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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Maine News for Thursday, October 18, 2007


Lawmakers resume budget-cut review State House: A panel deadlocks on a proposal to lower commissions paid to lottery retailers.

Merging special-ed services may work for some, not others Five school districts have already formed a program, and consolidation may persuade others to try it.

School adds birth control options The School Committee votes to let contraceptives be prescribed to students at King Middle School.

Lobsterman's campaign traps illegal Bill Linnell's city council signs can't be attached to lobster traps anymore because the city says it's a safety hazard.

HGTV to focus on politician Brewster's home The former U.S. senator from Maine, portrayed by Alan Alda in the film 'The Aviator,' lived in Dexter.

OP/ED: Tom Allen's take on war mistaken His recent column on this page raises questions about terrorism that have answers he ignored.

LTE: Obama's credentials promising

LTE: Collins should be praised for perfect attendance


Brewer facility gets lucrative deal Thursday, October 18, 2007BREWER, Maine - When Cianbro's Eastern Manufacturing Facility begins operations in April, the 500 or so new employees will have a pile of work to do.

Lack of fire department concerns residents of Etna Thursday, October 18, 2007ETNA - The recent decision to temporarily shut down the town's fire department has left many residents concerned about community safety.

Collins to fight cuts in home health funds Medicare funding for health services delivered to people in their homes is scheduled to be reduced by about $6.2 billion over the next four years, but Sen. Susan Collins intends to derail the cutback.

Petition drive to repeal school law ready\STONINGTON - Opponents of the state's school consolidation law are poised to kick off their petition drive to repeal the law and could be collecting signatures by the end of this week.

Federal float-rope order rescinded ELLSWORTH - It looks like Down East lobstermen will be able to fish during the most productive part of the year after all.

EDITORIAL: After the Lobster RulesAlthough federal regulators have moved ahead with rules that will require many Maine lobstermen to change their gear to minimize harm to endangered whales, many unanswered questions remain.

EDITORIAL; Shortfall WarningThe growing sense in Augusta that state budget predictions for next year might not hold up is reflected in similar bad news in other states.

Richard C. Dimond: An urgent need for a program that worksThanks to the efforts of state Sen. Richard Rosen and the entire Hancock County delegation, long-term funding of the Hancock County Deferred Sentencing Project will be provided by the state in the amount of $150,000 per year as of July 1, 2008.

Bob Dole and Donna E. Shalala : A duty to newly disabled vetsIt is time to decide- do we reform the current military and veterans' disability evaluation and compensation systems or limp along, placing Band-Aids over existing flaws?

Thursday's Letters to the Editor … Path toward war … Not too far for Calais … Shame on you, VFW … School law falsehoods


NAMI OFFICE IN AUGUSTATheft probe hits agency advocating for mentally ill AUGUSTA -- Authorities are investigating the embezzlement of "a lot of money" from one of the state's high-profile nonprofit organizations, a situation the group's president called "devastating" and "a total shock."

Panel wants $20M for kids AUGUSTA -- A group studying ways to help young children voted Wednesday on a broad proposal that would give low-income parents more money to pay for child care and create a new office to advocate for children.

Conference: Maine's business image a matter of attitude When it comes to the economy, Maine has an attitude problem.

Waterville flees Kennebec County's 911 WATERVILLE -- City councilors on Tuesday voted unanimously to have Somerset County Communications Center answer 911 calls originating in Waterville.

Reach for stars, run numbers on flatiron building There is more conflict per square foot of the former Cony High School site than most battlefields. Arguments, recriminations, appeals, lawsuits -- all have been part of the often-bitter public debate over how to use the property now that it no longer serves as a school.

JIM BRUNELLE : A little early in election season to predict winner I attended a banquet recently where the after-dinner speaker, an expert in Maine politics, pretty much declared that U.S. Sen. Susan Collins is a shoo-in for re-election next year.


Collins to testify at ITC on paper subsidiesSusan Collins will testify tomorrow before the International Trade Commission on whether the governments of China, Korea, and Indonesia have illegally ...

Business conference finds Mainers' attitudes negative When it comes to the economy, Maine has an attitude problem.

LTE: Baldacci interview put readers to sleep For those readers who may have missed your Oct. 14 interview "Baldacci: It's not about being comfortable," let me tell them the interview was not about his lack of an energy plan and Maine's impending winter, as the title might suggest.


AG nominee rejects torture of suspects WASHINGTON - Former federal judge Michael Mukasey, President Bush's nominee for attorney general, on Wednesday repudiated the use of torture in the interrogation of overseas terrorism suspects, and he vowed to keep partisan politics out of the Justice Department's decision-making.

Budget panel picks up savings searchAUGUSTA (AP) -Legislative budget writers Wednesday resumed their review of ways to realize a final $10.1 million in savings envisioned in the state budget.

Rangeley resident gets EPA awardFARMINGTON - Jerome "Frenchie" Guervemont of Rangeley is one of five Maine citizens who will be recognized today in Augusta by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection and Gov. John Baldacci in observance of the 35th anniversary of the Federal Clean Water Act.

OP/ED: The wrong way to follow right whalesIn whaling days, savvy sailors predicted with deadly accuracy where leviathans would emerge from the ocean after they sounded. Finding whales was half a whaler's job; the other important half was knowing where it was going.

