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Monday, September 10, 2007

Maine News for Monday, September 10, 2007


Air Guard troops begin four-month deployment Family members, friends and well-wishers crowd the airport for an informal send-off.

Guard's engineer battalion realignedThree companies will consolidate to form two units to give the Army more flexibility.

Politicians must be held accountable for decisions


Smith library marks 25 years; Snowe, Collins laud predecessorSKOWHEGAN, Maine — Maine’s two U.S. senators praised the Northwood University Margaret Chase Smith Library and its work Saturday on its 25th anniversary, calling it "our nation’s premier free-standing congressional library, a priceless archive and museum, and an invaluable educational center," as they reflected on Sen. Smith’s legacy as it applies to today’s issues.

David Broder: N.H. debate proves he's the real McCainTwo hours before Fred Thompson formally entered the race for the Republican presidential nomination, his old friend John McCain turned in the kind of performance that once would have kept Thompson from running.

Colbert I. King: Fred, did we really know you?Far be it from me to start trouble, but former Tennessee Republican senator Fred Thompson, the presidential candidate who portrays himself as a conservative outsider capable of reforming Washington, is playing down his kinship with Washington.

Monday's Letters to the Editor … Petraeus report skeptic … Dems waving white flag … Changing stance on Iraq

Members of 265th head to Iraq once again Zachary Poulin of Berwick says if all goes well, he will be back at UMaine next semester, studying business administration.
'Little Fenway'Cal Ripken Jr., Alfond on hand at opening OAKLAND -- Cal Ripken Jr. started his walk to home plate and realized he was missing something. Preparing to catch the ceremonial first pitch at Sunday's ribbon-cutting ceremony for Harold Alfond Fenway Park, Ripken didn't have a glove.

Help wanted,help neededBoatbuilders face the future It's a familiar refrain: Maine doesn't have any jobs and our young people have to leave the state to make a living.

OP/ED: Embracing the online trend at our newspapers: New Web team to lead papers' efforts You've no doubt read it by now. The future -- heck, the present -- of journalism is online. Readers under 30 grew up with desktops, laptops, Blackberries and iPods. They're so used to technology they find the gadgets more convenient and handier to use than print on pages.

LTE: Comparison to Rove unfair, misses point This is in response to the complaint of George Hite of Sidney (letter, Sept. 6) that I am somehow defending Iraq in the manner of "Karl Rove" with my letter that talked about the protesters in Kennebunkport being part of the socialist and communist movements in this country.


Burst of action on Iraq situation WASHINGTON - For all the drama surrounding the testimony that military and diplomatic leaders will deliver to Congress this week about the war in Iraq, the real show will play out afterward, as the White House and Democratic congressional leaders vie for control over when the U.S. will start scaling back its forces there.

Letter: Traps guard Brown home
The Department of Homeland Security believes there are multiple traps and dangerous devices on the Plainfield property of tax protesters Ed and Elaine Brown, according to a letter sent by an agency official to U.S. Sen. Susan Collins of Maine.


Latest Newscast
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Democrats' Hopes High in Senate RacesSusan Collins, R, has proven popular with voters, but anti-war sentiment runs high. Unlike her Democratic challenger, Rep. Tom Allen, she voted in 2002 to ...


Iraq hearings may shape strategyKey to watch: The reaction of moderates such as John Warner, R-Va., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, who have edged closer to Democrats calling for a change of ...


In 2008 Election Cycle, How Bad Is Bad for Senate Republicans?


In Which The Campaign Trail Is Anything But A Lonely RoadTom Allen, who is now challenging Maine's junior US Senator, Susan Collins. I would take this opportunity to give you the whole spiel about how Mike Brennan is that rarest kind of politician - intellectually curious; honest; ...

Homo politicus: liberals and conservatives brains different

Not a day or week goes by without another republican sex scandal…

Culture of Fear

2008 Senate OutlookMaine currently has two Republican senators considered moderates: Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins. Susan Collins, however, is much less moderate than she ...

Pushing Back
From the Department of Honesty Is The Best Policy: The Bangor Daily News has decided that it’s enormous personal connections to the Collins campaign should have been publicly disclosed up front to their readers, and that it’s close ties make things seem unseemly. Duh. Thanks so much for helping us shine a light on this one. (You can contribute to Collins’ opponent, Tom Allen, on our Blue America page. Call it a More Sunshine contribution.

2008 Senate Races
Both Gordon Smith and Susan Collins have won re-election in 2002 by convincing margins. While Democrats in Oregon have failed to find a top-tier recruit and settled on a state legislator, Maine Democrats have rallied around one of the ...

In Which The Campaign Trail Is Anything But A Lonely Road
Tom Allen, who is now challenging Maine’s junior US Senator, Susan Collins. I would take this opportunity to give you the whole spiel about how Mike Brennan is that rarest kind of politician - intellectually curious; honest; ...

Another GOP Senate Retirement
The New York Times reports that Sen. Chuck Hagel, R-NE, will announce Monday that he won't seek a third term. Hagel, if he retires, would join Sens ... ; Maine, where moderate Republican Susan Collins already is under challenge by a popular Congressman