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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Maine News for Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Collins staff accused of misconduct
The Tom Allen campaign, seeking to unseat Sen. Susan Collins in the November 2008 election, says the incumbent has an unfair - and improper - advantage.

Augusta: Lawmakers seek prison products profits
AUGUSTA, Maine - With 600 lines of products created by Maine inmates, the state prison industries program sells $1 million worth of merchandise a year.

EDITORIAL: Booting campaign spouses
Two Maine lawmakers last week picked up where the Maine Ethics Commission left off not long ago in setting rules for the circumstances under which spouses of publicly funded candidates may be paid for their work on a campaign.

Editorial: New path for Iraq
Over two days this week, Gen. David Petraeus and U.S. Ambassador to Iraq Ryan Crocker spelled out clearly what achieving security and transition goals in Iraq would mean: many more years of occupation, many more American lives, hundreds of billions of dollars and no guarantee of success.

Wednesday's Letters to the Editor … Camp to end torture


Strimling bill would divest 'terror' holdings
The Maine state senator cites companies' business ties to countries that support terrorism.

Maine tax reform supporters propose new spending-limit initiative

Lawmakers hope prison industries can turn profit
State House: Maine should not subsidize a program that markets prison products, a legislator says.

EDITORIAL: Petraeus, Crocker offer no path for success
Their assessment suggests that next summer we could be where we were last January.

EDITORIAL: State has right to require discount for LIHEAP
Oil dealers who don't want to participate can leave the subsidized business to others.


Somerset County deserves better from Baldacci
Gov. John Baldacci last month proposed that the state take over the county jail system, saying consolidation would lead to increased efficiencies and lower costs.


EDITORIAL: A shrinking Legislature, one-by-one
At this pace, reducing the size of the Maine Legislature could be done by attrition.

OP/ED: President's trip to Iraq accomplished... what?
I can only wonder what all the people who were criticizing Katie Couric recently for what they called a stunt to boost ratings are saying now that President Bush did his own Labor Day cameo in Iraq. Of course, his trip had nothing to do with ratings, right?


Dirigo Health fees contested by providers
...(full story)


Portland Lawmaker Says State Investment Sends the Wrong Message
On the sixth anniversary of the attacks of September 11th, a Maine state senator is introducing legislation he says will send a message to countries that sponsor terrorism. Barbara Cariddi reports.


Some Key Republicans Still Seek a New Path
“What he is recommending results in our having the same number of troops 10 months from now as we had 10 months ago,” said Senator Susan Collins, ...


Legislators diverge on hearing's import

Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, a moderate Democrat, and Senator Susan Collins of Maine, a Republican, have proposed ending the combat role for US troops, ...


Senators fight Bush on kids' insurance

Forty-four senators, including six Republicans, called on President Bush yesterday to rescind new administrative restrictions that will make it harder for states to expand their popular State Children's Health Insurance Program … Republicans who signed yesterday's letter included Gordon Smith (Ore.), Susan Collins and Olympia J. Snowe (Maine), Arlen Specter (Pa.), Norm Coleman (Minn.), and Christopher S. Bond (Mo.).


GOP centrists get boost
Susan Collins (R-Maine) also expressed dismay at the recommended force reductions. “Keeping somewhere between 125000 and 150000 American troops in Iraq for ...


Endorsements Heat Up Race in Maine’s 1st District
Democratic Rep. Tom Allen’s decision to leave his Maine 1st District seat to pursue a challenge to Sen. Susan Collins is creating a crowded field to replace him from both major parties. While there is still no obvious frontrunner in the campaign, which boasts six announced candidates, Democrat Chellie Pingree, is leading the pack in fundraising and received an additional boost with a recent endorsement by Emily’s List.


Liveblogging The Other Senate Iraq Report Hearing
Maine's Susan Collins, another emerging GOP war skeptic who hasn't completely crossed over, asks if there's been a major diplomatic offensive with regard to ...

Senate Lunch Chatter: Stances On Iraq Harden
A few senators, such as Lamar Alexander, R-Tenn., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, talked up possible bipartisan compromises, but Gordon Smith, R-Ore., ...


Petraeus grilled on Iraq troop drawdown
Susan Collins, R-Maine. “How long should we continue to commit American troops, American lives, American treasure, if the Iraqis fail to make political ...


