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Friday, October 17, 2008

Maine News for Friday, October 17, 2008

Real Clear Politics
RCP Average 10/09 - 10/16 -- Obama 49.4 to McCain 42.8 Obama +6.6

Portland Press Herald
Vice presidential candidate feels right at home
Sarah Palin criticizes Barack Obama, and touts her working-class values, noting that Alaska and Maine have a lot in common.

Outside rally, Palin's detractors express a difference of opinion

Singer's appearance with Palin gives fan extra treat at rally
A visitor to Maine gets Lee Greenwood's autograph and hears him sing his signature hit, 'God Bless the USA.'

Frank touts middle-class stimulus during Portland visit
After the election, passing the $100 billion proposal is a top priority, he says.

Social Security has cushion for cracked nest eggs
A typical retiree's monthly check will jump $63 next year, but that's not likely to cover rising costs.

HOUSE DISTRICT 113: Two newcomers seek seat
Activist Joan Cohen and property manager Jeffrey Martin say taxes and the economy are key issues.

HOUSE DISTRICT 114: Candidates focused on fiscal issues
Economic revival is David Fernald’s goal; Peter Stuckey wants a balanced budget that preserves quality of life.

Believe it: Oil for $70 a barrel
Big jumps in U.S. crude and gasoline stocks continue the unexpected free-fall of energy prices.

Moving up turnpike toll hike poses political risk
The Maine Turnpike Authority and its debt holders could end up feeling the backlash.

Government confirmation of visa fraud should bring action
A newspaper investigation suggested serious problems with H1B visas.

Maine's on a squirrel hunt, but Bay State's out for trophy game
Massachusetts voters have a shot at putting something with tusks over the fireplace on Nov. 4.

Bangor Daily News
BANGOR, Maine — Peppering her speech with now-trademark folksiness and fresh criticisms of Barack Obama, Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin tried to convince Maine voters that she and John McCain have what it takes to lead America out of tough economic times.

BANGOR, Maine — Kathleen Brown might have been the bravest person at the Sarah Palin rally on Thursday.

Seven private nursing and assisted living centers in Maine, including the Penobscot Nursing Home and Northern Bay Residential Living Center in Penobscot, have been placed in state receivership because of evidence of corporate financial mismanagement.

WASHINGTON — Maine will receive another $30 million in federal heating assistance to low-income families, according to the Maine Housing Authority.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Anticipating major state spending cuts, the Baldacci administration’s finance chief on Thursday briefed legislative budget writers on gubernatorial planning in the face of a declining economy in Maine.

PORTLAND, Maine — More than 28,000 Maine voters already have cast their ballots, even though the presidential election is nearly two weeks away.

LINCOLN — As opponents of a $120 million wind development slated for Rollins Mountain, the Friends of Lincoln Lakes citizens group will ask the Town Council and Planning Board next week for

A new star emerged from Wednesday night’s final presidential debate: Joe the Plumber.

Maine is celebrating the accomplishments of Bernard Lown, a pioneering physician and Nobel Prize winner.

This week ClickBack asked readers about the “Palin effect” and whether it would win over voters here in Maine.

Kennebec Journal
BANGOR -- Sarah Palin brought the Republican quest for Maine's four electoral votes to a frenzied crowd Thursday, rocking a packed hangar at Bangor International Airport in a rally loaded with plain talk and patriotism.

Palin strikes right chord with many during rally
BANGOR -- Peter Carrier, of Skowhegan, originally wanted to surprise his fiancée, Chelsey Martin, by bringing her to a political rally for Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

UMA Slightly fewer students taking more courses
AUGUSTA -- Fewer students are enrolled in classes at the University of Maine at Augusta, and those who have remained are taking on heavier course loads, enrollment figures show.

Collins claims center in race
AUGUSTA -- U.S. Sen. Susan Collins gave a somber assessment of the nation's economy Thursday in a speech to the Augusta Kiwanis.

Baldacci a target in House 79
A Democrat incumbent seeking re-election to the Legislature said legislators need to "exert themselves in leadership."

LITCHFIELD -- The voters spoke loudly Thursday night, shooting down a proposal to fund an interior revaluation of homes in town.

Some rail opportunity
GARDINER -- Discontinued roads, railroad tracks, forgotten trails and old telephone and electrical utility lines may be woven into existing community trail systems.

McCain call ties Obama to terror
WAYNE -- Republican presidential candidate John McCain had almost won over Charles Clauss.


