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Monday, October 29, 2007

Maine News for Monday, October 29, 2007


New turnpike headquarters gets last-minute approval The $11.4 million facility is expected to open in January 2009.

EDITORIAL: Scrapping toll study makes good sense No matter the arguments, this idea wasn't going to fly with overtaxed Mainers.

Big jury verdict is not a sign of a broken system The recent $7.9 million verdict in a medical malpractice case is the exception, not the rule.

Bill Steele, Tom Power and Mike Hamilton: Jobs only one plus of education bonds Two ballot questions would provide money for R&D and maintenance at state universities.

LTE: President Bush veto of SCHIP bill good move


Anthem rate case argument winds upAUGUSTA - The final written arguments in the Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield rate case for the company's HealthChoice product that covers 24,000 Mainers are due today, and acting Insurance Superintendent Eric Cioppa has 30 days to decide what, if any, increase in rates will be allowed.

Consolidation repeal campaign beginsBANGOR - Opponents of the state's school consolidation plan on Saturday kicked off their petition drive to repeal the law.

John Tjepkema: Global warming forces re-examination of our valuesAs global warming continues and as oil prices rise, the need for alternatives to fossil fuels is becoming urgent.

Monday's Letters to the Editor … Bet against betting … Lobstermen’s lessons … ‘The new buffalo’


Sewer district mergers good for 2 cities Two questions on the ballot in Augusta on Nov. 6 ask voters to merge the city's water and sanitary "districts," and then to hook up with the Hallowell Water District. In Hallowell, residents will be asked to join water and sewer service with Augusta.

LTE: Stop with 'emotionalism' about Iraq conflict I take exception to Erica Granquist's Oct. 10 Kennebec Journal letter to the editor scolding another's voiced position on terrorism and the war in Iraq.


LTE: Liberals' Robin Hood mentality has failed us Much is being made of the polarization of our country today. The evolution of American politics continues to divide the left from the right.

LTE: A few facts for Army recruits The front-page picture (Oct. 19) of the Black Hawk helicopter used for career day saddens me.


November ballot offers say on term limitsAUGUSTA - Maine voters will decide next month whether the state's law to limit the terms of legislators, implemented more than a decade ago, should remain as is or be adjusted to lengthen permissible runs in office.

LTE: An extreme lawI followed the Sun Journal's series on prison overcrowding with interest, particularly the mandatory sentences imposed by the Legislature. Tina's Law comes to mind.

LTE: Wanted: citizen watchdogState officials need to focus attention on a common sense approach to immigration with special emphasis on illegal immigration and the negative effects it has on society.LTE: A serving heartWe feel that Sheryl Briggs, candidate for House District 93, will make the best representative for citizens of all ages. She truly has a heart for serving and has proven that over the years. She has experience and knowledge of the needs of youth, as demonstrated with her active participation and coordination of programs for children in her community.


Senator Collins Believes Congress is Ready to Fight Global Warming

Observers Question Interest in Changing Term Limits Law


Political signs: Sore sight or smart move?


DC program celebrates 20th
Senior Washington Post reporter Walter Pincus has a class on oversight and the press, in which students regularly meet with such guests as Justice Breyer, New Yorker writer Seymour Hersh and Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine). Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has stopped by the house for a brief visit on occasion.


When Will Enviros Start Making Good Biz Decisions?

Maine Universities - Stop Rewarding the Overspenders

Maine GOP Senator Susan Collins' staff used government emails to communicate with Bush election campaign - AmericaBlog

Putting Out the Fires
Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine, who oversaw the Senate investigation into waste and abuse after Hurricane Katrina: “The signs are all encouraging, but this is one of those trust-but-verify situations.” ...

Every time Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins spew defeatist poison against our war effort, by rising in the Senate, doing interviews or standing in front of . Feckless Thug Looks like Senator Cut n Run is twanging James T. ...

Open Thread and Diary Rescue
A bit of local low-down on Senator Susan Collins: Bush's Sherpa 2.0 from one of her constituents up in Maine, Spud1. (claude). sfzendog examines how The System Itself Prevents the Changes We Need to Make. (srkp23) ...

Future US Maine Congresswoman, Chellie Pingree, talks about her ...
Susan Collins in 2008. See? (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN TO WHAT SHE HAD TO SAY HERE IN PORTLAND, MAINE). She’s fantastic! This is why I’m going to vote for her AGAIN (I voted for her when she ran against Sen. Susan Collins in 2002). ...

Protectionism wrong trend for US economic growth
U.S. Reps. Tom Allen and Mike Michaud, and maybe Sen. Susan Collins, according to the article "Trade agreement with Peru latest issue in Senate race" (Oct. 8), are against an economic truth that has been known for centuries:

If anyone needs further evidence that Susan Collins is still carrying the dirty water for Geroge W. Bush and Dick Cheney, you need only read the most recent entry in her blog: . Daily Kos Ron Paul NOT VANISHED, JUST OVER-LOOKED.

Big Brother: At the Border
Susan Collins (R-Maine), yesterday asked Homeland Security to brief staff members on the program, Collins's spokeswoman, Jen Burita, said. The notice comes as the department is tightening its ability to identify people at the borders.

Rothenberg Highlights Dangerous Not Quite Dozen Open Seats
Republicans dearly would like to snatch away a Democratic open seat, but the two current prospects, Maine’s 1st district, currently represented by Tom Allen, and Rep. Mark Udall’s 2nd district in Colorado, don’t look very promising ...

Presidential order gives additional protections for striped bass
Tom Allen is applauding a presidential order that gives additional protections to striped bass. The order designates striped bass as a game fish, rather than a commercial fish, in federally protected waters and encourages states to do ...