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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Maine News for Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Puppy mills booming thanks to ads on Web A case in Buxton and an upcoming Maine law focus attention on the problem.

LTE: Bush had lots of company in believing WMD claims


Ramona du Houx: When one door closes, others openBaileyville has been all over the news lately. It is a small town in Washington County that is in transition because one of its major employers, Domtar, announced it had to let 150 workers go. The inevitable happened.

Collins, Snowe should support farm bill reform I applaud your Aug. 27th editorial, "You are forgiven for thinking that the federal Farm Bill is all about farms." And agree that we need to reform the 2007 Farm Bill to strengthen nutrition programs that support thousands of Mainers. However, our current agriculture policy not only falls short of meeting the needs of families on food stamps; it also fails our family farmers and rural communities.

After 12,000 miles, talking points intact

Flying into Baghdad in a military Black Hawk helicopter last month, Rep. Jon Porter (R-Nev.) reached for his camera to snap photos of signs that American policy was working in Iraq.


Lawmakers' Iraq visits reinforce opinions
WASHINGTON — As Sen. Mel Martinez and four other members of Congress were flying out of Baghdad last week, their C-130 plane came under fire from three rocket-propelled grenades.


Allen Speaks At Labor Council BreakfastThe keynote speaker was Congressman Tom Allen, who said Labor Day is a time to honor the men and women who work hard and play by the rules, ...


Older WorkersSusan Collins, R-Maine, introduced a bill that would enable federal agencies to re hire retired workers on a part-time basis without the usual penalty — a ...


Hearings on BRAC process called forSusan Collins, R-Maine, last month requested that the Senate's Armed Services Committee take up BRAC hearings, citing the increased costs. ...


McCaskill carves role as watchdogSusan Collins, R-Maine, who serves with McCaskill on the Armed Services and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees.


Duson Drops Out

Republicans Bolt: Iraq Getting Worse, Not Better

Mark Turek: A Man of Principle, A Man of His Word

Kennebec County's Labor Day Picnic a smashing success!
To those who were there... you know how much fun it was! Over 80 people showed up to attend the gathering with Tom Allen as our main speaker, including five of the six candidates for his House seat (all but Jill Duson). Thanks to the Winthrop Democrats for putting together such a great event!

Happy Labor Day, Grandpa now get back to work
Nice piece on the front page of the Labor Day L.A ... , and part of the year at a store in another, warmer region. Just last month Sen. Susan Collins of Maine

A Semi Comprehensive List of Republican...
From ccmask at Firedoglake: Jack Abramoff -prison Bob Allen -Veteran Park sex scandal George Allen -called an American voter a Macaca Michael Ray ... in Plame affair; said troops would be greeted with flowers Susan Collins - Incorrectly claimed a dem ... Abramoff Affair Lance Dutson - Susan Collins campaign staffer, called FDL a “foul mouth femblog”

The power of the blogosphere
The power of the blogosphere September 2nd, 2007 Bloggers exert influence over editor’s conflict of interest Editor & ... Rep. Tom Allen. The issue isn’t Maine or the senatorial candidates. Rather, it is the growing

Senate Rankings: How high can the Democrats...
It’s the first of the month! That means it’s time for our (first) Senate rankings. It has been obvious for months that the 2008 Senate cycle would favor Democrats. Even before taking into account the anti-GOP national mood that allowed Democrats to prevail in every close Senate race in 2006 but Tennessee, the raw numbers tell the story:

Hsu-Nami Hits New Hampshire
Norman Hsu -- big-time Democratic fundraiser, acquaintance and donor of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and numerous other major Democrats, convicted criminal and (until recently) fugitive, certainly spread his money (from unknown sources) around .