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Monday, April 7, 2008

Maine News for Monday, April 7, 2008

Kennebec Journal
AUGUSTA Lawmakers try laptops in effort to reduce costs Pilot program takes aim at paper use; part-time staff positions

AUGUSTA -- Rep. Kim Silsby cleared her House desk of papers late last week, filling a small black trash can with all sorts of documents.

CONSOLIDATION Senate to vote today on bill Cost-sharing has no opposition
AUGUSTA -- Planners working out mergers between local school districts are turning up the pressure on legislators to pass a bill that would allow their consolidation work to continue.

Bullying moves to the Internet Online anonymity presents a whole new set of problems to those protecting children
It's an age-old problem that's taken on a new form in a new age. And it's posing a new challenge for educators.

MCLU's Heath stirring the civil union pot
AUGUSTA -- The candidates running for the 1st Congressional District are scheduled to be in Augusta tonight for an event sponsored by the Maine Veterans Coordinating Committee.

Counting what needs to be counted
College acceptances are in the mail, and high school seniors are ripping open fat envelopes and thin envelopes and sitting down with their parents to figure out where they'll spend the next four years of their lives.

Attack on state workers misses important point
The letter from Kevin P. Morrissey was appropriately dated, April Fool's Day. In that letter Morrissey calls his wages "earned" and reflects that state workers are "non contributor" workers. Morrissey, my wages as a state worker are actually taxed twice. Once when you "earn" your wages, and once when we state workers "earn" ours. That makes me a "double contributor."

Lets make county jail inmates earn their keep
What's next at the Kennebec County jail? Religious services! What's wrong with the penal system today? How much is this going to cost taxpayers? I have to laugh when I read stories like this. It just doesn't make sense. Growing up in the 50's and 60's, my understanding of jail was that it was a place where people who committed crimes served their sentence.

Portland Press Herald
State leaders lobby for new refueling tankers
Gov. Baldacci and the congressional delegation also push for basing an active-duty unit in Bangor.

Smokers incensed over tax proposal
Some say they'll buy cigarettes online or in New Hampshire if lawmakers pass another increase.

State campsites filling up fast
Reservations at Maine state parks have hit an all-time high for this time of year, officials say.

As heating season winds down, no relief in oil prices
Prices usually head lower in the spring, but the volatile crude oil market may play the spoiler this year.

Diesel price hits record; truckers hold protest
One Maine driver spends $620 to fill his tank with diesel.

JUSTIN ELLISCredit card debt on rise among college students

Cigarette tax shouldn't be used to boost Dirigo
Tobacco taxes can be good policy, but the health-care system is already overfunded.

The test of new jail panel will be its ability to close jails
Corrections reform has begun slowly with a deal between state and county officials.

ELIZABETH MITCHELLA booster shot, and more, for health care
A bill before the Legislature would strengthen and extend the good results of Dirigo.

LEIGH DONALDSON, ColumnistAmericans have to be assured their votes will count
Lawmakers should make sure balloting fiascos can't happen again and that the next big election is secure.

Bangor Daily News
Delegation targets energy speculators

AUGUSTA, Maine - Mainers are paying more for their fuel because of unregulated speculation in the energy market, said Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine.

Down East Tattoo Show in Bangor draws more women, older clientele

BANGOR, Maine - For 57-year-old Levant resident Steve Doddy, attending the Down East Tattoo Show has become a yearly tradition that includes a group of friends from Canada, a birthday party and searching for the perfect ink.

Injured Maine soldier dies

A University of Maine graduate wounded Wednesday on a combat mission in Afghanistan died the next day after being airlifted to a U.S. Army medical facility in Germany for treatment.

Pilot of downed plane missing

BELFAST, Maine - A pilot of a single-engine aircraft was believed missing after witnesses reported seeing the plane crash into waters off Seaside Drive on Sunday evening.

Oil prices not falling as N.E. spring arrives

PORTLAND, Maine - Along with robins and crocuses, a welcome sign of spring across northern New England is watching the heating season wind down. That usually signals a drop in the price of heating oil, but that hasn’t been the case this year.

Should Hillary Quit?

Several Democratic politicians, a few columnists, and much of the talk-show world and blogosphere are telling Hillary Clinton to quit the race. She shouldn't and she almost certainly won't.

National Service

One of the injustices of the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq is that this dangerous and arduous work has been borne by men and women who were essentially contracted to do the job. And that group, men and women who enlisted in the military, represents a small minority of American citizens.

Scott Lansley: Stimulus package? Not for Maine businesses
Many of you have received a letter in the mail announcing how much money the federal government will be sending you as part of an 'economic stimulus' package.

Kerry Millay : Democracy lacking in winner-take-all elections
The editorial 'Public Opinion: So What?' (BDN, March 29-30) touches on the crucial issue of American politics today, namely, that our political system is broken and needs to be fixed.

Sun Journal
Delegation to explore Maine's economy
PORTLAND (AP) - A delegation of business, tourism and elected officials from Northern Ireland is coming to Maine to explore Gov. John Baldacci's "creative economy" initiative.

Truckers protest $620 diesel fill-up
EASTON, Pa. (AP) - Many drivers are shaking their heads at spending $50 to fill up their tanks.

Maine wants refueling tankers upgraded
BANGOR (AP) - Maine leaders used a weekend visit by the director of the Air National Guard to make a pitch for bringing new refueling tankers, and possibly an active duty unit, to Bangor International Airport, home of the 101st Air Refueling Wing.

Taking the battle out of consolidation
"I don't believe a committee can write a book," the historian Arnold Toynbee once uttered. "It can, oh, govern a country, perhaps, but I don't believe it can write a book."

Bush shamefully flees Iraqi refugee crisis
In several recent speeches on Iraq, there was one issue President Bush never mentioned. That's the issue of Iraqi refugees.

Passenger Rail Funding Kindles Resentment in the House A bill that began as a well-intended effort to expand passenger rail service in Maine quickly degenerated into a 45-minute debate on spending priorities in the House today and rekindled some long-held resentments that divide Maine's less prosperous northern residents from their wealthier southern counterparts. Lawmakers utlimately approved spending $2.5 million dollars a year to extend passenger rail service from Portland to Brunswick in a vote that divided largely along regional lines. A.J. Higgins reports

Immigrants Target of Increased Prosecutions and Harassment
For the second time in a month, a Brazilian immigrant from out of state has been charged with transporting an illegal immigrant to Maine for financial gain. In both cases, federal investigators say the immigrants came to Maine to obtain drivers licenses. Maine is among a handful of states with lax rules for issuing drivers licenses, which can be used in other states to seek work. But advocates say the arrests reflect a growing trend in the prosecution and harassment of immigrants. Keith Mckeen reports.


Allen, Michaud attend Dems’ office opening in Bangor