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Thursday, November 1, 2007

Maine News for Thursday, November 1, 2007


Democrat targets Greens running in city election Election 2007: Anthony Buxton is placing signs around Portland blaming Greens for city government's problems.

Audit: Cultural agencies misspent funds Directors of the four state agencies dispute the audit's assertion that an outside lobbyist was hired.

Are term limits in Maine to stay? Election 2007: Even if voters extend the limit to six terms, a repeal effort may not surface.

If Early Voting is a hit, it could spread through Maine Early voting experiment under way The program allows voters to cast ballots just as they would on Election Day.

EDITORIAL: Interrogation methods worthy of discussion The nominee for U.S. attorney general should be open to debating 'waterboarding.'

ANOTHER VIEW: Pro-casino people need a reality check on Question 1 The hard-earned money of low-income folks would fund this dubious enterprise

Sen. Joseph BranniganHomelessness profile: Successes and needs A study of how housing has helped the homeless in many ways will soon be expanded.

LTE: Portland power players running smear campaign


LURC staff endorses wind farmStaff at the Land Use Regulation Commission have recommended approval of a 38-turbine wind farm in northern Washington County that, if built today, would be New England's largest wind-energy facility.

Study: Upper-level state jobs on the riseAUGUSTA, Maine - A preliminary study by the Legislature's Office of Program Evaluation and Government Accountability indicates that upper-level state jobs, those in top management and policymaking positions, increased by nearly 45 percent in the last decade.

Mission officials urge Koreans to visit Maine TOKYO - After a two-day whirlwind trade mission to South Korea, state officials said upon their arrival Wednesday in Tokyo that they hope to persuade a number of South Korean government representatives and businesses to visit Maine and see firsthand the tourism, business and educational opportunities that await foreign investment.

EDITORIAL: Mukasey must answer Michael B. Mukasey has a well-earned reputation for straight talking, but his nomination for United States attorney general is in trouble unless he flatly acknowledges that waterboarding is torture and rejects it.

Editorial: Running on emptyVoters approved the $131 million transportation bond in June, but Maine's road and bridge system remains woefully under-funded.

Thursday's Letters to the Editor … Yes on Question 1 … Social cost of a racino …. Politicians and diapers … Medicaid and slots


AUGUSTAState worker ponders reward to nab attackers AUGUSTA -- Two months after being beaten at her workplace, Tammy Whittemore still wants answers.

Library access a problem for some AUGUSTA -- Getting into Lithgow Public Library in a wheelchair, while not impossible for everyone, can be a challenge, according to a library member who uses a wheelchair.

China hits U.S., state on truck traffic CHINA -- All four members of Maine's congressional delegation want the 80,000-pound truck weight limit on Interstate 95 in Maine raised so more truckers can stay off state and local roads.

Readfield joins state in test of early voting State efforts to make it easier for Mainers to vote have reached a new stage.This week, in advance of statewide voting on Nov. 6, polls are already open in Bangor, Readfield and Portland.

War concerns college Dems

JIM BRUNELLE : Censorship of political ads a bad idea -- even if they're not true Here's something to mull over as we approach this year's statewide referendum election on Tuesday: Political ads on television don't always tell the whole truth.

LTE: No Margaret Chase Smithwith term limits I am writing in response to a column in the Oct. 25 Kennebec Journal by Chris Cinquemani.

LTE: Jones' experience a good fit for District 83 I hope the residents of the towns of Manchester, Mount Vernon, Fayette, Vienna and Belgrade realize what a gem we have in Pat Jones, who is working hard to be elected to serve us in our state House of Representatives. It has been an unfortunate set of circumstances that has led to her candidacy, but how fortunate we are that she is so well qualified to fill this position and so committed to working on the issues that are of major concern to the voters in these towns.

LTE: Dyar knows research and development concept well On Oct. 24, Will Brinton (letter to the editor) of Woods End Laboratories praised Pat Jones for grasping the connection between business and technology and its relationship to local enterprise viability. Voters interested in this connection may actually want to take a closer look at Clyde Dyar, who long ago grasped this idea and has been doing something about it.


LTE: Maine's job market needs improvement The state of Maine is at it again. They want us to approve bond issues to improve the quality of education, thus producing smarter adults and bringing more business and jobs to the state.


Waterboarding answer erodes nominee's support WASHINGTON - Democratic support for attorney general nominee Michael Mukasey dwindled further Wednesday over his refusal to comment on the legality of a harsh CIA interrogation technique, setting the stage for an unexpectedly close vote next week by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

EDITORIAL: FCC: Listen to rural states on wirelessThere's nothing appealing about cell towers. Plain superstructures of steel and metal, they are like antiseptic Eiffel Towers, but without aesthetic qualities. When placed in bucolic country settings, these towers just cannot blend.

