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Friday, April 18, 2008

Maine News for Friday, April 18, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Real ID license changes passed
The bill will make licenses more secure and give Maine time to meet federal identification demands.

Law provides $160 million for Maine bridge repairs
Combined with existing resources, the new money will allow the state to upgrade 246 spans.

BILL NEMITZTell Michael Heath the war on homosexuality is over

Bowdoin will use interviews to profile Mitchell
Recordings will be added to the former Maine senator's papers at his alma mater.

No free passes, just free E-Z devices
Motorists taking the Maine Turnpike this summer to avoid work on Interstate 295 are going to catch a $26.25 break.

Heath's referendum idea could easily backfire
Framing the debate as primarily about same-sex marriage could bolster that cause.

Finding health-care consensus difficult even for Mitchell
Creating workable reforms will be a challenge; bridging the political divide will be harder.

U.S. Senate should act to make it easier to feed the poor
Lifting liability risk for federal agencies and contractors could help set a lot of tables.

M.D. HARMONDemocrats take party's smackdown to yet another round
The bleeding continues because leaders still don't know which presidential contender will be the real survivor.

WILLIAM C. SHUTTLEWORTH, Special to the Press HeraldConsolidated schools good for students
The work of creating new districts in the Bath area and elsewhere will pay off in our children's learning.

Bangor Daily News
Maine Senate OKs revised license bill

AUGUSTA, Maine - The state Senate on Thursday night gave final approval to a bill to tighten standards for getting a Maine driver's license and sent it to Gov. John Baldacci, who supports it.

Old Town Canoe gets airtime

OLD TOWN, Maine - Old Town Canoe and its parent company, Johnson Outdoors, received national attention this week from Outside magazine and the Discovery Channel program 'Some Assembly Required.'

Collins, Michaud join thousands at D.C. Mass

WASHINGTON - Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Rep. Mike Michaud, D-Maine, were among the 46,000 to crowd the new Nationals Park on Thursday for a Mass with Pope Benedict XVI.

Stewart, Collins advocate for elderly care

WASHINGTON - Martha Stewart told a Senate panel Wednesday that as the first of the nation's 78 million baby boomers reach their 60s, their health needs will grow but not the number of trained professionals needed to care for them.

Legislature honors former BDN publisher

AUGUSTA, Maine - The Maine Legislature this week passed a joint resolution honoring the memory of former Bangor Daily News publisher Richard K. Warren, who died Feb. 15 in Bangor at the age of 87.

BIA eyes fallout from air merger

BANGOR, Maine - A merger between Delta Air Lines Inc. and Northwest Airlines Corp. not only would create the world’s largest airline, it also would place more than 50 percent of the passenger market share at Bangor International Airport into the hands of one company.

Civic League Strikes First

The Christian Civic League of Maine has launched what amounts to a pre-emptive strike in the war it has declared over the relative rights of homosexuals in this state.

Tom Allen: Oversight needed for war spending
People in Maine work hard for the money they pay in federal taxes, and they have a right to expect Congress to make sure that greedy, inept and sometimes corrupt contractors do not waste or pilfer the taxpayers' money.

Jonathan Shenkin : Lack of dental insurance creates familiar pressures
The call for increased access to dental care in the United States and Maine has escalated over the last 10 years. The underlying premise has been that a tremendous number of children and adults do not have access to dental care, and the primary solution has been to increase the number of providers.

Kennebec Journal
Fee hikes fund bridge work
AUGUSTA -- Bridges in Augusta, Gardiner, Skowhegan and Waterville will be improved as part of a new four-year plan adopted by the state Department of Transportation.

Lawmakers OK final version of Real ID bill
AUGUSTA -- The Legislature gave final approval Thursday to a bill that will tighten the state's procedures for issuing driver's licenses.

Buckled roof at state-leased building is OK
AUGUSTA -- Engineers say a leased Department of Health and Human Services building on Civic Center Drive is structurally sound despite buckling in the ceiling and walls caused by accumulated snow.

