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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Maine News for Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Portland Press Herald
1st District candidates talk money
Election 2008: Portland's Ethan Strimling makes an issue of Chellie Pingree's hedge-fund contributions.

Schools cut back as costs rise, aid drops
Education officials reduce staff and programs and raise lunch prices to make ends meet.

U.S. attorney: Child porn prosecutions remain a priority
Federal cases nearly quadrupled over the past decade nationwide.

City layoffs: Severance costs unclear
Salary cuts may save $2.9 million, but payout expenses will offset that.

License in hand doesn't put alewives in the net
A dam in Winslow and conservation are among reasons Benton can't harvest the fish.

Yarmouth students investing in lives around the world
Using, an online platform, they've jumped wholeheartedly into microlending.

Addressing taxes has to start with cuts
Too often, lawmakers confuse 'tax reform' with the need to tax people less.

Earth Day ideal must translate to problem solving
The threats we know of today – especially global climate change – require new thinking.

RON BANCROFTLawmakers get bogged down in multiple ways
There are too many of them, one profession is too dominant and too many bills get filed.

CHELLIE PINGREE and PAUL EASTON, Special to the Press HeraldDemocrats sign on to plan to end Iraq war
Congressional candidates around the nation seek to repair the damage current policies created.

Bangor Daily News
Dirigo taxes upset business community

AUGUSTA, Maine - While lawmakers are congratulating themselves for a successful legislative session, many in the business community are less enthusiastic about what the lawmakers did - or did not do.

Maine gas buyers tanking

BANGOR, Maine - Clark and Deborah Rafford know gas prices are a gamble, so they decided to gamble for gas money on Monday afternoon. POLL: Have high gas prices caused you to alter your vacation plans?

Baldacci tallies accomplishments

AUGUSTA, Maine —-Day to day inside the State House bubble, there's a lot of maneuvering, cajoling, browbeating and scheming as a governor presses his speaking-with-one-voice advantage and lawmakers try to promote their party's priorities and their own pet projects.

Cobble beach access gem of Bold Coast buy

A major statewide land trust announced Monday that it has conserved nearly two miles of shoreline along Washington County's Bold Coast in a deal that will provide access to a scenic beach previously closed to the public.

ClickBack on taxes, flags

For most people, Patriot's Day was just another workday. Is the holiday commemorating the start of the Revolutionary War outdated? Only Maine and Massachusetts celebrate it and to a diminishing extent. Is it time to retire this holiday?

Editorial: Don't waste Earth Day

Requiring the recycling of computer and television monitors - and having manufacturers cover most of the cost - has diverted tons of lead from Maine landfills while saving residents money.

Kennebec Journal

Inmate labor on the rise
Roadside chain gangs might belong to an era gone by, but inmate work crews cleaning roads and other publicly-owned property around Kennebec County could become commonplace.

Continuing to improve their skills
AUGUSTA -- Firearms instructors by their side, the police cadets cautiously approach a wall of targets that resemble milk bottles.

Observing Earth Day just the beginning for some
While today marks the 39th annual Earth Day, central Maine residents have already begun observing the occasion.


Earth Day '08
If only Maine's attention to environmental issues and love for our most beautiful piece of Mother Earth could have an impact far greater than a rural state with 1.3 million people should expect.

DAVID B. OFFER : Park police failing to protect vulnerable national symbols
Few sights are more inspiring than the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial at night.

Don't give opinion until it's time to vote on issue
Regarding the newspaper's opinion article (April 11) about the Christian Civic League -- if you have an opinion on an issue, when it comes time to vote, and you feel we can't think for ourselves well enough to vote without your opinion, then be sure to let us know what we should do.

Oppose non-Christian vote for discrimination
This letter is in response to the recent announcement by the Christian Civic League to attempt to repeal the Maine Human Rights Law through a broadly defined referendum in favor of discriminating against gays and lesbians in the workforce and in housing, as well as in parenting rights.

Sun Journal
Day designated for threatened wildlife
WASHINGTON (AP) - Maine Sen. Susan Collins says she and California Sen. Dianne Feinstein have introduced a resolution to designate May 16 as the third annual Endangered Species Day.

Veterans' health issues heard
SANFORD (AP) - A congressional field hearing on health issues involving female and rural veterans drew dozens of former service members to Sanford.

Rebuilding EPA's eroded reputation
This Earth Day, we'd like peace on the planet and goodwill among environmental regulatory agencies.

Democrats jump aboard the God-talk express
Beware when politicians talk about "compassion," especially when they hold a "Compassion Forum" to do it, which is what they did at the appropriately named Messiah College near Harrisburg, Pa. Politicians identify with the messianic because they think they are God's gift to America.

There's only one Earth, please be kind
Today Earth Day is upon us, which should give us cause to pause and wonder what we're doing to the planet we will pass on to the next generation. How often do we think about how we affect the environment?

Employment Figures Point to Slowdown in Maine Economy
From Cumberland County, where unemployment was four-point-one percent last month, to Washington County, where nearly eleven percent are jobless, there were signs last month that the Maine economy is slowing. Irwin Gratz spoke with John Dorr, Director of the Center for Workforce Research and Information at the Maine Department of Labor about the subject including who, exactly, is counted as unemployed.

York Residents Rally Against Turnpike Toll Plaza Plan
The slogan for the Maine Turnpike Authority is "Think Ahead," but in York County some residents are demanding that the independent state agency "Think Again." Plans by the MTA to relocate the York Toll Plaza and rebuild a larger 21-lane structure at a cost of more than 30 million dollars have outraged some area residents who say the plan is unnecessary and would be disruptive on several fronts. Yesterday dozens of people turned out for a rally against the plan on Route 1 in York. As Susan Sharon reports, many want to know why the MTA is proceeding full speed ahead.

Veteran's Groups Say Healthcare Lacking in Rural Areas
Dozens of Maine veterans and their advocates spent a good portion of Patriot's Day discussing the healthcare needs of veterans in rural areas. That was the focus of a Congressional field hearing today at Sanford Town Hall, conducted by Second District Congressman Mike Michaud who chairs the House Veterans Affairs subcommittee on Health. Veterans arrived at the session armed with criticism for the Veteran's Administration. Keith McKeen reports.


Wally Edge: Where my money at?
I hate to be a bother, I really do. But could someone please tell me where my 20 million dollars has gone. I can’t seem to find it anywhere.