Miller's life of public service gives perspective
Miller, a Democrat, has been member of the Legislature for the last four years, where she serves on the Health and Human Services Committee.

Flood has thoughtful, bipartisan approach
When Pat Flood retired, he says, he wanted to do one of two things: Either become a minister or a lawmaker.

JOSEPH R. REISERT : Great palaces, like political ads project politically useful images
Our family trip to Europe is supposed to be educational, but for a time this week I began to wonder whether it was teaching our children the wrong lessons. The idea was for them connect the names and dates of European history with real places and things, so that history would come alive for them.

Sun Journal

Palin touches base
BANGOR ­- Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, campaigning with an eye on winning at least one of Maine's electoral votes, criticized Democrat Barack Obama on Thursday for not disavowing a community activist group that registers voters.

Schools facing funding freeze
LEWISTON - The commissioner of education says school funding for next year may be frozen at this year's level, and school officials fear that would result in cuts to programs or positions.

Mainers cast 28,000 absentee ballots
PORTLAND (AP) - More than 28,000 Maine voters have already cast their ballots, even though the presidential election is nearly two weeks away.

Cuts loom; Maine's forecast downgraded
AUGUSTA - Anticipating major state cutbacks, the Baldacci administration's finance chief briefed legislative budget writers on gubernatorial planning as an advisory panel downgraded its assessment of economic trends in Maine.

Allen, Collins debate in Auburn
AUBURN - Maine's two candidates for the U.S. Senate sparred lightly on immigration policy and Iraq, among other issues, at an Androscoggin County Chamber of Commerce breakfast meeting Thursday.

Frary, Michaud both oppose bailout plan
WATERVILLE - During their debate at Colby College Thursday night, the candidates for the state's Second Congressional District disagreed only on particulars of the $700 billion bailout of the nation's economic system.

Protesters make their points at Palin rally
BANGOR - Kathleen Brown might have been the bravest person at the Sarah Palin rally on Thursday.

Republicans being painted as economic aristocrats
America's government-by-television means instantly memorable image is everything. Our electoral decisions pivot less on issues and positions than on caricature - Dukakis peering out of a tank, Quayle misspelling potato, Kerry "looking French," as Republicans claimed. Rare is the iconography that represents deeper substance.

Palin Entertains Huge Crowd In Bangor
Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin drew a crowd of about 5,000 Mainers at her rally in Bangor this morning. She spoke about lowering taxes, reviving the economy, gun rights and patriotism and criticized Barack Obama's plans for spending tax dollars. As Anne Ravana reports, the audience applauded Palin's connections to the outdoors and the military, and said they appreciate her direct way of speaking.

Michaud and Frary Prepare For Televised Debate
MPBN airs the first of three live debates this evening. Tonight it's the two candidates for Maine's second congressional district seat. Incumbent Democrat Mike Michaud faces a challenge from Republican John Frary. Keith Shortall has a preview of the event, which will be broadcast live from the campus of Colby College in Waterville.

McCain Supporters Accused of Smearing Tactics
As Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin touted the virtues of her running mate John McCain to supporters in Bangor this morning, their campaign was making another appeal via the phone. Josie Huang reports.

Gas and Heating Oil Prices Continue Trending Downward
Some of the lowest prices in over a year are popping up on gas pumps across Maine. Drivers are filling their tanks today for as little as $2.75 cents/gallon in some locations. The state wide average is just over 3 dollars. To the delight of consumers, the average price of home heating oil has also dropped to 3.28 per gallon. And as Keith McKeen reports, it may continue downward with crude oil hitting a 15 month low today of just under 68 dollars a barrel.

Mortgage Brokers Encouraged at Expo
Maine's Commissioner for Economic Development has been offering words of encouragement to the mortgage industry. Today he addressed the annual mortgage professional expo in Freeport - a networking event organized by the Maine Association of Mortgage Brokers. Tom Porter has details.

Capital Weekly
Mitchell: ‘There’s also great opportunity’
Augusta (By John Hale - 10/16)

Kim Davis: 'It's time for a change'
Augusta (By John Hale - 10/16)

Veteran Treat seeks another term in the House
Hallowell (By Sarah Reynolds - 10/16)

Jacques says Dirigo 'broken,' legal pot could help state economy
West Gardiner (By Sarah Reynolds - 10/16)

Benoit: Children and elderly No. 1 concern
Monmouth (By Joyce Grondin - 10/16)

McCormick: Legislature must make tough choices
West Gardiner (By Joyce Grondin - 10/16)