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Friday, August 15, 2008

Maine News for Friday, August 15, 2008

Portland Press Herald
GOP pushing special session on heating aid
Republican leaders say legislators should convene without compensation.

Collins questions Edwards' baby denial
The Maine Republican says during a radio interview: 'Don't you think he is the father?'

Prime land part of newspaper package
But two members of the group negotiating to buy Blethen Maine Newspapers downplay the deal’s real estate element.

State should speed up rules for electric cars
Maine law should stay current, as people look for transportation alternatives.

Workers still at risk at the former DeCoster Egg Farms
Multimillion-dollar penalties have not yet stopped the violations at the farm in Turner.

M.D. HARMONIf we're not at the top in tax rates, where else could we be?
A recent drop in the state's ranking has led some to leap to entirely too-rosy conclusions.

Expedite political solutions by voting out incumbents

Bangor Daily News
Energy-conservation forums slated for Bangor, Hermon

BANGOR, Maine - A group of Bangor area state lawmakers will hold two energy-conservation workshops next week in Bangor and Hermon.

Brewer, Cianbro sharing spotlight

BREWER, Maine - A video production company on Thursday was at Cianbro's Eastern Manufacturing Facility, and at other spots around town, filming for a documentary on what will be the largest oil refinery in United States history.

Reducing agencies on state's agenda

State officials are asking for the public's comments on ways to eliminate duplication in the agencies that oversee Maine's woods, waters, farms and overall environmental health.

Republican legislators press for special LIHEAP session

AUGUSTA, Maine - Republican lawmakers are pressing their call for a special legislative session to transfer $10 million in surplus funds to Maine's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Maine to Cameroon: Yes, he's monogamous

MILLINOCKET, Maine - With all the power invested in him as Town Council chairman, Wallace Paul swears that Ben Clark is not and never has been a polygamist.

Maine food stamp benefits to rise

AUGUSTA, Maine - Federal officials have granted the state's request to adjust food stamp benefit levels to reflect higher home heating and other utility costs, which will result in an estimated 59,000 households in Maine getting about $23 a month more beginning next month.

Bells, clappers stolen from coastal buoys

PORTLAND, Maine - The U.S. Coast Guard and the Maine Marine Patrol are investigating the theft of bells and clappers from navigational buoys along the Maine coast. Investigators believe the brass or bronze bells are being sold as scrap metal.

Mitchell to receive public service award

BANGOR, Maine - Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell will receive the Scales of Justice Award from Equal Justice Works. The award will be presented on Oct. 16 in at a banquet in Washington, D.C.

Maine's Water Wars

When he was governor, Angus King often lamented the lack of value-added components in Maine's economy. Wood chips and pulp should not be exported, he argued; instead, Maine should lead in paper, lumber and furniture making.

August 15 Letters to the Editor

Kennebec Journal

Collins joins speculation on father of Edwards mistress's baby
U.S. Sen. Susan Collins speculated on a live radio broadcast this week that former Democratic U.S. Sen. John Edwards is the likely father of a child born to a woman with whom he recently admitted having an affair.

GOP hot to start session
AUGUSTA -- Republican lawmakers are pressing their call for a special legislative session to transfer $10 million in surplus funds to Maine's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Cianbro opens new plant in Brewer
A Pittsfield construction company today celebrates a landmark: The grand opening of a mammoth new facility in Brewer.

Baldaccis invite public to mansion
AUGUSTA -- Gov. John Baldacci and first lady Karen Baldacci will celebrate the 175th anniversary of the Maine governor's mansion -- the Blaine House -- this weekend.


Rural workers need high-tech education, skills
By passing a $50 million bond in 2007 to fund state investments in technology, Maine voters placed their bets on that sector's future as the state's traditional, natural-resource based economy faltered.

DENIS THOET : Farmers aim to make a living, grow good food
Profit: It's as American as apple pie. Corporations, companies, commercial farms and small businesses make a profit or go out of business. Swim or die, as the sharks say.

