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Monday, July 14, 2008

Maine News for Monday, July 14, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Report touts Maine-fed pellet heat
An analysis of wood-based alternative energy finds the state has enough trees to warm 10 percent of homes.

Homeowners who use heating oil seek alternatives

Independent guided by moral compass
Election '08: Herbert Hoffman, a vocal war opponent, pursues a U.S. Senate seat from Maine.

Hard choice on rock place
Westbrook is deciding if it can let a quarry expand without hurting its efforts to attract high-tech jobs.

Turnpike is becoming road less traveled
A significant drop in traffic on the highway is causing budget concerns for the Maine Turnpike Authority.

Will state tweak work schedules?
Agencies have found ways to reduce energy consumption without adopting four-day weeks.

GrowSmart right to look at state's future
With limits on our resources, Maine should determine how it wants to spend its money.

Water district should use time to engage community
Tabling a deal with Poland Spring makes sense, but the proposal shouldn't die just yet.

No matter what color their collar, workers in trouble
Given low pay, few benefits and the struggle to balance work and family, the American dream remains that for many.

Plan would drive motorists out of city

For well-fought campaign, Clinton deserves aid with debt

Bangor Daily News
Augusta: 30-year-old bottle law part of state ethic

AUGUSTA, Maine - Thirty years ago this summer, Mainers started to pay deposits on beverage containers and began what has become a tradition of recycling those containers instead of throwing them into the trash.

Charlie Howard's minister returns for annual memorial service

BANGOR, Maine - The Rev. Richard Forcier was a full-time student at Bangor Theological Seminary and pastor of the former Unitarian Church in the summer of 1984 when three teenagers attacked an openly gay man on a downtown street.

Live blues fest has Rockland rockin', dedicated fans making return trip

ROCKLAND, Maine – It’s all about the music, man. And this weekend at Harbor Park the music was the blues, all blues, at the 15th annual North Atlantic Blues Fest. The festival means live blues, and that means blues at its best.

Fingerprint lifted at forest fire scene

PRINCETON, Maine - Fire officials are closing in on a person who may have started a forestland fire last week that burned about an acre near Pocomoonshine Mountain.

Maine Catholics, bishop head for Australia World Youth Day

PORTLAND, Maine - Most of the 51 Catholic teenagers and their chaperones who left last week for World Youth Day 2008 in Sydney, Australia, are making their very first pilgrimages.

Winds cause scattered outages

High winds downed tree limbs and caused scattered power outages in coastal and northern Maine on Sunday. Power companies expected service to be restored late Sunday or early today.

Politics in Hiring

It is not unusual for presidential administrations to favor people who share their party's views for government jobs. The extent to which the Bush administration has done this, however, has reached a new high - or low.

Editorial: How Risky is Risk?

As we struggle through the worst economic slump since the Great Depression, the concept of risk keeps coming up. Why did so many financial experts overlook the riskiness of those "subprime" mortgages?

David Broder: Obama confusing Republican opposition
John McCain is the candidate who actually had experience as a wartime flier, but Barack Obama is the one who has most successfully adapted a favorite tactic of those intrepid aviators. When the pilots were over a target heavily defended by antiaircraft guns, they would release a cloud of fine metal scraps, hoping to confuse the aim of the shells or missiles being fired in their direction.

Jetta Antonakos: Using recycled paper a way to save money
How times have changed — and are still changing. For instance, take a moment to follow the paper trail here in Maine.

July 14 Letters to the Editor

from Saturday
Maine leaders consider ideas for winter aid

AUGUSTA, Maine - Despite agreement that action is needed to aid Mainers beset by historically high energy prices, exactly what steps to take - and when - must still be worked out by Gov. John Baldacci and the lame-duck Legislature.

Kennebec Journal
Some state governments shifting to 4-day workweek, but Maine not among them
At the end of June, Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman announced plans to impose a four-day workweek on 17,000 state employees as an energy-saving move.

1980 Olympian gets belated recognition Winslow native was prevented from competing in Moscow following American boycott
WATERVILLE -- It was late winter, 1980, and Ann Turbyne-Andrews was in the teachers' room at Winslow Junior High School when her Olympic dreams were snuffed out.

Augusta Council meetings on Thursday? Possibly
AUGUSTA -- City councilors meet tonight to talk about moving their meetings to another night.


Dam fight also involves issue of legislative ethics
State Rep. Kenneth Fletcher serves on the Legislature's Utilities and Energy Committee and is a leading member and officer of Save Our Sebasticook, the local advocacy group fighting to keep the Fort Halifax Dam on the Sebasticook River and preserve the man-made lake that the dam creates.


Fireworks change made 'best seat' worthless
To those of you in charge of the Augusta committee for the fireworks display: You couldn't tell anybody that you were moving the firing site to another location, from Capitol Park area (south side of Memorial Bridge) to the Waterfront Park area (north side of Memorial Bridge)? If you had I, as well as many others, could have found a new location to view the fireworks.

Everyone should know bicycling laws in Maine
With the increase of bicycles on the road over the past few months, I'd like to pass along some observations about what I've seen and experienced.

Sun Journal
Maine tax repeal supporters confident
AUGUSTA (AP) - With the deadline just days away, the head of the Maine State Chamber of Commerce says he's confident enough signatures have been collected to force a November ballot initiative seeking to repeal new taxes on beer, wine and soda.

Former Maine postmaster guilty of stealing funds
BANGOR, Maine (AP) - A 44-year-old Guilford woman has pleaded guilty to stealing U.S. Postal Service funds while working as a relief postmaster.

Deal brewing for Bud parent
ST. LOUIS (AP) - Anheuser-Busch agreed to be acquired by Belgian brewer InBev for about $52 billion in a deal that would shift ownership of the nation's largest brewer overseas, The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday.

Woods burn
ROBBINSTON (AP) - Two Maine Forest Service helicopters made water drops on a wildfire that burned more than 100 acres in the eastern Maine town of Robbinston.

Maine man pleads guilty to child porn charge
BANGOR, Maine (AP) - A 58-year-old Skowhegan man who had more than 1,000 images of child pornography on his computer has pleaded guilty to possession of child pornography.

Help the Kennedy gazebo
On Friday, Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean visited Kennedy Park in Lewiston to rally the party faithful for the upcoming election. He spoke of electing Sen. Barack Obama to the White House. He spoke of electing Rep. Tom Allen to the Senate.