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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Maine News for Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Food prices on a roll
Chicken and pork to cost more

Feds start counting cost of flooding
Damage tallies to public infrastructure now exceed $1 million in five counties.

Lowering drinking age the wrong response
College officials should look elsewhere to address the problems of youth and alcohol.

New rules may limit credit card firms' grasp on our wallets
Proposals to give cardholders some true relief are working their way through the system.

RON BANCROFTPlan for improving state's economy would work
Trouble is, the Brookings Report told us what we had to do, but nobody has the political will to do it.

MARIAN McCUE and ORLANDO E. DELOGUMCLU reaches its 40th, proudly
A celebration of four decades of support for civil rights in Maine will take place Thursday.

East-West highway poses issue for Route 1 business

Bangor Daily News
Gas tax plan: gimmick or boost?

AUGUSTA, Maine - Members of Maine's congressional delegation and Gov. John Baldacci are split over whether suspending federal fuel taxes this summer will help the economy or is a campaign gimmick that will do little.

N.B. floodwaters ebb, leaving murky mess

FREDERICTON, New Brunswick - The worst of the flooding is over in much of the province, and officials say water levels are receding along the entire length of the Saint John River, but danger lurks in the murky mess left behind.

Transient indicted in Bangor slaying

BANGOR, Maine - A Penobscot County grand jury Monday indicted for murder a homeless man accused of killing a fellow hobo over a can of beer last month.

Telford gets $75M Army deal extension

BANGOR, Maine - The U.S. Army has awarded Telford Aviation Inc. a $75 million contract to continue maintaining military aircraft and airborne reconnaissance surveillance systems used on the aircraft, according to a company official.

ClickBack with candidates

This week, ClickBack asks readers to submit questions they would ask candidates in the 1st Congressional District primary races. Some questions will be sent to the candidates, and they will respond in the coming weeks.

Dr. Erik Steele: Consider medical tourism a warning
As a health care executive, the recent news that Hannaford supermarkets is encouraging employees to have knee and hip replacement surgeries done in Singapore because the procedures cost much less there than in America has me wanting to dance a vengeful Watusi barefoot through their salad bars.

Brenda Commander: One government shouldn't dictate terms of tribal-state panel
I was shocked when the state unilaterally cut its financial support of the Maine Indian Tribal-State Commission. Perhaps even more startling was the failure to consult with my tribe and other Wabanaki tribes that belong to the MITSC.

Kennebec Journal

Richmond businessman fears impact of people's veto effort
RICHMOND -- Bill Keleher runs a small business where he needs to provide health insurance to his workers to stay competitive.

AUGUSTA COUNCIL GIVES OK TO HOTEL Western Avenue project gets zoning approval as mayor casts tie-breaking vote
AUGUSTA -- Months of debate on a zone change to make way for a proposed hotel off Western Avenue came down to a tie-breaking vote by Mayor Roger Katz Monday.

State warns on ticks
AUGUSTA -- "Clean up, cover up and check daily," is the advice going out this spring for preventing Lyme disease.

Hall-Dale budget wins; turnout low
The Hall-Dale school system's budget has overcome its final hurdle.

Oakland voters to vote budget at town meeting
OAKLAND -- Residents today will vote on a $4.16 million budget, an increase of 5.9 percent over last year's.

From the Editor
Are the Republicans on a roll? 05/05/08


Will Maine lose some rural schools?
"You know the old saying, 'It takes a village to raise a kid,' but you have got to have the kids to have a village."

STEVE HINCHMAN : Clean air flim flam from the Bush administration
President George Bush has finally responded to worldwide recognition of his failure to confront global warming. The new climate policy he has announced -- which delays serious pollution reductions until 2025 -- was quickly derided by critics as mere lip service, rather than a real plan to combat climate change.

Sun Journal

New Maine law restricts lead in toys
AUGUSTA (AP) - Environmental health advocates say Maine's new law to restrict lead in toys makes the state a national leader.

FEMA assesses flood, rain damage
AUGUSTA (AP) - Federal officials began the assessment process Monday to calculate damage across Maine from last week's heavy rain and flooding.

Yarmouth to host Green convention
YARMOUTH (AP) - The Maine Green Independent Party will hold its annual state convention May 18 in Yarmouth, a gathering that will apportion delegates to the national Green Party convention in Chicago.

Mainer gets medal
SOUTH PORTLAND (AP) - A Maine man who earned the Silver Star after he was injured during the Vietnam War 40 years ago finally has his medal.

Downeaster may expand in Maine
AUGUSTA (AP) - A bill enacted during the final days of the Maine legislative session sets up financing to extend the Downeaster passenger train, which now runs between Portland and Boston, farther into Maine.

Driving to distraction and death
Melissa Kelson of Turner reached for her cell phone while driving in Auburn Friday, lost control of her car and hit a stone wall. She walked away from the wreck without injury.

There should be a law
With summer close at hand I'm sure the lawmakers of this state and this country will soon be taking a long vacation. However, before they close shop I'm sure they will attempt to pass as many laws as they can. It is at this time of the year when all the questionable bills get passed and laws enacted that leave many of us shaking our heads.


Congressional Hearing To Examine Corn Subsidies
'A well-meaning policy with disastrous results'. That's how Senator Susan Collins describes the government's renewable fuel policy. Collins spoke at a news conference in Kittery to preview an upcoming hearing in Washington this week that will examine the issue of subsidies paid to farmers to grow corn. Tom Porter has more.

Mainers Employ Strategies To Cope With Inflation
Rising food prices may be a complex problem, but for Maine families, coping with it boils down to simple math: more money for food, less money for everything else. And in some cases, not enough for everything else. Barbara Cariddi reports.

Maine Policy Leaders Divided Over "Gas Tax Holiday"
With gas prices soaring to record highs, presidential candidates aren't the only ones weighing a proposed summertime suspension of the federal gas tax. Some Maine policymakers say lifting the 18.4 cents-per-gallon tax on gas would act as a short-term economic stimulis package for Vacationland-bound tourists. But as A.J. Higgins reports, others worry the moratorium would deplete the fund that provides most of the money for Maine's road and bridge projects.


Wally Edge Fed UP With Taxes coalition launches signature campaign
A group of Maine businesses and other organizations have officially launched a People's Veto campaign to repeal LD 2247, which will raise

Dems ask supporters for help to house organizer