DANA MURCH : Fort Halifax Dam a victim of economics: Cons outweighed pros
The removal of the Fort Halifax Dam in Winslow has stirred passions and led to many questions regarding the interplay between state energy and fisheries policies and the regulatory role of the Department of Environmental Protection. I want to address these questions from my perspective of 25 years regulating dams and hydropower in Maine.

L. SANDY MAISEL : McCain, Obama shouldn't use old weapons in new battle
We never seem to learn the right lessons from history.


More than a 'few' don't like what's going on
Contrary to what our illustrious Mayor Roger Katz would have you believe in his "community compass" in the Kennebec Journal, more than a "few" citizens don't like what has been going on in city hall.

Does Katz believe his defense appeases public?
Does he truly believe (his) defending the current Augusta City Council's spending frenzy really appeases the continuing public dissatisfaction with the questionable behavior of city administrators? (i.e. Augusta residents should stop fighting old battles, KJ, Aug. 7.)

'Metal theft' case should have been handled better
I wish that it were within my power to erase the piece that appeared in the Wednesday, July 30 edition of the Kennebec Journal under "Local and State" headed: "Winthrop: 2 disciplined in metal theft."

Sun Journal
Senate candidate seeks court stay
AUGUSTA (AP) - Independent U.S. Senate hopeful Herbert Hoffman is asking the U.S. Supreme Court to block a state high court ruling that effectively removed his name from Maine's November ballot.

Lake survey to expand
BANGOR (AP) - Additional milfoil surveying is planned for parts of Salmon Lake and Great Pond near Belgrade.

GOP renews call for special session
AUGUSTA (AP) - Republican lawmakers are pressing their call for a special legislative session to transfer $10 million in surplus funds to Maine's Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

Maine curbs fuel-saving vehicle by restricting three-wheelers
PORTLAND (AP) - Maine motor vehicle officials are curbing electric, three-wheeled vehicles that have appeared on some roads because they don't qualify as motorcycles.

Collins gossips about Edwards
PORTLAND - U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, told a radio audience this week that she believes U.S. Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina fathered a love child with his mistress, according to published reports.

Obama team says book just a 'piece of garbage'
HONOLULU (AP) - Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama hit back Thursday with a 40-page rebuttal to the best-selling book "The Obama Nation," arguing the author is a fringe bigot peddling rehashed lies.

There must be more to this tax story
The amorphous idea of cutting Maine's income taxes - as floated by Gov. John Baldacci - is out of character for an administration that has tightly guarded its major policy goals and proposals.

Picking Bayh could cost Obama the election
If you believe the chatter, Barack Obama is desperately seeking a white guy - any white guy - to be his running mate. Democratic sources have floated vice-presidential trial balloons for every pale-faced stiff in the D.C. region - from Delaware Sen. Joe Biden to Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine. But with Obama needing his "change" brand to overshadow his recent flip-flops, no pick would be more self-defeating than Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh - the career politician who best personifies "more of the same."

News businesses must work together
As one of the two major news organizations in Lewiston, the Maine Public Broadcasting Network has always enjoyed a close working relationship with one of Maine's finest newspapers, the Sun Journal. Thus it was particularly painful to read a column published Friday, Aug. 8 which uncharacteristically attacked MPBN for comments made by a volunteer during one of our fundraising drives.

Senate Candidate Takes Case To Highest Court
The Hoffman for Senate campaign has filed a formal appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court in an ongoing legal battle over qualifying ballot signatures. Herbert Hoffman is asking the justices to stay a decision by Maine's highest court that effectively removed the Ogunquit psychologist from the ballot last month. The U.S. Supreme Court is in recess, and not scheduled to reconvene until Oct. 6, but Hoffman says he must win a stay to be included on the November 4th ballot.

Jacobsen: In presidential race, ME-2 a toss-up