On Maine Politics
Michaud shares his thoughts on the Pope 04/17/08

HELEN RANKIN SPENT ALMOST HALF A CENTURY FEEDING M : Feeding schoolchildren a labor of love
The recent passage of a bill to expand Maine children's access to school breakfast prompted me to share a bit of information regarding my profession.


Let motorcyclists decide whether to wear helmets
In response to letters by Janet Ladd from Mount Vernon (April 3) and Elaine Wyman from Wiscasset (April 11): They are not very well informed.

Grammar not so good on KJ's front page
Is the Kennebec Journal trying to drive Earl Smith (Maine Compass, "Swimming against the tide of poor grammar," April 14) over the edge?

GOP policies caused current economic crisis
What a shameless chutzpah Jay Ambrose has advising us to embrace "conservative caution." So-called conservatives led the country to the brink of ruin. Follow the trail from Reagan to Bush.

Sun Journal
Michaud comes under fire in Iraq
PORTLAND (AP) - Rep. Michael Michaud has returned from Iraq, where the Green Zone in Baghdad came under fire during his visit there.

Lawmakers renew discussions on consolidation
AUGUSTA (AP) - Maine lawmakers considered a new school system consolidation bill Thursday, 10 days after Gov. John Baldacci successfully vetoed another one.

Senate approves new license standards
AUGUSTA (AP) - The state Senate on Thursday night gave final approval to a bill to tighten standards for getting a Maine driver's license and sent it to Gov. John Baldacci, who supports it.

State puts beer-makers over a barrel
Hey Budweiser - this tax's for you.

Casino Promoter Drops Out of Campaign
The driving force behind a referendum campaign for a casino in Oxford County has resigned. In a statement issued this afternoon, Seth Carey, a Rumford lawyer, said he was stepping down as president of Evergreen Mountain Enterprises because of "certain legal matters" that he said could become a distraction to the referendum campaign.Barbara Cariddi reports.

Jail Consolidation Plan Revised and Approved
The Legislature is poised to enact a compromise jail consolidation bill after the Maine Senate gave the measure all-but-final approval on a vote of 28 to 5. The revised plan backs away from the state takeover first envisioned by the Baldacci administration and calls instead for the creation of a state Board of Corrections that would develop and oversee a unified correctional system. AJ Higgins reports.

Allagash Waterway On Most Endangered Rivers List
Maine's only nationally designated "Wild and Scenic" river, the Allagash Wilderness Wateway, has been named to the annual list of America's 10 Most Endangered Rivers. Many of the other rivers on the list this year are threatened by development and water withdrawls. But wilderness advocates say the Allagash deserves a place on the list because of threats to its legal protections. And as Susan Sharon reports this is not the first time the Allagash has received the designation.

Mark Lawrence Counts on Legislative Experience and Southern Maine Roots
With less than two months before the Maine primary, MPBN radio is undertaking a series of profiles on the eight candidates vying for the First District Congressional seat being vacated by Tom Allen. We begin tonight with Mark Lawrence, who served two terms as President of the State Senate and is currently the York County District Attorney. Campaign staff and political supporters of Lawrence say the pace is fast and the mood upbeat. Lawrence may be lagging behind in the fund raising derby, but a political analyst says his strategy is solid and on the mark. Keith McKeen reports.

Driver License Changes Pass Maine House
Real I-D prompted a real-long debate Wednesday night in the Maine House. In the end, State Representatives voted narrowly to agree to new security steps demanded by the federal government. But, as A.J. Higgins reports -- a compromise amendment approved last night may resolve the competing voices raised in Augusta and Washington D.C.

Martin criticizes KJ’s attack on Dirigo plan

Cianchette commits to free trade, reducing narcotic supply and re-learning Spanish in confirmation hearing for ambassador post

Beer tax rebellion in the making?