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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Maine News for Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Portland area fuels Maine's economy A major portion of the state's economic base has shifted from rural to urban, an analysis finds.

Teachers' confidentiality law may be revised, Baldacci says A national study of sexual misconduct by teachers has no data from Maine, because of its law.

Ron BancroftOn Nov. 6, 'yes' is right for all but one ballot question Bonds and term limits merit approval, but adding a casino wouldn't be good for Maine.

LTE: MoveOn's Petraeus ad hurt Democratic Party

LTE: Governor's task force can have impact on dental care


Racino plan finances spur questionsCALAIS, Maine - A week before voters decide if Washington County can become home to a proposed racino and high-stakes bingo facility run by the Passamaquoddy Tribe, questions remain about the finances associated with the plan.

Report: Cultural agencies misused fundsTuesday, October 30, 2007AUGUSTA, Maine - The state's cultural agencies allegedly misused $4,000 in state and federal funds, possibly to secure the services of an independent lobbyist, according to a draft audit report released Monday.

Meetings captivate Mainers in SeoulSEOUL, South Korea - The 30 Maine business and government representatives on the 2007 Gubernatorial Trade Mission scattered throughout Seoul on Monday for more than 40 meetings with potential commerce partners.

AFL-CIO endorses Allen in Senate raceBy AP BANGOR, Maine (AP) — The Maine AFL-CIO is throwing its support behind Democrat Tom Allen in his bid to unseat incumbent Republican Susan Collins in ...

EDITORIAL: SCHIP's realityInstead of chiding Congress for "wasting time" by passing a pared down version of a children's health care bill, President Bush should consult with members of his own party to understand why this measure is needed.

John Buell: The immigration blame gameA column of mine on immigration earlier this year provoked both an op-ed response and numerous e-mails to me, charging I "don't get it" that illegal immigrants are the cause of working class woes.

Robert Klose: 'Shock and awe' in Iraq no mistake Even those who have set themselves foursquare against the American invasion and subsequent occupation of Iraq are guilty of an error: referring to George Bush's unprovoked war as a "mistake" or a "costly mistake."

Tuesday's Letters to the Editor … R&D investment … Don’t cut notices … Collins, accountability … Reconsider nuclear


Cultural agencies are hit in audit AUGUSTA -- An audit concludes state cultural agencies used funds in an "inappropriate manner" to restart a nonprofit arts group, but stops short of saying the agencies illegally used state money for lobbying.

AUGUSTAHousing TIF wins backer AUGUSTA -- A proposed tax break developers of the Cony Village housing development say is needed to help make some homes affordable for working families seems to have won over one of its more wary skeptics.

Hallowell waterfront gets aid from UMA students HALLOWELL -- Architecture students from the University of Maine at Augusta began a project Monday to come up with ideas for development of the city's waterfront park.

Hathaway plan OK'd WATERVILLE -- The Planning Board on Monday night voted 6-0 to approve a final plan for 66 residential units to be built in the old Hathaway shirt building.

EDITORIAL: Curbing legislative appetites Legislative leaders demonstrated an admirable ability to say no last week when they turned down 75 percent of the bills submitted for consideration in the second year of the Legislature.

LTE: Fair is fair -- Vote yes on Question 1 A few years ago, voters were asked to approve a casino for native Indian tribes in Maine. At that time, I felt if a casino were approved, it should be for anybody in Maine, so I voted against the casino.

LTE: Voting to expand gambling wrong for Maine Election day is fast coming upon us and I wish to encourage all voters to get out and vote on Nov. 6.

LTE: Protect your wallet and vote no on bond issues Hold on to your wallet. Or tuck it away in a drawer where you can't find it. Better yet, put it in a safety box and throw away the key.

LTE: Pat Jones has lifetime of hard work, achievement I've known Pat Jones, who is running for the District 83 legislative seat, since 1973 when I moved into her neighborhood. At that time she was a wife, a mother of two small children and a certified dental hygienist. Wanting to expand her knowledge and skills, Jones put herself through the University of Maine, earning a bachelor's and master's degree while working full time and caring for her family.

LTE: Pat Jones is the right choice Pat Jones demonstrates remarkable courage by her willingness to serve the people of her district in the towns of Belgrade, Fayette, Manchester, Mount Vernon, Readfield and Vienna to fill the vacancy left by her husband, Deane, after his tragic illness and sudden death.

LTE: Clyde Dyar will work hard for District 83 voters The upcoming election in House District 83 affords the voters the opportunity to elect someone with close ties to that district. Clyde Dyar has spent many years working in the arena of economic development and knows well that jobs are a result of quality employers with a vested interest in this region. Maine needs elected officials who understand the importance of economic growth.

LTE: League of Conservation Voters supports Jones The voters of House District 83 comprising the towns of Belgrade, Fayette, Manchester, Mount Vernon and Vienna should be aware that the Maine League of Conservation Voters has endorsed the candidacy of Pat Jones of Mount Vernon for the House of Representatives.


A strong influenceStudy says the Portland area generates $2 out of every $5 the Maine economy produces More than $2 out of every $5 produced by the Maine economy was generated in the Portland region.

LTE: Thoughts from voting at the kitchen table As far as harness racing is concerned, it will either live or die on its own. I don't think the slots will make any difference. The powers that have influence have just used harness racing as an excuse to get the slots in Bangor. So why not allow our early Americans the opportunity to do the same in the poorest county in the U.S.?

LTE: Republican spin is sending the U.S. down the drain During his October 11 talk radio broadcast, Republican propagandist Mike Gallagher "explored" the tension in American politics, wondering how "partisanship" got so vicious.

