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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Maine News for Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Maine union backs Allen for Senate Susan Collins' challenger is a 'tireless advocate for workers,' MSEA says.

Deadlock over pier favors Olympia If just one of its supporters is elected to a council seat, the logjam may be broken.

Panel calls on city to enact green laws Saying plans to safeguard Portland should start now, a task force makes dozens of recommendations.

BILL NEMITZLet school step in when parents don't Birth control for middle school girls? It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Economic forecast revised for income, job growth There are still unknowns, but a Maine panel sees slower job growth in 2008.

EDITORIAL: Shape of things to come: Soon, baby boomers to get Social Security There's no danger of the program going broke, but this trickle will quickly become a flood.

OP/ED: Clean Water Act well worth celebrating On this upcoming anniversary of the law, we should recall all it has accomplished.

LTE: Gore should reconsider entering race

LTE: Bush statement about God was sensible interpretation

LTE: Bush administration deserves our support

LTE: Twelve years too long for legislative term limit


Road projects a study in patienceWednesday, October 17, 2007BANGOR, Maine - You can't get there from here - at least without getting caught in at least one of the many construction projects under way on Interstate 95 and other roads in the Bangor area.

Whale zone flyover expectedFederal officials are planning to do another aerial survey of the waters between the eastern Maine shoreline and Canada to determine whether to implement a controversial Dynamic Area Management zone scheduled to go into effect Saturday.

Maine officials seek ‘healthiest state’ status BANGOR, Maine — Gov. John Baldacci has said he wants Maine to be the "healthiest state" in the nation, a goal that has shaped a number of state-sponsored initiatives during his terms in office.

Early voters in Bangor to test new proceduresBANGOR, Maine - Voters here in November will be among the first in Maine to test some early voting procedures that might be implemented statewide.

Gendron talks school consolidation with business community in BangorBANGOR, Maine — All of the state’s school districts have submitted their tentative consolidation plans but state officials and communities have a lengthy to-do list to complete before final plans can take effect, the head of the state Department of Education said Tuesday.

Maine port officials say facilities secureWASHINGTON — The small size, remote locations and relatively low-value cargo of Maine’s ports in Searsport and Eastport make them easier to manage and to secure, according to security agents from the two ports.

EDITORIAL: Road to another war? Even before President Bush warned Iran publicly on Aug. 9 of unspecified "consequences" if it continued to arm and train insurgents in Iraq, there were suspicions that he and Vice President Dick Cheney were planning and promoting war with Iran.

Editorial: MoveOn's moveTrue to its trademarked name, looked at the fight it had created with Sen. Susan Collins’ campaign for re-election and decided, properly, to move on.

OP/ED: Kathleen Parker: First lady finally using her voiceIt can’t be easy being a first lady. She’s the wife-in-chief in a traditional role, but she also has a brain.

OP/ED: John Buell: Terrorism and the forgotten threatTerrorism "experts" worry about threats to Manhattan bridges or the Statue of Liberty, but an older and much more serious potential risk seems almost off the radar screen.

Wednesday's Letters to the Editor … Liberty for all … Compassion v. greed … A lid on consolidation … Immigration mistakes … Pat towards war in Iran


SECOND SESSION: Leaders submit 575 billsLegislative Council to meet next week AUGUSTA -- From cribbage tournaments to energy-efficient light bulbs, central Maine lawmakers are hoping a variety of topics will be considered when the Legislature reconvenes in January.

2 Baldacci brothers donate to Strimling AUGUSTA -- Two of Gov. John Baldacci's brothers donated money to the campaign of Ethan Strimling, a Democrat running for the 1st Congressional District seat, according to campaign finance reports.

Jailadd-onmovingahead AUGUSTA -- Kennebec County commissioners are standing ever firm against a state plan to take over the county jail system by inching forward with their plan to build a minimum security facility.

Go halfway on contractor licensing Maine has a long tradition of unschooled, but skilled, carpenters, contractors and home repairmen who will fix what's wrong with your house. They seem to have been born wearing a tool belt. They can go into your basement and figure out what's ailing your furnace and then climb onto your roof and figure out why it's leaking. Some of them engage in other professions as well, and contracting or carpentry are part of a patchwork of jobs that keeps them employed year-round.

