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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Maine News for Thursday, September 18, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Casino referendum’s provisions add spice to fight
Foes say things such as a lower gambling age should doom the plan; backers say problems can be fixed.

Gambling on heating oil cost: Buy now, or wait a bit?
The average price has fallen 89 cents over two months and signs point to further decreases.

Defense bill includes $20.7 million for Kittery shipyard

McCain, Obama see different causes for nation's economic problems
McCain blames financial turmoil on Wall Street; Obama blames GOP, McCain

Governor lauds spirit of town that suffered fire
John Baldacci vows to work with Milo officials to revives its business district.

Maine getting $7 million to help poor pay heating costs
The Bush administration has announced that it will release $121 million in emergency funds.

Group works at lowering energy rates
Consumer advocates from around New England look for ways to increase ratepayers' leverage.

Incumbent ends bid for re-election
Republican Gary Moore of Standish cites frustration with state fiscal problems.

Activists call attention to children's issues
Politicians must see kids as something other than a group of people too young to vote, one says.

L.L. Bean gets a foot in China's open door
The new store in Beijing will be the Freeport retailer's second foreign location; it has 15 stores in Japan.

Formalizing financial bailouts worth a look
The next Congress should consider creating an agency to oversee Wall Street's makeover.

ERICA SCHMITZ and MALORY SHAUGHNESSYYou have to ask, what are these college presidents thinking?
Lowering the legal drinking age to 18 would cause problems on campus, not solve them.

KEREM DURDAGWhat is the faith of a Muslim in Maine? Like others, tied to the whirlwind of existence
It is impossible to discuss without delving deeply into the language of poetry instead of prose.

Bangor Daily News
AUGUSTA, Maine — Nearly all of the approximately 600,000 Mainers who qualified for a federal stimulus check have received their money — except the thousands who were unpleasantly surprised with a notice their payment had been seized by the state.

WASHINGTON — Maine will receive more than $7 million in additional home heating assistance for low-income families as part of an emergency contingency fund.

MILO, Maine — Milo is doing what a small community does after a disaster: It picks up the pieces and moves forward.

AUGUSTA, Maine — School consolidation is on track to meet state expectations, and the upset over last year’s eighth-grade writing test is unlikely to happen again.

ACADIA NATIONAL PARK, Maine — The number of visitors to the park increased in 2007 from the previous year, but the annual count still lags behind historical highs set in the mid-1990s, according to park officials.

Mary Orear, the director of the Rockport-based nonprofit Mainely Girls, knows more about eating disorders than most people do. She sees it often in her work with girls and young women from across the state.

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine has been a leader in agriculture policy and legislation, setting the national pace on dairy legislation, environmental regulations, animal welfare and proactive farming management practices.

The cost of heating a home this winter is expected to be higher than at any time in recent memory.

McCain, Obama on Taxes Presdential candidates John McCain and Barack Obama have very different

A Growth Field Remember the now-classic career advice offered to the Dustin Hoffman character

Leadership should top list of candidates’ qualifications As usual, the national political conventions pulsed with harsh rhetoric and

Kennebec Journal

Candidates have 60 seconds to give snapshot at forum
AUGUSTA — Fifteen candidates for local legislative seats each had one minute Wednesday morning to talk about why they are best suited to serve in the Legislature. In 60 seconds, record time for any politician, they managed to get their points across. Cards that said “15 seconds,” “5 seconds” and “Done” helped keep them on track.

School district faces penalties If consolidation mandate Isn't met
AUGUSTA — It would seem the towns of School Administrative District 53 did everything in their power to comply with the state’s school-district consolidation mandate.

Statehouse event aims to promote children's issues during campaign
AUGUSTA — Gardiner Area High School ninth-grader Amy Princiotta said she’s lucky to have good parents and fortunate to live in a supportive community. But she worries about 3 million abused or neglected children across the country who, by her count, aren’t so fortunate.


Central Mainers reach out their helping hands
The bad news is that it seems like the economy is going to hell in a handbasket. The good news is that even in such difficult times — perhaps we should say especially in such difficult times — the people of central Maine want to help out those who need a hand up.

Sun Journal
Jet evacuated at Portland airport
PORTLAND (AP) - A plane at the Portland International Jetport had to be evacuated because of reported smoke in the cockpit - before the plane left the ground.

Senate hopeful's appeal rejected
BANGOR (AP) - A federal judge has rejected a Kennebunkport woman's lawsuit seeking to get onto the Nov. 4 ballot as a Senate candidate.

Baldacci visits fire site
MILO (AP) - Gov. John Baldacci said Wednesday he was heartsick to see the damage caused by a weekend fire that left much of the small downtown area in ruins, and promised to work with local officials to bring the rural town's business district back to life.

Group steps up attacks on bottled water
PORTLAND (AP) - A coalition of activists and citizens has kicked off an initiative they say will protect Maine's groundwater supplies from what they call "corporate exploitation."

Polls: Obama gains, but race still volatile in battleground states
The much-anticipated Time/CNN battleground polls were released Wednesday, with Barack Obama showing surprising strength in three states, including North Carolina, that many were beginning to write off.

Bethel taxes rise 10.4 percent

State rep seeks veterans to honor

It's a brand-new casino campaign
Olympia Gaming's emergence behind an Oxford County casino addresses one question plaguing this campaign: "Who else beside Seth Carey is Evergreen Mountain Enterprises?"

Generation gap won't hinder McCain-Palin
One question ABC's Charles Gibson neglected to ask Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin during his interview with her last week was this: You are young enough to be John McCain's daughter. Twenty-eight years separate you. Will you be able to walk into the Oval Office and say, "Mr. President, you are wrong about this and here is what you should do instead"?

Coalition Calls for Protection of Maine Water Sources
On the heels of "Take Back The Tap" a campaign aimed at convincing the public to drink more tap water and less from plastic bottles, comes a statewide initiative to protect Maine's groundwater. State Representative Rick Burns today announced plans to have a bill prepared for the next session of the legislature that would spell out proposed regulations for controlling and sustaining the state's water resource.

Home Construction Hits Lowest Level Since Mid-90s
Government figures out today indicate that August construction of new homes and apartments dropped to the lowest level in 17 years - yet another reminder of the severe housing downturn that has Wall Street, and Main Street, in its grips. But is all this fallout traceable, at least in part, to what a few economists warned was a housing bubble that could not sustain itself? Keith Shortall takes a look back to what analysts were saying about Maine's real estate outlook nearly three years ago.

Wall Street Crisis Expected to Lower Housing Prices
The growing crisis on Wall Street is likely to push US house prices down, say investors, which at street level means continuing hardship for millions of Americans trying to sell their property.

University of Maine System Requests Funding Increase
The University of Maine System board of trustees has announced it will request a 4.5% increase in funding from the state so that it can keep the next two annual tuition increases below six percent. This, after a ten percent tuition increase went into effect this fall. As Anne Ravana reports, the trustees say the system has reduced operating costs by more than 19 million dollars, but some students are concerned about paying more for their education.

Village Soup
Out-of-state waste being dumped at landfill