LTE: Feel-good medicineCal Thomas is right on in his column of Oct. 23, except it is not a game Nancy Pelosi is playing. She is trying to give leadership to a political party that has been trying to commit suicide for the past 30 years.

LTE: Inventing another warAnother election year, another war? Is that how the Republicans try to stay in power? If that's not the case, then why is the Bush administration asking Washington's right-wing think tanks to come up with reasons for attacking Iran? Have they again decided to invade another country and are now looking for reasons to justify it?


Motion to endorse LD 910 fails...(full story)

Petition drive against school mergers gathers steam...(full story)

Question 4 protects open space, economy...(full story)

EDITORIAL: 'Yes' on 2 and 3...(full story)

EDITORIAL: Preservation pays...(full story)

LTE: Stark truths...(full story)

LTE: Defining torture...(full story)


Locals divided over school consolidation
SOUTH BERWICK, Maine — Local residents had strong opinions about the pitfalls and merits of school consolidation at the forum on Tuesday evening at Marshwood High School.

Step It Up rally plannedCongressman Tom Allen is expected to attend to share his views on how the federal government can address the climate change. "We need some serious action on ...


Racino, bond issues top state ballot
Maine voters face five statewide ballot questions on Nov. 6. Questions include a proposed racino in Washington County, three bond issues totaling $134 million, and a proposal to extend term limits from four terms to six.


York community development director addresses Nov. ballot issues at forum
YORK, Maine — Two dozen voters gathered at St. George's Church on Sunday to learn more about important local issues voters will decide on Election Day, Nov. 6.

York area legislators support extending term limits Nov. 6
YORK — When voters in southern Maine turn their thoughts to Question 5, a referendum about extending legislative term limits, local lawmakers hope they will consider experience.


Cutting off your taxes to spite Uncle Sam: W-4 PeaceTake Larry Dansinger, who lives in Monroe, and who has withheld some or all of his owed taxes for years in opposition to US military action and policy.

LTE: Letters to the Portland editor: November 2, 2007: Let the Gov go, but not the PrezShould the governor’s trip take place? Yes.

Extreme behavior: Politics and other mistakesIf you wanted to make the Maine Legislature look good, you’d compare it to the Portland School Committee.

Gambling on voters: Downeast Mainers pin their hopes on the turn of the ballotsDo you want to expand gambling in Maine by letting the Passamaquoddy Tribe build and operate a slot-machine parlor, high-stakes beano games, and a harness-racing track in Washington County?


Term limit extension sought
Last on the statewide ballot going to voters on Nov. 6 — but perhaps the issue that will divide opinion most sharply for many voters — is Question 5, which if approved would extend term limits for state lawmakers from four to six terms.

Racino tops state ballot

Bond package broad in scope, but costly


LTE: Nuke these ideas


EDITORIAL: No on racino
At the top of the ballot at Tuesday’s general elections is a question that, if approved, will allow the Passamaquoddy Tribe to operate a racino in Washington County. It is a question that should be soundly defeated by voters.


Maine Voters Face 5 Ballot Questions

AUGUSTA — Voters next Tuesday will go to the polls to decide five statewide ballot questions.

Democrats Shun Consolidation Law Bills

Promise All-encompassing Approach LaterAUGUSTA — Democratic leaders last week voted not to allow consideration of the 63 individual bills proposed by legislators to amend the school consolidation law.

EDITORIAL: Repeal Effort Begins

The effort to repeal Maine’s recently enacted school consolidation law now is officially under way. The Maine Coalition to Save Schools launched its citizen initiative petition drive on Saturday in Bangor with a goal of collecting 100,000 signatures, nearly twice the 55,087 required, by December. To get the petition before the Legislature for its upcoming session, the required number of signatures must be filed with the Office of the Secretary of State no later than Jan. 28, just three months away. Then if lawmakers did not enact the petition, it would go to a public referendum vote in the November 2008 general election.


Maine Law Enforcers To Promote Legislation To Prepare For Bomb AttacksThe bipartisan legislation, co-authored by Senator Susan Collins, is designed to enhance the nation's ability to deter, prevent, protect against and respond ...


Proposal for advisers gains momentumSusan Collins, R-Maine, has introduced a bill to beef up homeland security by requiring the federal government to provide a security adviser for Maine and ...


Looking aheadSusan Collins, R-Maine, hold a news conference to discuss a bill addressing the threat of IEDs and terrorist bombs.


Contagious Crossingsand Ranking Member Susan Collins (R-Maine) are not about to let up on the Homeland Security Department. Last week during a hearing on terrorist watch lists ...


Nuclear power rule for future Navy ships divides Hill negotiatorsSusan Collins, R-Maine, a senior member of the Armed Services Committee. "Given that we are already underfunding shipbuilding, I'm concerned that that means ...


What Compassionate Conservatism Did... you need to look to the generically "moderate" (ie, vulnerable) Republicans representing culturally liberal coastal areas — Susan Collins, Gordon Smith, ...