GEORGE SMITH : Resource agencies' merger?Very, very bad idea - The farmer, fisherman, sportsman, citizen all lose Maine has starved its conservation agencies and now may consolidate them to save more money. Consolidation of these agencies won't save money and it won't improve programs and services either.

LTE: Candidates need to step up As I indicated to David Offer ("Democrats losing sleep," Oct. 2), my decision to challenge Susan Collins, Tom Allen and anyone else who runs for the U.S. Senate next year will hinge on their commitment to addressing responsibly the critical issues that obliged me to run in 2006. (I understand that Dexter Kamilewicz is not running.) So far, I am not satisfied.


Ceremony to welcome soldiers AUGUSTA - The Maine Army National Guard will hold a ceremony at 11 a.m. Saturday at the new Cony High School on Pierce Drive to honor soldiers recently returned from deployment.

Big union backs Allen for SenateAUGUSTA (AP) - A union claiming 10,000 members is backing Democratic Rep. Tom Allen in his bid to unseat Republican Sen. Susan Collins.

Builders' association supports Indian racinoAUGUSTA (AP) - A construction trade association is endorsing the referendum proposal for an Indian-run racino in eastern Maine.

State panel gloomy on '08 job growthAUGUSTA (AP) - A state advisory panel dropped its forecast for 2008 job growth in Maine sharply on Tuesday while solidly boosting its estimate of personal income growth for the current year.

Largest union at BIW preps for election...(full story)

OP/ED: Don't stumble into war with Iran...(full story)

EDITORIAL: Make it stop now...(full story)


Panel of Economists Predict Decline in State Revenues

Plum Creek Hearings to Begin in December

Effort Launched to Slow The Growth Of Maine Maritime Academy


Portland Official To Testify Before Senate CommitteeSusan Collins of Maine, a member of the committee, says Tuesday's hearing is part of a one-year review of the SAFE Port Act of 2006.


MSEA Backs Allen For SenateSusan Collins. The announcement by the Maine State Employees Association, Local 1989 of the Service Employees International Union, cited the sixth-term 1st ...


Ills of modern man: Politics and other mistakesI’m always amazed when somebody who’s famous for a really bad idea suddenly comes up with a really good idea.


Panel looks at shuffling gambling-tax structure

School merger drives record-setting bill filing

Effort launched to repeal consolidation law


Focus on Fernley: The 800-pound gorilla of the internetFor Susan Collins, it probably doesn't matter. She's getting more play over the internet, and likely in her home state, than the ads would ever have ...


Some primary challengers catch incumbents in third-quarter fundsTom Allen’s (D) seat with $250000 raised and $300000 cash on hand, but state Sen. Ethan Strimling asserted himself with $220000 raised.


Lawmakers mobilize to pare back NSPSTom Allen, D-Maine, and Chris Van Hollen, D-Md. — plan to circulate a letter this week to colleagues that will urge conferees working on the defense ...


Senators seek compromise bill to boost IG independenceAs a CIA plan to investigate its inspector general draws congressional fire, a group of senators is working to quickly complete a compromise version of a bill to increase the independence of agency watchdogs.Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Chairman Joseph Lieberman, I-Conn., and ranking member Susan Collins, R-Maine, along with Sen. ...


Scontras on WLOB: Raised over $100,000

The Rise of the Religious Left

Brit Hume follow-up to ads story

WVOM- Maine in the Morning on Google/ ads

Q3 $$$ Totals
The AP delivers the goods:

Daily Digest: 10/16/07Last week Senator Susan Collins, a Republican from Maine, complained that Google had banned her online ad because it was critical of Google said it rejected the ad because it infringed on MoveOn's copyright, a practice that, ...

MoveOn Backtracks From Using Google to Censor Anti-MoveOn AdsWired magazine's Sarah Lai Stirland is reporting that liberal advocacy group is reversing course after it was lambasted for censorship for pushing Google to censor ads by Maine Senator Susan Collins' (R) ...

The Daily MuckSenators Claire McCaskill (D-MO) and Susan Collins (R-ME) hope to change this with legislation that allows whistleblowers to seek some support from the ...

The Short Arm of the Law
The bill most relevant to men and women in Isakson’s quandary is a provision by senators Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) affixed to the Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2008. The bill passed through the Senate earlier this month and is now headed for conference committee. According to Tom Devine, a whistleblower expert ...

