, leading an international climate study team - and avoiding polar bears! She took time out of her busy schedule earlier today to talk with Tom Porter via satellite phone about the expedition.

Maine delegation: First gathering