How Much American Blood and Treasure Is A Sectarian Iraq Worth?
Susan Collins (R-ME). Collins asked how much longer Americans could be expected to expend blood and treasure on a war without evident Iraqi political ...


Camp: Give general more time
Susan Collins of Maine and Sen. Ben Nelson, D-Neb., support legislation limiting the mission of US troops. Congressional aides say bipartisan proposals are ...


Intelligence, Bush at odds on bin Laden

WASHINGTON — Contradicting President Bush's counterterrorism adviser, U.S. intelligence, law enforcement chiefs and a Cabinet member said Monday that Osama bin Laden remained the most dangerous terrorist threat to the United States six years after the Sept. 11 attacks ,,, Some panel members disputed some of the reported improvements, with Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, noting that a recent Justice Department report had found problems with the FBI's terrorist watch list, including a failure to include the names of leading terrorists.


How Much Longer Should War Last Without Political Progress?


Funding Abortion Overseas [Ramesh Ponnuru]
Six Republicans helped to make the majority: Lisa Murkowski and Ted Stevens from Alaska, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins from Maine, Arlen Specter from ...

David Hughes GOP Nominee for House District 72 (Lewiston) Needs Your Help

This is an eight week election. Truly a case where many hands will make light work. The most immediate goal is getting the 50 CE checks done, this week.

Scontras: Participate in the Fall's First Congressional Candidate Forum, 9/12

Confirmed participants include Chellie Pingree, Adam Cote, Ruth Summers, Dean Scontras.

2017: Iraq War Showing Signs of Progress

It’s 2017. Gas is $4.89 gallon. The AARP keeps sending me junk mail. And we’re still at war with Iraq. Death toll is nearing 12,000 Americans. Dead Iraqis? Somewhere over a million. Cost is $1.3 trillion and rising.

Will Tom Allen Follow Hillary's Lead?

2017: Iraq War Showing Signs of Progress

It’s 2017. Gas is $4.89 gallon. The AARP keeps sending me junk mail. And we’re still at war with Iraq. Death toll is nearing 12,000 Americans. Dead Iraqis? Somewhere over a million. Cost is $1.3 trillion and rising.

Senate GOP Trying Hard to Lower 2008 Expectations

It seems like Republicans are doing, as Mitch McConnell might say, their "Washington best" to lower expectations for the 2008 Senate elections. Here is a collection of interesting quotes from Republicans in the know regarding the '08 Senate races.



Plans by President Bush to announce a withdrawal of up to 30,000 U.S. troops from Iraq by next summer drew sharp criticism Tuesday from Democratic leaders and a handful of Republicans in Congress, who vowed to try again to force Bush to accept a more dramatic change of policy … Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), a member of the Armed Services Committee, said she could not accept having the same number of troops in Iraq in 10 months as there were 10 months ago, as would be the case if Bush adopts Petraeus’ recommendation.


Sen. Susan Collins still can’t see the forest through the trees!

Here’s Tom Allen’s response to General Petraeus’ recommendations:. “During my trip to Iraq last month, General Petraeus told me he believes our troops will be in Iraq in some form for nine or ten years. That is completely unacceptable. ..

ME-Sen: Matching funds for Tom Allen

It's time for a little fundraising for Tom Allen, currently looking to unseat Susan Collins in Maine. My goal is to raise $1250 by 9/20 - I raised and matched $75 yesterday, and I got another $25 overnight. So here's how it works: I'm ...

Maureen Dowd: Peached Petraeus tightens the girdle

... his heels as the Democratic presidential candidate yakked — sniffing at the Surge that Mr. McCain supports. Then Mr. McCain turned to his GOP colleague Susan Collins and flapped his fingers in the universal hand sign for yakking. ...

Susan Collins: Good news, Bad news

Our poor, conflicted junior Senator: her heart is in the right place, she has provided an excellent level of constituent service, and she asked some tough questions of the administration's war ambassadors yesterday. ...

A look at the 2008 Senate races, Part 3

Maine: Susan Collins (R) doesn’t have the stature that fellow Senator Olympia Snowe (R) has. Rep. Tom Allen (D) has announced his candidacy to challenge Collins. For some reason, nobody’s bothered to poll this matchup since late April. ...