Coming Soon To Your Neighborhood - IEDs
Susan Collins (R-Maine), who has proposed adding $25 million per year to its budget, said the office currently cannot afford to finish comparing the capabilities of all local and state bomb squads, or to connect enough first responders ...

Susan Collins, R-Maine; and Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff hold a news conference to introduce the "National Bombing Prevention Act of 2007," which aims to better prepare for Improvised Explosive Device attacks in the US.

Ad Wars: Halloween Politics
... six potentially vulnerable Republican senators. The ad asks supporters which Republican senator facing re-election in 2008 is the scariest--Mitch McConnell, Norm Coleman, Jame Inhofe, John Sununu, Susan Collins, or Gordon Smith? ...

“Susan Collins is at it again,
accusing her 2008 challenger of hiring someone to videotape her at a public parade. (Gasp! Shocking!)Read her ridiculous charges. Take it from someone who knows! Hot off BrightBerry Press, order your copies today. ...

Answers sought on TB flier
... allowed to cross the US border 76 times and whether government officials were told not to discuss the case outside their departments. Sens. Joe Lieberman, Connecticut independent, and Susan Collins, Maine Republican, both members of. .

Mark Lawrence Campaigns for the Constitution in ME-01
He's running for the open seat in ME-01 that is being vacated by Tom Allen (D), who is running for Senate against Susan Collins. Lawrence is the elected District Attorney for Maine Prosecutorial District One which covers York County, ...

L0c0 - heres a good one Bush is in Pennsylvania today campaigning ...
... amendment requiring congressional attendance under strict penalty. but Corzine leads in terms of overall percentage this session Harry Reid, Susan Collins, and Charles Grassley…havent missed a single vote some have more at stake, ...

Iraq, Up Close and Personal, in Maine House Race -
Tom Allen , who left the seat open to challenge Republican incumbent Susan Collins in next year’s Senate race. On the Republican side is Charlie Summers, a longtime GOP activist who is serving as a Navy Reserve lieutenant commander in ...

Mark Lawrence Campaigns for the Constitution in ME-01
He's running for the open seat in ME-01 that is being vacated by Tom Allen (D), who is running for Senate against Susan Collins. Lawrence is the elected District Attorney for Maine Prosecutorial District One which covers York County, ...

Fmr. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright Stumps for Rep. Tom ...
Fmr. Secretary of State, Madeleine Albright, is no stranger to the Pine Tree State. Especially to U/Maine’s walls of academe. The same is true of Bob Woodward. MPBN radio’s Maine Watch; “A Conversation with journalist Bob Woodward and ...

Falmouth and Cumberland Democrats to host first public forum ...
FALMOUTH, ME -- The first major forum of the Democratic candidates vying to succeed Congressman Tom Allen is scheduled for Falmouth High School, Monday, November 5th."The public is hungry for continued leadership in Congress," said ...

Maine College Democrats To Host Annual Convention Saturday ...
The highlights of the Convention will include a keynote address by Congressman Tom Allen at 5:30 PM followed by Congressman Mike Michaud. A debate between candidates vying to replace Congressman Allen will take place at 4 PM in ...

MERCURY: Export ban clears House energy panel
The House Energy and Commerce Committee yesterday voted to block the federal government from selling, transferring or exporting elemental mercury. Rep. Tom Allen's (D-Maine) "Mercury Export Ban Act of 2007,"…

Trish Riley on Health Care: US Spends Much, Gets Little

The Bush Regime’s lesbian basketball coach is leaving her job…

Lawrence on Blackwater
I urge you to check out our website and look at Mark's comments about the Blackwater scandal.
For those who might be unfamiliar with the issue, Blackwater U.S.A. is a private contractor hired by the State Department to protect dignitaries. In September, they were involved in a shooting incident where many Iraqi civilians were killed.

Please join us if you can for YES on 5 press conference
Thursday: Good government groups, Firefighters, others to urge voters to vote YES on 5

How will Maine's Senators vote on the Mukasy nomination?
Because Alberto Gonazles resinged in disgrace as Attorney General, the Bush administration has had to appoint a new person to be the top law enforecement officer in the land. The importance of this nomination cannot be understated, since Mr. Gonzales had given legal advice to the White House that seems to conflict with our Constitution, which he swore to defend.

Maine College Democrats To Host Annual Convention Saturday, November 3rd
Maine College Democrats To Host Annual Convention Saturday, November 3rd
Democratic Congressional Candidates will Debate Issues from the War in Iraq to National Healthcare at Bowdoin College

Mukasey Watch
Attorney General nominee Michael Mukasey isn't sure whether the interrogation practice of near-asphyxiation--triggering the gag reflex via simulated drowning--is intended to cause suffering or prolonged mental harm.
What does Sen. Collins think about waterboarding? About Mukasey? Why hasn't anyone in the Maine press corps asked her?