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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Maine News for Thursday, May 8, 2008

Portland Press Herald
On-the-air argument earns talk show hosts indefinite suspension
The incident involving WLOB part-timers Kevin Crocker and Lou Castaldi included an ethnic slur.

Ethanol has arrived
Maine gas stations and marinas scramble to prepare customers for the blended gas.

Maine plays role in debate over ethanol funding
A Senate panel looks into whether easing quotas might lower food prices.

To cut down on lake pollution, please do park on the grass
Water district ideas for filtering runoff into Sebago Lake are put into action in Standish.

Army has its say on King's remark
Most soldiers have above-average reading skills, a spokesman says.


Maine resident gets prison time for hiring illegal aliens
El Salvador native Manuel Antonio Cornejo employed 11 undocumented workers at his Bangor cleaning business.

With the price of food rising, postal food drive becomes critical
Postal workers will be collecting nonperishable food items on Saturday.

Bangor Daily News
King, Pens and Swords

Conservatives are jumping on author Stephen King for his remarks at a recent Library of Congress event, speaking to a group of high school students about the importance of reading.

Long View on Gas Prices

Diesel fuel and heating oil have topped $4 a gallon, and gasoline is destined to soon break that price plateau. Those prices are double and triple what they were just a few years ago.

Laurie Dobson: Sen. Collins in need of fresh ideas
It has been a week since the acquittal of the Bangor Six, who were found 'not guilty' after their criminal charges were heard in Penobscot County Superior Court.

George McGovern and Bob Dole: Letting children go hungry
How can the world's hungriest schoolchildren be denied meals while the farm bill being debated in a House-Senate conference provides millions in subsidies for wealthy farmers?

Kennebec Journal
AUGUSTA -- There's a divide in a Readfield household, where husband and wife have agreed to disagree.

AUGUSTA Ex-teachers sue School Board, claim age bias Pair say policy discourages hiring those with experience
AUGUSTA -- Two English teachers who retired from the Augusta school system at the end of the 2005-06 school year are suing the school board and superintendent, claiming they were stymied by an age-discrimination policy in their efforts to get rehired.

FAIRFIELD -- The Kennebec Valley Council of Governments has received a $60,000 federal grant for economic-development planning and strategy.

KVCC to graduate 400; CMP chief will speak
FAIRFIELD -- Kennebec Valley Community College's 38th annual commencement exercises -- for the largest class in school history -- are scheduled for 10 a.m. May 17 at the Augusta Civic Center.

No fair changing rules in middle of election game
There are two ways to win a contest: fairly or unfairly.

JIM BRUNELLE : Time right to pick Mitchell as peacemaker, problem-solver
Over the years, Maine has contributed a generous number of outstanding political figures to the nation and one of them, George J. Mitchell, is listed this week in Time magazine's selection of the 100 Most Influential People in the World.

THEODORA J. KALIKOW : Grads: Enjoy today, then real education begins
It's college graduation season. Here's what I want to tell all the graduates this year:

Different rules for issues backed by homosexuals
In previous Jim Brunelle columns (re: the Christian Civic League and Gay Rights issue) did he ever use provocative words such as "the homosexuals are mounting yet another campaign to overturn the expressed vote of the people"?

Safe water shouldn't be taken for granted
On behalf of water works professionals throughout Maine, I would like to remind the public during National Drinking Water Week (May 4-10) about the many vital but often overlooked benefits that only tap water delivers.

Lots of flights over area seem to be going nowhere
Instead of secure ID so people can go to the enchanted kingdom, perhaps we should do more to secure the skies over Augusta, and state of Maine.

Sun Journal
Maine State Ferry rates to increase
ISLESBORO (AP) - Island living is about to get a bit more expensive in Maine.

Stowe House may join park system
WASHINGTON (AP) - A proposal to make the Harriet Beecher Stowe House in Brunswick a part of the National Park System is gaining momentum in Congress.

After King comments, Army has its say
BANGOR (AP) - The Army is weighing in on writer Stephen King's remark about literacy and the military that drew the ire of conservative critics this week.

Riding without a helmet? The statistics stink
A Phillips motorcyclist died Tuesday night after failing to negotiate a curve on Route 4, the second local motorcycle death of the season. He was not wearing a helmet.

How Clinton became a social conservative (sort of)
When Hillary Rodham gave the commencement address at Wellesley College in 1969, extolling the virtues of "human liberation" on behalf of a restless generation of left-wing youth, did she have any idea she'd one day be the champion of old, white, beer-drinking Democrats everywhere?

Northern Maine Flood Recovery Underway
Under sunny skies today in Fort Kent, the process of cleaning up the town and estimating last week's flood damage continued. Though life for many residents and businesses is slowly returning to normal, others remain displaced or homeless after being evacuated last week. As Keith Mckeen reports, the cleanup process is far from over.

Major Maine Radio Deal in Process
In a deal that reverses a recent trend in broadcasting, a newly formed Maine company has announced that it will purchase seventeen local radio stations which are being unloaded by national media Giant Clear Channel Communications. Tom Porter has details.

A Conversation about Maine's Technology Clusters
Morning Edition Host Irwin Gratz speaks with Charles Colgan, an economist and professor at the Muskie School of Public Service. Their discussion focuses on a new report, by the Maine Technology Institute, on Maine's so-called "Technology Clusters".

Wally Edge
Two groups, two websites and no signatures, yet
Two groups and no signatures, yet

Times Record

Three years of Dirigo — $100M (full story)

BIW union outcasts hit back (full story)

Ellsworth American

Pulling the Plug
ELLSWORTH — Hard times and high energy prices have thousands of residential customers owing Bangor Hydro-Electric Co. many millions of dollars.

“Eco-resort” Proponents to Make Their Case at Winter Harbor Meeting

Campaign Under Way to Overturn Beverage Tax Hikes to Fund Dirigo

Total Tab for Dirigo Health More Than $100M

Schools in Turmoil
One year after an ill-conceived school district consolidation law, championed by Governor John Baldacci and Education Commissioner Susan Gendron, was enacted by the 123rd Legislature on the coattails of the state budget, Maine’s schools are in greater turmoil than ever.

Spend in Haste, Repent at Leisure
When it comes to the condition of Maine’s transportation infrastructure, few likely will disagree that many miles of roads and more than a few bridges are in need of attention — sooner rather than later. But the approach taken by Governor John Baldacci and the 123rd Legislature to fund the badly needed repairs to roads and bridges should outrage Maine taxpayers.