Collins' bank account tops Allen's
Susan Collins reported Monday she raised more than $1 million for her re-election campaign from July through September, bringing her total contributions to date to $3.6 million, with $3.1 million in cash on hand.

21st Century Democrats endorses Allen in Maine Senate Race
Susan Collins in the November 2008 election. 21st Century Democrats is a Washington, DC-based grassroots-oriented political action committee that endorses and helps elect Democrats by placing field organizers in campaigns.

Protectionism wrong trend for US economic growth
Susan Collins, according to the article (Oct. 8), are against an economic truth that has been known ...

Maine State Employees Back Allen for Senate
The Maine State Employees Association (a union representing 10000 members) is backing Tom Allen in his bid to unseat Republican Susan Collins. The announcement cited Allen’s record on health care, prescription drugs, ...

Payback for the Chicken Lady
There will be no discussion whatsoever about keeping a 5 to 3 majority on the Supreme Court, instead John McCain, Arlen Specter, Olympia Snow, Susan Collins, and the remaining culprits from the “Gang of Thirteen” will lead the charge to ...

Judgment and automation
Susan Collins wanted to place an ad criticizing MoveOn for criticizing General Petraeus, the ad wasn’t allowed by Google. Big squabble and lots of finger-pointing ensued. MoveOn, alarmed, surprised, and chagrined, removed the barrier

The Too-Clever-By-Half Filibuster Strategy
If they cared more about party and less about protecting Bush, they would call Susan Collins and say, “Go ahead and vote for cloture. Send it up and we’ll take the heat. It’s more important to keep the seat than protecting Bush from ...

Will sue Sen. Susan Collins’ and her blogger, Lance ...
Susan Collins (Suzie-Q) is paying for stupidity for her blogger, Lance Dutson. Right now, he’s trying to say that Big Bad Google & Big Bad is violating HIS rights by not allowing him to use’s name/trademark to make ... Slams Google Trademark Policy and Supports Free Speech ...
In a good move for free speech, MoveOn has decided to lift the restriction on its trademark, in turn enabling Senator Susan Collins to run ads protesting the organization. MoveOn wasn’t exactly defensive of Google in their remarks on ...

The Conservative Argument AGAINST Fred Thompson, Part 1
Jeffords, Chafee, Susan Collins, and Olympia Snowe were all key Thompson allies in this group of moderates, who helped push Campaign Finance Reform over the top, after years of battles with the conservative wing of the party.

Where are all the Freedom of Speech defenders?
Susan Collins’ re-election campaign. Collins is seeking her third term. Earlier this week, Google told Lance Dutson, president of Maine Coast Designs, that the ads he placed for Collins had been removed and would not be allowed to ...

Fundraising Trends Democratic In Key Senate Races
Susan Collins, R-ME, reportedly brought in $1 million in third quarter donations, only $330000 more than her Democratic rival, Rep. Tom Allen. "The macro picture tracks like the national picture," Jennifer Duffy, an editor at the Cook ...

Senator Susan Collins in TIME Magazine
The four — Maine's Susan Collins, New Hampshire's John Sununu, Gordon Smith of Oregon and Norm Coleman of Minnesota — are constantly on the spot, whether it's because of near-weekly votes on President Bush's strategy in Iraq or popular ...

WSJ Skewers FHA
Susan Collins of Maine, who supervised a 2001 Senate subcommittee investigation of mortgage fraud, said bluntly that "the federal government has essentially subsidized much of this fraud." How could an agency with a reputation for being ...

Can It Be? A Senator Who Cares About Freedom??
Hard to believe, but there are politicians out there that actually do have our best interests in mind. Tom Allen actually thinks its *not* the job of the Senate to regulate free speech! Imagine that! read more digg story.

No Child Left Inside bills support environmental education
Olympia Snowe to join as a co-sponsor of S. 1981 and Reps. Mike Michaud and Tom Allen to co-sponsor HR 3036, or to at least support, this legislation. ...

According to CRP a Watch Dog organization, US Representatives Tom Allen, Patrick Kennedy, David Loebsack and Frank Pallone, Jr. all Democrats received illegal money from this criminal Norman Hsu. They all supported the resolution. ...