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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maine News for Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Real Clear Politics
RCP Average 10/06 - 10/13 Obama 49.7 to McCain 42.8

Portland Press Herald
Maine bankers open to Bush stock-buying plan
However, some are wary about government interference and its potential for the industry. \

Foes Collins, Allen take in more than $1.5 million from financial sector
Figures show the big role of banking, investment, insurance and real estate interests.

Report: H1B visa program flawed
Homeland Security finds that tens of thousands of visas have been granted under false pretenses.

Obama pushes plan to boost economy
The Democratic candidate calls for a moratorium on home foreclosures and a tax break for businesses.

GOP targets Maine votes with Palin's Bangor stop
The McCain campaign wants all four of Maine's electoral votes, not just the one for the 2nd District.

Pro-casino PAC outspends opponents by almost 18-1
All of its $522,029 for ads is from the Las Vegas firm that wants to build in Oxford.

Researcher calls for focus on climate change
UMaine's Paul Mayewski says voters should pay more attention to the issue of global warming.

Senate District 11: Political newcomer challenges veteran
Former House member Gerald Davis and Jeanne Hulit disagree about school consolidation.

Senate District 12: Two seek to upend longtime incumbent
Bill Diamond wants more business incentives; Thomas Golebiewski wants to end Dirigo.

House District 102: Democrat Shaw unopposed as Moore drops out of race
Rep. Gary Moore's name is on the ballot, but he has suspended his campaign.

House District 106: Candidates call for tax cuts, consolidation
Webster favors cuts in government to balance the budget; Davis hopes to stimulate job growth.

End to market slide just a first step in recovery
The real work will start on Nov. 5, when leaders can be candid about misuse of consumer debt.

RON BANCROFTWhen times got tough before, FDR spoke words worth hearing today
We need to take a deep breath, step back from personal attacks and have courage.

Bangor Daily News
BANGOR, Maine — It seems her husband was simply the warm-up act. Five days after Todd Palin spent the weekend campaigning in Maine, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin will hold a

BANGOR, Maine — During the hour-long evening meal in the soup kitchen at Manna Ministries Inc., Executive Director Bill Rae notices “doggy bags” being stuffed inside purses and pockets.

CALAIS, Maine — In May, the price of gasoline was tipping the $4 mark in Washington County’s largest city, but by Columbus Day the price had dropped to $3.09 a gallon.

AUGUSTA, Maine — In the second-whitest state in the nation, race will play a role in how Mainers vote in the presidential race, but political observers do not believe it will be a big role.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine’s 1st Congressional District candidates differ on whether they could support a single-payer health care system and on the merits of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

Bangor activist a Hartman award winner
ORONO, Maine — Ilze Petersons of the Bangor-based Peace and Justice Center of Eastern Maine has been named one of three winners of the Maryann Hartman Award, given by the Women in the Curriculum

PORTLAND, Maine — A political action committee backing a proposed resort casino in Oxford has outspent an anti-casino PAC by nearly 18-to-1, with all of its money coming from the Las Vegas company

PORTLAND, Maine — Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is coming to Maine two weeks after canceling an earlier visit so he could stay in Washington and deal with the financial industry bailout

As difficult as it was to shrink the state budget earlier this year, lawmakers will face an even more difficult task next year.

Liberal commentators are looking at polls and declaring conservatism dead. The obituary may be a bit premature, but their optimism is understandable.

Kennebec Journal

Climate-change researcher set to speak at UMA convocation Sunday
AUGUSTA -- Paul Mayewski has visited remote reaches of the planet, leading expeditions to collect snow samples and ice cores in an effort to reconstruct the planet's climate history.

Ex-lawmaker, city retiree seek District 56 seat
AUGUSTA -- Two women from Augusta are battling to represent the city's east side in the Legislature, a race that features a former lawmaker against a retired city employee.

Revaluing interiors on Litchfield warrant
LITCHFIELD -- Voters on Thursday will decide whether to fund a townwide revaluation of home interiors.

Litchfield agency seeks to fill heat need
LITCHFIELD -- Thirty-three families in town want to stay warmer this fall and winter, so they have signed up to have Keep ME Warm kits installed by volunteers at the end of the month.


Piotti has good start on state tax reform effort
Democrat John Piotti is a strong and effective advocate for the state's dairy industry, much of which is located in the district.

Trahan poised to add spark to GOP senators
For four years, the residents in Maine Senate District 20 have been ably represented by Republican Dana Dow, a Waldoboro businessman whose essential pragmatism has often allowed him to transcend politics in a very partisan Statehouse.

DAVID B. OFFER : Forget the casino in Oxford; send your money directly to Las Vegas
Forget the stock market. Forget home foreclosures. Forget reality.

Sun Journal
Barney Frank coming to Maine
PORTLAND (AP) - Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank is coming to Maine two weeks after canceling an earlier visit so he could stay in Washington and deal with the financial industry bailout.

$3.50 lobsters support industry
STONINGTON (AP) - Lobster lovers got a deal over the weekend in Stonington.

Moose hunt resumes in Maine
GREENVILLE, Maine (AP) - Rainy and cloudy weather started off the day in northern Maine as the second week of moose hunting got under way. Hunting ends Saturday for the 1,747 hunters eligible to take part in this segment of the season.

Maine town to unveil new municipal wind turbine
KITTERY, Maine (AP) - Kittery this week will become the latest Maine town to unveil a municipal wind turbine.

As CD comes out, LaMontagne reflects on hard times in his life
Maine singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne has had enough success to not worry about basic living necessities. But he's not so far away from poverty that he's forgotten the roughness of a hardscrabble life.

State must prepare for down times
The next great collapse, after the market, could be state governments.

Say what you want, Palin has what it takes
Despite everything John McCain and Barack Obama can do, Sarah Palin continues to be the liveliest of the candidates, now starting the clubhouse turn and about to race down the homestretch.

Tribes Keep Close Watch on Casino Campaign
Leaders of the Penobscot Nation and the Passamaquoddy Tribe are closely watching the casino campaign unfolding in Oxford County. Over the last 14 years, Maine's two Indian tribes have seen their own hopes and plans for a casino in Calais, a high stakes bingo operation in Oxford County, a casino in southern Maine and, last year, a racino in Washington County, defeated at every turn. And as Susan Sharon reports, despite their silence this election, they have strong feelings about the outcome of Question 2 on the statewide ballot.

Students Fear Possible Credit Loan Crunch
The Bush administration recently announced it would be taking further steps to support the student loan market in the next academic year. For students in Maine, the credit crunch has not yet had a direct impact on the availability of federal or private loans, says Beth Bordowitz, acting Chief Executive of the Finance Authority of Maine, or FAME, which administers the State's higher education finance programs. Tom Porter has details.

Scallop Processing Recommended Downeast
Cobscook Bay is one of the only areas in the state where sea scallops are still plentiful. That may be due to the efforts of the Cobscook Bay Fishermen's Association, who in 2001 asked the state to begin regulating their fishery. Now the association, with the help of the Cobscook Bay Resource Center, is looking to build a processing facility in downtown Eastport and market its scallops separately from the others harvested in New England. Anne Ravana has more.

Music Critical to Political TV Ads
The political TV ad has become a powerful weapon in the modern campaign arsenal. The effect is either positive, or negative, depending on how the producer combines the message of image, word and music. Music is a critical, if sometimes understated, part of the overall mix, says one USM music instructor, who called upon his summer music camp students to compose scores for campaign ads. Keith Shortall spoke recently with Alan Kaschub about the music theory behind the message.