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Monday, September 15, 2008

Maine News for Monday, September 15, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Gas prices fluctuate as Ike idles refineries

Fire burns one-third of Milo's downtown
At least five businesses are damaged by the blaze that started in a building that housed a restaurant.

Off the no-progress school list
Staff at a Biddeford school analyzed weaknesses and developed different ways to improve student skills.

What's ahead for Franklin Arterial?
A committee will draw up a different future for the road that daily carries thousands of vehicles.

Biddeford crafts plan to retain high school accreditation
If the School Committee and City Council approve, a renovation proposal would go on November's ballot.

Lehman Brothers to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy

Pakistan military forays must be done with care
The new leader of Pakistan is shaky, and U.S. military strikes can make him shakier.

Rural patrol deal offers better use of resources
But more will have to be done for services to keep up with growing demands.

Tax perks for corporations undermine the system's fairness
With top executive pay running at 300 percent of the average workers' income, things are askew.

Bangor Daily News
MILO, Maine — When Shemekia Robshaw first smelled the smoke early Sunday morning, she figured someone in the

AUGUSTA, Maine — More than two dozen Maine residents who are challenging the

AUGUSTA, Maine — Maine’s unemployment rate is following the national trend

PORT CLYDE, Maine — More than 200 people turned out in the sunshine Saturday

Democrats and Republicans each have had their week in the sun at their conventions, and either Barack Obama or John McCain will win the White House in November. But as in past elections, third party candidates may have a part to play in the electoral drama.

After many months of eating potatoes from Idaho, Florida, New York and other producers, you can now buy the new crop of Maine potatoes, fresh on the market.

With energy a primary focus in Washington, a bipartisan group of 20 senators, including Susan Collins, have come together to offer a comprehensive new energy plan.

Kennebec Journal
AUGUSTA Subsidy for Colgan is boost for airport
AUGUSTA -- Bigger, fancier planes will be flying passengers in and out of the Augusta State Airport starting in November now that the federal government has approved a new two-year contract with Colgan Air to continue providing subsidized commercial air service at the airport.

Maine Apple Sunday is chance to make sure a tradition endures
MANCHESTER -- The rain only increased in intensity throughout the morning Sunday, but the parking lot of Lakeside Orchards on Route 17 filled just minutes after an employee placed the "open" flag in front.

BELGRADE LAKES Town manager eyes protection for watershed
BELGRADE -- Town Manager Dennis Keschl refers to the Belgrade Lakes as the economic engine of the region.

Fort will celebrate Benedict Arnold's visit
AUGUSTA -- Old Fort Western will celebrate on Sept. 20 and 21 the 233rd anniversary of Benedict Arnold's attempt to capture Quebec in 1775 during the early days of the American Revolution.

Winthrop tackles drinking, drugs
WINTHROP -- A community group which formed after a series of suicides by young people from Winthrop is offering a panel discussion 6-7:30 p.m. Sept. 23 to address underage and high-risk drinking.

One way or another, you can cast vote on Nov. 3
The idea was to give beleaguered town clerks across Maine a break, and also help absentee voters avoid those long voting lines that materialize the day before each election.

MaineHousing expands energy training class
AUGUSTA--MaineHousing is responding to the growing demand for people trained to help property owners increase their homes' efficiency.


Drugs, money, sex all part of unethical booty
It gives new meaning to the phrase, "crude oil."


Jack P. Shonkoff, M.D., will be the keynote speaker at the Maine Development Foundation annual meeting from 9 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Thursday at the Augusta Civic Center. For more information,

JACK P. SHONKOFF, M.D., : Maine's investment in its future
This is the story of Maine's economic future and the strength of its communities.

Sun Journal
Financial leviathans in turmoil
NEW YORK ­- A failed plan to rescue Lehman Brothers was followed Sunday by more seismic shocks from Wall Street, including a government-brokered takeover of Merrill Lynch by the Bank of America for $50 billion.

After Ike, gas soars
HOUSTON - Pump prices jumped above $5 per gallon in some parts of the country Sunday as Hurricane Ike, which caused less destruction than feared, left refineries and pipelines idled and destroyed at least 10 offshore platforms in the Gulf of Mexico.

Quick bites
McCain: Supports parental choice of schools, including vouchers for private schools when approved by local officials. He is also in support of increased funding for community colleges.

'Like Disney World'
She was there, in the crowd, listening to John McCain accept the Republican presidential nomination. She met Karl Rove ("He was wonderful."). And worked a couple of long, 18-hour, exhausting, exciting days.

They are all 'green jobs' now
Maine, a recent report has stated, can generate 9,000 new jobs through a $100 billion "green economic recovery plan" of federal tax credits, investments and loans.

Election letters deadline: Oct. 24
The deadline for letters to the editor that endorse candidates for elected office is Friday, Oct. 24, at 5 p.m.

Post 9/11, the conflict is not with a single enemy
On the seventh anniversary of Sept. 11, we will once again mourn; politicians will intone about fighting the war on terrorism. Some will even talk about World War IV.

"Unity 08" Still Active and Backing Obama
Two years ago, some of the nation's prominent Democrats and Republicans - along with former independent Maine Gov. Angus King - began blazing a new trail in American presidential politics by attempting to launch a bipartisan, third-party called Unity 08. But as a founder of that fledgling party, King confirmed in Lewiston today what the organization had already posted on its website: Unity 08 will instead back the candidacy of Democratic nominee Sen. Barack Obama. And as AJ Higgins reports the future of the independent party is stalled.

Organic Farmer Questions Proposed Pesticide Rules
As the Maine Board of Pesticides Control moves closer toward adopting new regulations regarding outdoor pesticide applications, some are welcoming the direction of regulators. But as Anne Ravana reports at least one organic farmer and activist is questioning whether the measures go far enough toward preventing Colony Collapse Disorder in Bees.

GOP: King endorsement no surprise

Collins joins bipartisan gang to back energy plan

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