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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Maine News for Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Baldacci aims to lower income tax rate
The governor says lowering the change is a priority as he works on the state budget.

Egg farm faces fines for safety violations
OSHA: Employees worked in a collapsed building and shoveled roofs with no protection.

Panel takes new tack on school construction
Meetings will be held in each voting district to present renovation and rebuilding options.

Economy fuels rise in school interest
Maine Community Colleges report a record number of applications for the coming year.

Consumers unwilling to give up life's little pleasures
Alcohol, cigarette and candy makers all report healthy sales despite the looming global recession.

Commuters go online for rides
High gas prices spur more drivers to try carpooling to get back and forth to work each day and save.

Russia's attack on Georgia highly ominous
Prime Minister Vladimir Putin has now proved he will deploy troops to fight his neighbors.

Senator is giving her party a little space this year
The Republican brand could make this election tougher than expected for an incumbent like Collins

Backer of turnpike's actions didn't refute foes' findings

Bangor Daily News
Baldacci may call summer session on fuel funding

AUGUSTA, Maine - There’s still no word about a special session of the Legislature to take up fuel assistance funding.

Beleaguered Pinkham Sawmill to close

NASHVILLE PLANTATION, Maine - An Aroostook County mill that has sputtered along in the past few months has finally run out of steam.

Bangor officials debate limits on methadone clinics

BANGOR, Maine - Though the issue doesn't draw the large crowds it used to when The Acadia Hospital was gearing up to open the first methadone clinic in the city almost eight years ago, the controversial treatment still generates debate.

Brewer enacts 180-day methadone moratorium

BREWER, Maine - City Council members on Tuesday unanimously approved a six-month moratorium on the opening of methadone clinics or other drug treatment facilities.

Fort Kent: UMFK in Princeton Review for fourth year

FORT KENT, Maine - Who says you have to stop at a threepeat? Not officials at the University of Maine at Fort Kent, who again are celebrating a 'Best Northeastern College' ranking for 2009 by the Princeton Review.

Helicopter pilots from Maine break world speed record

BANGOR, Maine - Helicopter pilot Scott Kasprowicz and co-pilot Steve Sheik set the world speed record for a helicopter trip from New York to London, a journey that included a refueling stop at Bangor International Airport on Aug. 6.

'Fogust' v. The Maples

This month of rain, mist, humidity and fog is so miserable that one Maine lobsterman has coined the term 'Fogust.' It has spoiled a lot of picnics, ball games and hikes, but one of its worst visible consequences is what it has done to the maple trees.

Iraq's Budget Surplus

The revelation that Iraq's government may enjoy a $79 billion surplus by the end of the year, while the U.S. government expects a $482 billion deficit, is a classic good news, bad news development.

Matthew Warner: U.S. must not ignore Southern Sudan
Southern Sudan is one of the worst places on earth. As I walked its rutted streets, I experienced firsthand the chaos that defines this place. Daily, property and tribal disputes end in violence.

Letters for Vladimir
From President George W. Bush:
Dear Vlad:
Beijing is weird. First of all, you can't breathe the air. Second, how 'bout those drummers?

Kennebec Journal
AUGUSTA -- Gov. John Baldacci said this week that lowering the state income tax is a priority heading into the next legislative session.

Attributing it to a slowing economy and reduced job prospects, Maine's community colleges say they are seeing a record number of applications for the coming academic year.

Wyke abandons FAME nomination for university position
AUGUSTA -- Rebecca Wyke, the state's top finance official, has accepted a position with the University of Maine System, system Chancellor Richard Pattenaude announced Tuesday.

'This is absolutely ludicrous'
RICHMOND -- Betty Moody's mobile home sits on a slab in a reclaimed gully.

Consolidation plan approved
LITCHFIELD -- More than two-thirds of voters in three towns Tuesday endorsed a proposal to redesign their schools' administrative structure to comply with the state's school district consolidation mandate.


We live in one of nation's best micropolises
Did you know that you live in more than one place?

GEORGE SMITH : Maine knows very little about moose population, mortality
Eat a lobster. See a moose. Those are the goals of nearly every Maine tourist.

KAREN BALDACCI, WIFE OF MAINE GOV. JOHN BALDACCI, : Curious first lady finds plan, recreates original garden
My family has proudly called the Blaine House our home for more than five years. We feel blessed to reside in what is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful public homes in New England.


I-295 repaving project went well, few problems
As an early skeptic of the proposal to close two miles of I-295 this summer for rebuilding, I could not be more pleased with this project's early completion and perfect safety record.

Obama has one quality that will get him elected
Barack Obama is going to win in a landslide because as I always said: voters in Maine are just like voters everywhere. They carefully weigh all the political issues and then go in and vote for the best-looking candidate.

Taking reality check of blue, red colors
Bruce Hanson checks in (letter, Aug. 11) voicing displeasure over the decision to oust Herbert Hoffman's bid to be on the ballot. He thinks Tom Allen needs a new career and declares that the Hoffman "debacle" reinforces the Democrats' choice of a donkey as a political mascot. OK ... got that one. But then he says this explains "quite clearly" why states controlled by the Democrats are "blue" -- and asks if there are any questions.

Sun Journal
Baldacci continues summer planning at Maine State House
AUGUSTA (AP) - There's still no word about a special session of the Maine Legislature to take up fuel assistance funding.

Deering baseball coach resigns
PORTLAND (AP) - The coach of Deering High School's state championship baseball team has resigned.

Maine food stamp use up 7.2 percent
PORTLAND (AP) - More people in Maine are turning to food stamps during a time of economic stresses including high fuel and food costs.

John Edwards' behavior was staggering arrogance
There is obviously no way to quantify this, but I regard Bill Clinton as the most thoroughly humiliated person in all of human history. Who else even comes close?

A big factor
Like many folks in my area, I commute 15 miles or more to my job, and heat my house with oil. This election, energy costs and renewable energy are big factors when choosing candidates. That's why David Van Wie will get my vote for Maine House of Representatives for District 105.

A broken system
There is a revolt brewing in public education. There are many very unhappy customers, vividly illustrated by far too many students leaving the system without knowing how to spell, read, or how to make change. This is from the kids themselves, not the parents.

Task Force to Focus on Consolidating Five State Agencies
As a thirty-member task force prepares for a two-day retreat next month to probe the merits of consolidating the state's five natural resource agencies, the governor's office is inviting suggestions from the public. Originally proposed in the state's supplemental budget as a plan to merge two or more of the departments, the consolidation effort has now assumed a broader mission of simply finding efficiencies and reducing costs.

Parties exchange jabs over oil company contributions

Pingree, Summers claim new endorsements

Wyke abandons FAME nomination, takes position at UMS