LTE: In-touch candidateSheryl Briggs is truly in touch with the needs of the River Valley and its people. As the representative for House District 93 (Canton, Carthage, Dixfield, Mexico and Peru), she will have the honor of serving the area in which she was raised, and where she and her husband, Richard, have worked and raised their family.LTE: GOP ignors real issuesThis is a dangerous time for truth in media and government, thanks primarily to Republicans, their corporate and social conservative supporters, along with the daily efforts to mislead by propagandists such as talk radio's Laura Ingraham. The result is that issues that need to be addressed are ignored, while wedge issues, such as resolutions about God in the public square, are peddled by Republicans.

School consolidation in progress
Local approval needed to push plan through
By: Jess Fish
Posted: 10/18/07Governor Baldacci's controversial plan to crunch Maine's current 296 School Administrative Unions down to 80 is poised to go into effect. One of the last steps left is local approval. A referendum vote concerning district consolidation on Jan. 15 could mean the difference between suffering a tax hike and receiving government funding.

New law's staffing, savings mandates clash...(full story)Wording approved for petition to thwart law...(full story)Lawmakers submit 570 pieces of legislation for second session...(full story)

EDITORIAL: Beyond repair...(full story)


Advocates Fighting for Veterans' Benefits

Birth Control Policy Recommended for Portland Middle School

Pandemic Threat Posed by Bird Flu


Kennebunkport woman says she'll run for U.S. Senate
KENNEBUNKPORT — Laurie Dobson has a lot on her plate. She's a community activist who recently hosted the anti-war gathering Camp Alex at her home. She's mom to a teenage daughter who would sometimes rather she stayed out of the limelight. And...


Legislature moves to protect Maine journalists: Shield law“The very fact that the court would grant a motion like this, when there’s no suit pending,” she says. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

The highway kind: Politics and other mistakesFor critics of government excess, the Maine Turnpike Authority is a big target. You can even see it from outer space.

Letters to the Portland editor: October 19, 2007: Rowe's a Good GuyAttorney General Steven Rowe does not deserve the attack on his character that was printed in your newspaper.


Maine Senate President Edmonds to speak in Camden
CAMDEN — Maine Senate President Beth Edmonds, D-Freeport, will be the speaker at a meeting planned for 7:30 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 23, at the Lord Camden Inn on Main Street.


Bond issues seen as investment in Maine
AUGUSTA — Maine voters will decide Nov. 6 whether to approve borrowing $134 million to fund proposals aimed at stimulating economic development, improving Maine’s higher education facilities and investing in land conservation.

State racino faces voters


US forgoes new restrictions on Maine lobsteringSenator Susan M. Collins, a Republican, and Representative Tom Allen, a Democrat, reportedly had similar reactions.


Federal Bill Could Help Towns Preserve Working Waterfront PropertyThe legislation, introduced in July by Maine Representative Tom Allen, amends the Coastal Zone Management Act of 1972. Its competitive matching grant ...


The Politics of TrustOn the other hand, the deep-blue activists would support Congressman Tom Allen in his bid to win the Senate seat in Maine, because he is reliably anti-war. ...


Veterans fight for Cold War medalThey have some stalwart supporters on Capitol Hill, including Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.), who sponsored a bill with Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) that would direct the secretary of Defense to award a Cold War service medal to those who served honorably from the end of World War ...


Privatizing A Cut Of The Public SectorMaine Republican Susan Collins added that government needs to stop "awarding, huge non-competitive contracts every time a disaster strikes.


MoveOn Backs Down to Sen. Collins on Google Ad PullingSusan Collins (R) to use its namesake in ads blasting the left-wing political organization. "We don't want to support a policy that denies people freedom of ...


Maine State Employees Association Endorses Allen
Susan Collins. The announcement Tuesday by the Maine State Employees Association, Local 1989 of the Service Employees International Union, cited the 1st District congressman's record on health care, prescription drugs, ...

need to step up
As I indicated to David Offer ( Oct. 2), my decision to challenge Susan Collins, Tom Allen and anyone else who runs for the US ...

Retiring Republicans
On the other side, no Democrats are leaving the Senate and only two (Tom Allen, Maine, and Mark Udall of Colorado)plan to leave the House. Here's the list of retiring Republicans: ( good riddance) Senate: Kay Baily Hutchinson Larry E. ...

Hold the Press! MSEU Endorses Tom Allen
A Collins spokeswoman said the SEIU nationally has been affiliated with a group that mounted "attack ads" against Collins.

The Only People More Bungling and Inept Than Bush? Congress!
Susan Orr’s Family Planning: Thighs Wide Shut
A Sense of Doom Descends on Republicans for 2008
Susan Collins, R-ME, reportedly brought in $1 million in third quarter donations, only $330000 more than her Democratic rival, Rep. Tom Allen. To compound the misery for the beleaguered Republicans, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign ...

Maine union backs Allen for Senate
Susan Collins. The announcement Tuesday by the Maine State Employees Association, Local 1989 of the Service Employees International Union, cited the 1st ...

Judgment and automation
Susan Collins wanted to place an ad criticizing MoveOn for criticizing General Petraeus, the ad wasn’t allowed by Google. Big squabble and lots of finger-pointing ensued. MoveOn, alarmed, surprised, and chagrined, removed the barrier. ...

POLITICS: Republicans Looking At A Senate Beat Down
John Sununu of New Hampshire and Susan Collins are pretty much fucked. They have been voting with Republicans and the Bush White House for years, basically shoving the steak into their own hearts. Consider them done.