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Monday, July 28, 2008

Maine News for Monday, July 26, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Tackling risks of thermal systems
The state looks to boost oversight of heat-from-below systems, which can fail and pollute well water.

Maine dealers to get promised pellet stoves
Harman officials are tripling production and blame the confusion on a computer glitch.

JUSTIN ELLISMore needy kids, less program money, few options

Group wonders if waterfront is working
Developers invite wharf owners to discuss whethermore non-marine revenue is needed for pier repairs.

West Gardiner service plaza takes shape
When the plaza opens in November, it will resemble the one on the Maine Turnpike in Kennebunk.

Professionals find jobs back in rural hometowns
Web-based recruitment campaigns focus on quality of life.

It's time to make school mergers work
Towns like Freeport should focus on the benefits, not just the costs, of consolidation.

Farm bill largesse comes at a very high price
Money for food aid was part of wasteful legislation costing nearly $300 billion.

Another View: Guest column touting Collins advocates more of the same
Supporting the incumbent senator is no different than supporting President Bush.

Bangor Daily News
Bar Harbor: Feds to help fund security needs

BAR HARBOR, Maine - Town officials have learned how they'll be able to spend $490,000 the town is receiving from Department of Homeland Security for improved port security.

Quoddy Bay LNG suspends payments to tribe

PLEASANT POINT, Maine - Quoddy Bay LNG, the company that hopes to build a liquefied natural gas terminal on Passamaquoddy tribal land off Route 190, has announced it will suspend temporarily the quarterly payments it has been making to the tribe.

WIC supplements children's nutrition

The federally funded Women, Infants and Children program, known as WIC, aims at improving the health and nutritional status of women who are either pregnant, breast-feeding, or up to six months postpartum along with their infants and children up to age 5.

'Distracted Driver' law may get an update

AUGUSTA, Maine - An incident at a Gardiner tollbooth on the Fourth of July weekend has sparked interest among lawmakers in tightening state laws against motorists engaging in behavior that distracts them while driving.

Programs to feed Maine schoolchildren

Maine schoolchildren from kindergarten through grade 12 have access to a variety of subsidized public nutrition programs, including school lunch, school breakfast, before- and after-school snacks, and community-based summer nutrition programs. Some nursery schools, day care providers and summer camps also take advantage of nutrition programs.

Cost of fuel might hurt State Fair attendance

BANGOR, Maine - Though it's too early to tell how the high cost of fuel will affect families attending this week's Bangor State Fair, ride operators, vendors and agricultural exhibitors already are feeling the pinch.

Bangor the model for painting event

BANGOR, Maine - Old Town artist Anthony Watkins won first- and second-place honors in Saturday's "Paint Bangor," an event that was part competition, part fundraiser and part promotion for the Bangor Art Society.

Editorial: To drill, or not to drill

Oil was $12 per barrel when Federico Pena was the nation's energy secretary in the Clinton administration. Mr. Pena is now a co-chairman of the Obama campaign and an adviser to the candidate on energy and transportation issues.

Editorial: Rocking the mail boat

Summer residents of Sutton Island have lost their special private postal service, and there may be a moral to the story.

Donna Loring: Blame tribal-state breakdown on commission leaders
Several recent articles have suggested the Legislature's Judiciary Committee is to blame for the breakdown in tribal-state relations. The breakdown has been blamed on the committee's reduction in funding for the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission and the failure to support LD 2221, a tribal work study group bill.

Sean Faircloth: Obama understands challenges facing Maine
Over the past eight years, Mainers have fallen behind under the Bush-McCain economic agenda. The average family has been hit hard by a slowing economy and skyrocketing energy costs with no end in sight.

July 28 Letters to the Editor

Kennebec Journal
Rest area will fill gap between Portland, Bangor
WEST GARDINER -- Bulldozers rumbled, excavators dug and loaders picked up material and rapidly crossed the large, somewhat muddy construction site Friday on Route 126 near the intersection of the Maine Turnpike and Interstate 295.

Mainers question geothermal systems' role in groundwater contamination
Hundreds of geothermal systems are believed scattered across Maine, heating and cooling homes, businesses and public buildings via wells that plunge more than 300 feet below ground.

Consolidation plan takes step forward
SAD 47 and School Union 52 are moving forward on a consolidation plan that would create a seven-town regional school unit (RSU) with more than 5,000 students, nearly 400 teachers and an annual budget of $52 million.

RICHMOND: Towns take steps to ease recycling
RICHMOND -- Residents in an increasing number of local municipalities can throw their aluminum cans in with their newspapers, old milk jugs, and junk mail, and still recycle.


Baby Boomer teens raising pretty good kids
As people age, they can develop a tendency to look upon the generation behind them -- the young 'uns -- with suspicion and even derision. We think:


'The taxpayers' lucky to have something to tax
Hardly three days ever pass without my hearing or seeing the phrase "the taxpayers." This phrase is usually accompanied by some lament about how our elected officials are not working hard enough for "the taxpayers."

I-295 project going well, on schedule
Things are going great with the I-295 Southbound Rehabilitation -- Gardiner to Topsham project. There have been some complaints, but who can please everyone all the time (you have to be a miracle worker to accomplish that). Things are getting done quickly and on schedule. The Maine Department of Transportation has gotten all information out to the public in a timely manner through all means of communication.

Sun Journal

Senators request border station
VAN BUREN (AP) - Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe called upon the federal government to build a new port of entry along the Canadian border to replace an aging facility that was knocked out of commission by flood waters in Van Buren.

Mainers selling off goods as economy tightens
PORTLAND (AP) - Mary Jane Newell and her husband have sold their boat, their lakeside camp and even her Harry Potter book collection. Now up for sale: Newell's offering her Elvis collectibles on craigslist.

Tighter oversight on tickets
The Maine Lottery is a bright spot right now - department revenue is up $600,000 this year - but allegations of poor gamesmanship on scratch tickets requires immediate attention.

Activists Prepare for Affordable Healthcare Campaign
A coalition of healthcare activists brought the so-called "Health Care for America Now" campaign to the State House today. It was an effort to make affordable healthcare for all a major issue in this year's congressional elections. The campaign is encouraging lawmakers to come up with some new options for consumers. They include private coverage, government-administered health insurance or some different approach for guaranteeing access to health care for all Americans. A.J. Higgins reports.

Homeless Shelters Already At Capacity
Homeless shelters in Maine are filling to capacity, and some directors believe their waiting lists will only get longer as fuel and food costs rise. Shelters in Bangor and Ellsworth are receiving more calls from families who can no longer make ends meet. But in Portland, it's individuals rather than families who are seeking beds. Anne Ravana reports.

Collins to sit national convention out

Dems oust two for supporting independent for Senate

U.S. Sen. Susan Collins (R-Bangor) has the distinction of being both a winner and loser this week, but it's all bad news for Barack

Bush in Kennebunkport next weekend