LTE: Eliminate Clean Election fund and save money In the Oct. 19 edition of this paper, another article regarding the state budget shortfall was published. In this article mention was made of legislators in Augusta trying to nickel-dime the Inland Fisheries and Wildlife department so as to find savings of $50,000, all in the quest of a $10 million shortage in the state budget. Nickel-diming is an exercise in futility as the article points out "... providing an example of how relatively small financial items have engaged lawmakers in tight detail."

LTE: Racino is a 'win-win situation' for Maine Maine is advertised as a tourist destination! Vote "yes" on Question 1 for the racino in Washington County.

LTE: Printed legal notices vital for informing public Maine politicians seem intent on spending the public's money while working to keep us from knowing what they're up to. The Legislature is trying to pass "emergency" Legislation (LD 1878) that would end the requirement for government to print legal notices in newspapers.

LTE: Bonds, a private choice, should not be on the ballot While bond proposal, Question 2, will stimulate some technological development, there is a price to pay. Other investments and consumer spending will be reduced in order to finance the bond. This follows from basic economic principles powerfully articulated by Henry Hazlitt.


Baldacci weighs change AUGUSTA - Gov. John Baldacci is considering asking lawmakers to revise a 94-year-old state law that keeps secret the reasons why teachers have lost their certification, barring them from the classroom.

AFL-CIO endorses Allen for SenateBANGOR (AP) - The Maine AFL-CIO is throwing its support behind Democrat Tom Allen in his bid to unseat incumbent Republican Susan Collins in next year's race Senate race.

State audit criticizes cultural agenciesAUGUSTA (AP) - A state controller's audit, focusing in part on an effort to revive a once dormant Maine Community Cultural Alliance, has found flaws in the financial management of several state cultural agencies and suggests that several thousand dollars of state money has been misused.

LTE: Dollars, but no senseWhere is the money? I am angry, and the public should be, too.


Racino question elicits fierce debate...(full story)

OP/ED: LD 910 will strip control from Union 47 parents...(full story)


Former Gambling Control Board Member Critical Of Casino Plan

Economist Says Stringent Security Measures Slowing Border Business


Operation Homefront-Maine seeks help for military families in immediate need
AUGUSTA — Operation Homefront-Maine is asking residents and businesses throughout the state for their assistance to help five families with urgent repairs before snow flies.

Augusta Democrats elect new leaders


The California Fires: Was State, Federal Govn’t Prepared?... the top-ranking members on the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, Democrat Joseph Lieberman and Republican Susan Collins, ...


A FRESH and better farm billJoined by Republican co-sponsors Orrin Hatch of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine and Democrats Bob Menendez of New Jersey and Ben Cardin of Maryland, ...


McNulty confirms that he will retireand Tom Allen (D-Maine) are both vacating their House seats, but they are pursuing Senate seats. About a dozen Republicans have announced plans to retire, ...


New York Democrat McNulty to Retire from the House... and the first who is retiring from politics; the other two, Colorado’s Mark Udall and Maine’s Tom Allen are running next year for the Senate.


Democrat McNulty confirms retirement plansReps. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) and Tom Allen (D-Maine) are also both leaving the House of Representatives, but are both pursuing seats on the Senate.


A union with clout stakes its claim on politicsIt is gearing up to help Democrats running for the Senate including Tom Allen in Maine, Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire and candidates in Colorado, ...


A few facts for Army recruits
Morning Sentinel and other media, the school administration as well as our representatives and Sens. Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe, to get us the facts.

Open Thread and Diary Rescue
A bit of local low-down on Senator Susan Collins: Bush’s Sherpa 2.0 from one of her constituents up in Maine, Spud1. (claude). sfzendog examines how The System Itself Prevents the Changes We Need to Make. (srkp23) ...

ALF-CIO endorses Allen for Senate
Tom Allen in the US Senate race with incumbent Susan Collins. ?Congressman Allen has consistently championed the interest of Maine?s working families,? said ...

Chertoff Explains His Framework
Ranking Member Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Subcommittee Chair Mary Landrieu (D-La.), expressed unhappiness that changes they thought they had wrought in the structure and duties of FEMA following its Katrina debacle had been ignored by ...

Maine AFL-CIO Endorses Tom Allen
Tom Allen, Democrat, in the US Senate race with incumbent Susan Collins. “Congressman Allen has consistently championed the interest of Maine’s working families,” said AFL-CIO President Eddie Gorham. “On trade, jobs, health care and ...

Wow, I'm Slow
And, Collins can always change step and rewrite the ad: Brian Ledbetter, blogging at www.snapped, has suggested "Help Susan Collins tell MoveOn to Move On--to Canada. The nation will be a better place. ...

Susan Collins (Maine), Norm Coleman (Minn.) and Gordon Smith (Ore.), each of whom would likely win re-election comfortably in a neutral political environment. In addition, the uncertainty about Nebraska, where Sen. ...

They Get Endorsements
Tom Allen, Democrat, in the US Senate race with incumbent Susan Collins. "Congressman Allen has consistently championed the interest of Maine’s working families," said AFL-CIO President Eddie Gorham. "On trade, jobs, health care and ...

District 99 Race Will Be Close - Help Needed Now!

Maine R&D spending changes direction with $55 m bond

Excerpts:"The target in this case: GOP new media consultant David All. The personal attackers: Erick Erickson of RedState; another GOP e-politics expert, Michael Turk of Kung Fu Quip; and blogger-turned-campaign-aide Lance Dutson, who is working to re-elect Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine."