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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Big break: Natural gas rate hike flames out
A sudden drop in the market price means bills will rise just 3.3 percent, rather than 17 percent, over the over the summer.

Historic list has a green tint to it
Maine Preservation's list this year promotes recycling old construction to save energy, landfill space.

Invasion suspect pleads not guilty
Leo R. Hylton faces eight charges in a machete attack on a Pittston father and daughter.

Pricey projects get trust fund help
Biddeford and Brunswick are among eight communities getting shares of $1.5 million.

BILL NEMITZFor Senate hopeful, that's all she wrote

Company offers loan to restart mill
If a judge approves, Red Shield will recall workers and a switch to ethanol production will resume.

Maine’s tourism officials hopeful over May revenue

Hoffman could have avoided his court loss
Candidates should gather more than enough signatures to ensure ballot access.

Combating the deficit will take unpopular policies
It’s harmful to be spending so much of our children's money, but changing that is hard.

Another view: Newspaper readers should be more open-minded
Mainers should poke fun at themselves and be more tolerant of alternative perspectives.

BRYAN J. FREEMANPrisoner database unneeded, misguided
Maine already has ways to provide information that don't hurt an ex-offender's transition into the community.

Bangor Daily News
Island co-op to erect wind turbines

VINALHAVEN, Maine - Members of the Fox Islands Electric Cooperative, which provides power to residents of this Penobscot Bay island and neighboring North Haven, have voted overwhelmingly to pursue a wind power project that will be the largest along the coast of the northeastern United States, according to co-op officials.

Fire strikes Northeast Harbor

NORTHEAST HARBOR, Maine - Three buildings were destroyed, 23 people displaced and one injured in an early morning fire and subsequent explosion Tuesday on Main Street.

Power rate hike on firms approved

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine's business community, already reeling from the sky-high cost of fuel, will soon be zapped by higher electricity bills.

State proposing eagles be taken off protected list

Maine's bald eagle population has rebounded to the point that state officials are proposing to remove the bird from the state's list of protected species.

Review rates COA, Bates among 'greenest' colleges

Two Maine colleges have received a 'green' thumbs up from one of the nation's most widely read collegiate guides.

Red Shield Environmental gets OK to idle its engines

BANGOR, Maine - Red Shield Environmental in Old Town received permission Tuesday to continue operating in idle mode in anticipation of the mill's potential startup next month.

Somerset County Jail on target for October opening

MADISON, Maine - There have been stops and starts, threats to scrap the whole project and even a move by the state to take it over completely, but despite it all, on Oct. 15, the new Somerset County Jail will be open for business.

Calais customs house taking shape

CALAIS, Maine - There was a lot more ledge than builders anticipated, but that has not delayed construction of a $48 million U.S. Customs house on one of the nation’s busiest border crossings with Canada.

Drilling Liheap

With heating oil bills rivaling many mortgage payments, winter is not far from the minds of many Maine residents despite the summer's warmth. That concern apparently hasn't reached Washington where many Republicans are content to hold heating assistance hostage to their agenda to allow more oil drilling.

Sean Mahoney: Fisheries Service policy tosses fishermen overboard
A draft proposal by federal regulators to curtail public participation and review of fisheries management decisions threatens to hurt both the fish and fishermen of the Gulf of Maine. Instead of streamlining public involvement for the better, the changes, proposed by the agency charged with overseeing commercial fishing in New England, the National Marine Fisheries Service, could silence key ocean users and groups, including fishermen, environmentalists and coastal communities.

Kennebec Journal
AUGUSTA -- The man accused in a Pittston home invasion that left a father and daughter seriously injured two months ago pleaded not guilty Tuesday to all eight charges stemming from that event.

Area merchants cite fuel savings
GARDINER -- Local business boosters ask: Why drive all the way to Lewiston or Augusta when you can save on gas and find what you need right here in downtown Gardiner?

Gas cheaper down on coast
Drivers in central Maine are starting to see a dip in prices at the gas pump these days, as prices at several stations have fallen under $4 per gallon and remained steady.

State may expand property that protects piping plovers
OLD ORCHARD BEACH -- State wildlife officials are looking to step up efforts to protect the threatened piping plover by expanding "essential habitat" zones for the shorebirds here and in Biddeford.

HALLOWELL Shed called worth saving
HALLOWELL -- A state preservation organization has named a historic railroad freight shed as one of Maine's most endangered historic places.

Somerset County's new jail coming together
EAST MADISON -- At first glance, the new Somerset County Jail looks more like a modern consolidated school than a correctional facility.

On Maine Politics
New GOP office to open


Protecting whistleblowers
How does the public know what government is doing?

ANTHONY BUXTON : Dam dispute's lessons: Energy, environmental policies are schizophrenic
In 2007, the Arctic ice cap lost 1 million square miles of previously "perennial" ice. Now half the size it was 50 years ago, the Arctic ice cap is predicted to disappear, except for a thin sheet in winter, by 2013.

GEORGE SMITH : Customer service, growth new resource agency focus
The energy crisis will impact more than our pocketbooks. Maine's natural resources will be stressed by growing local, national and global demand for energy, water, food, fiber and quality outdoor experiences.

Rep. Patsy Crockett has worked hard for Augusta
I was pleased to read that Rep. Patsy Crockett is seeking re-election as our District 57 representative to the Legislature. Augusta is fortunate she is running for re-election. Two years ago Rep. Crockett came to my house when she was going door-to-door during her campaign and she promised she would work hard to represent us and I feel she has kept her promise.

Sun Journal

Site down right now

Prepare For Record High Electricity Rates
Electricity rates for Maine's industrial and commercial users are about to hit record highs. State utility regulators today announced that businesses that rely on the default rate known as the "standard offer" will soon see big hikes. Those rates are proposed by suppliers, who offer competitive bids. But as Maine Public Utilities chair Sharon Reishus unveiled the winning bid for Central Maine Power Company's large electricity users, it was clear that the competitive process would not be enough to keep rates from rising sharply. Barbara Cariddi has the details.

Collins to give away money from Stevens

Allen campaign hits Collins for filibuster support

Hoffman may bring case to federal court

Bright ousting ignites blog war

Wholesaler distributors, restaurant owners endorse Summers