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Friday, April 4, 2008

Maine News for Friday, April 4, 2008

Portland Press Herald
Compromise helps corrections bill win support
A committee votes 10-1 to recommend passage of a measure consolidating jail management.

Smoking in cars: Law sides with kids
State House: The governor will sign the bill next week, despite critics' grumbling about legislating behavior.

Canadian doctor backs U.S. single-payer care
Recent studies are showing that a greater number of doctors in this country now favor national health insurance.

No shows: Mall drops movie plans
No reason is given for the decision not to develop a former Filene's store into a 14-screen theater.

Suspect in driver's license scheme to stay in jail
He's linked to helping illegal immigrants get licenses in Maine.

Fenway Park hawk attack an omen for Yankees?

Editorials: Governor's Real ID decision right one for Maine
Those who oppose the federal program should focus their attention on Congress.

Bangor Daily News
Jail bill overhaul allows county control

AUGUSTA, Maine - Gov. John Baldacci's legislation to take over the county jails has been totally rewritten by the Legislature's Criminal Justice Committee, which is recommending that the counties retain control of the jails and a new corrections board be established to coordinate between state and county correctional facilities.

Smoking ban bill wins final approval

AUGUSTA, Maine - Maine is poised to become the most recent state to enact a ban on smoking in cars in which children are riding.

Maine leaders trading 'pork' for lobster

WASHINGTON - Some of Maine's leaders were accused this week of trading 'pork' for lobsters by Citizens Against Government Waste, a nonpartisan watchdog group that monitors government pork-barrel spending.

Maine 8th graders win high marks in writing report

The writing ability of Maine's eighth-graders continues to make significant gains, according to 2007 scores released Thursday by the federal government.

Loved ones see airmen off at Bangor ceremony

BANGOR, Maine - 'Daddy, when do you go on the airplane?' Hannah Nadeau, 4, asked as her little hand grasped for the pant leg of her father's fatigues.

Businesses discuss energy efficiency

AUGUSTA, Maine - The message was echoed by almost every speaker and pamphlet at the Governor’s Energy Efficiency Summit on Thursday: Investments in energy efficiency will pay off for businesses and the environment.

Home Is Where the Debt Is

As Congress debates ways to minimize the consequences of the breakdown of the mortgage and credit markets, it must not lose sight of homeowners at risk of losing their shelter and largest financial asset because of unsavory loan practices.

Certification Decisions

When a doctor's license is revoked by the state or a lawyer is disbarred, that information is available to the public. Under current law and practices, if a teacher's certification - basically a license to teach - is surrendered or revoked, that action is kept confidential.

Marla O’Byrne : 'Eco-resort' near Acadia stirs debate
Anyone who has traveled to the Schoodic Peninsula knows what a rare pleasure is in store at the end of land. After passing through the communities of Gouldsboro or Winter Harbor, the road weaves through forested landscape until vistas begin to open onto the ocean.

Kennebec Journal
AUGUSTA STATE JAIL MERGER PROPOSAL ADVANCES 10-1 panel vote seen as indication of plan's chances in Senate, House
A bill that's been at the center of controversy among county and state corrections circles passed a committee vote Thursday and will be presented to lawmakers in the House and Senate in the coming weeks.

Cars to be free of smoke
AUGUSTA (AP) -- Maine is poised to become the latest state to enact a ban on smoking in cars in which children are riding.

AUGUSTA -- A major global financial services company has selected Wilton as the location for its new customer care center.

AUGUSTA Charter Commission looks at limiting number of wards
AUGUSTA -- Board of Education members urged the Charter Commission to keep the city's current four-ward, four-at-large system of representation as commissioners Thursday continued to move, slowly, through their review of perhaps the city's most important document.

AUGUSTA Budget next year tops $51M
AUGUSTA -- If the city budget is passed as proposed, the average Augusta homeowner will have to stick an additional $20 bill in with his or her annual property tax payment.


Real ID turns into a circus
If Chertoff was inexplicably lenient with that handful of states, he played it inexplicably tough with Maine -- and Maine residents were facing the imminent possibility of not being able to use their drivers' licenses for identification when traveling by airplane. Last-minute negotiations over the past week consisted of the Baldacci administration making offers to comply, at least partially, with Real ID -- and the feds digging in their heels.

JOSEPH R. REISERT : The value of life is not a matter of choice
Sex-selective abortion has come to America, according to a paper published this week in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Sun Journal
Report calls for boosting Maine's energy efficiency
AUGUSTA (AP) - Adopting cost-effective measures that are already being looked at in other states could save Maine's industrial and non-manufacturing businesses $450 million a year, a report released Thursday says.

$1 million fine plus refunds for insurer
AUGUSTA (AP) - Maine state officials say MEGA Life and Health Insurance Company, accused of improperly determining premiums for individual health insurance policies, has agreed to pay a $1 million fine and to refund $4.6 million, plus interest, to consumers.

Baldacci: Aroostook a disaster
CARIBOU (AP) - Gov. John Baldacci is asking President Bush to declare a disaster in Aroostook County following a blizzard that capped a season of record snowfall.

Smoking with kids in car to be illegal
AUGUSTA (AP) - Maine is poised to become the latest state to enact a ban on smoking in cars in which children are riding.

Firearms sale ban signed by Baldacci
AUGUSTA - Now there is a law.


Energy Efficiency Could Save Maine Millions
Maine could save more than 400 million dollars a year and create up to 2500 jobs in just over a decade, just by implementing simple energy efficiency strategies that have already been adopted by other states. Those are the major findings of a report released today at the Governor's Energy Summit in Augusta. As Susan Sharon reports, the report and the summit are billing energy efficiency as one of the best investments Maine businesses can make for themselves and the environment.

Superdelegates Say Clinton-Obama Competition Good for the Party
A lot has happened since February when Senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama made their pitch to the party faithful during Maine's presidential caucuses. Two months later, both candidates remain locked in a tight race that may have to be determined on the floor of the Democratic National Convention in August. Obama holds a slight lead over Clinton in the number of committed delegates, and some Democrats are calling for her to drop out of the race. Others say it's time for the two to agree to a merged ticket. One superdelegate and two potential delegates from Maine say that, at least for the moment, the competition is good for the party. A.J. Higgins reports.

Recycling Energy
Tom Casten wants you to know that most power plants today waste 2/3rds of their output. Mostly, it's the heat, generated in the plant that goes up the stack or the cooling tower and into the air. Casten, who heads a company that designs "recycled energy" plants, says, that heat could be re-used, but only if the power plant were built on a college campus or near downtown. And doing that, Casten says, is tough because of old rules meant to protect electric utilities.


Dollar oil change fees may be dropped
Six months after $1 fees were added to the cost of oil changes in Maine to raise money to clean up polluted waste oil sites, lawmakers are voting on a bill to drop the charges at the retail level and make distributors pay instead.

Ethics bills clear both chambers
By Jessica Alaimo
Tags: Janet Mills, John Patrick, ethics commission, Clean Elections
Two ethics bills have recently advanced in the Maine Legislature. read more