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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Maine News for Thursday, September 6, 2007


Anthem will no longer run DirigoChoice health plan The state, which refused to guarantee a profit for the insurer, is working out how to continue coverage.

Cote endorsed by national veterans group
AUGUSTA - One of the lesser known entrants in the crowded field seeking the Democratic nomination in Maine's 1st Congressional District is touting an endorsement from a veterans group that has been active nationwide.

OP/ED: Time for 'The People' to take control again Our government has abandoned any pretense of representing the common good.

LTE: We must confront enemies to avoid further atrocities


Anthem severs Dirigo contractAnthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield won’t be administering the state’s controversial DirigoChoice health insurance program beginning Jan. 1, 2008, because the company and state could not agree on contract terms.

Oil dealers criticize discount ratesThe Maine Oil Dealers Association and the Maine State Housing Authority are battling over an increase in the discounted rates the state requires oil dealers to provide when they participate in the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program.

EDITORIAL: Health care as Maine agesBehind the good news that Maine continues to have among the lowest percentage of uninsured residents of any state, the costs of keeping up this standard means that health-coverage reform is still desperately needed.

Editorial: Reassessing IraqThe latest assessment on progress in Iraq closely follows a National Intelligence Estimate in July: some military gains of uncertain durability and little or no political gains to build the peace.

Daniel Callahan: The idea of 'socialized medicine' keeps coming backLike the plague of locusts that periodically descended on American farms some decades ago, the phrase "socialized medicine" comes out of the sky every time the country gets serious about universal health care.

Thursday's Letters to the Editor … Poor protest coverage … The people’s wishes


EDITORIAL: Deane Jones' irrepressible spirit Deane Jones didn't just walk into a room. He blew into it, charged his way through the door and placed himself smack in front of you, an undeniable, white-haired force of a man. Now, sadly, he's gone.

JIM BRUNELLE : Dunlap's got a point, despite his conclusions For someone in charge of overseeing the efficient, effective operation of Maine elections, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap has been making some rather odd utterances lately.

MAINE EDUCATIONAL ASSESSMENTTest resultsdon't tell allMiddle-schoolers' growing pains a factor It's not easy being an eighth-grader. It doesn't take a standardized test to figure that out.

SCHOOL CONSOLIDATIONGendron tellsof next steps AUGUSTA-- Education Commissioner Susan Gendron answered tough and pointed questions about consolidation and communities' next steps during a public forum Wednesday night.

LTE: Time to do something about all those lies There have been many reports of serious wrongs committed by this administration for several years.


Peace demonstrators not Communist inspired Shades of Karl Rove and his shabby strategy of disinformation-mongering. Jane Aitken of Bedford, N.H. (letter, Aug. 31) suggests that the peace demonstrators at Kennebunkport were communist-inspired.


LTE: Fleas on the dogThe exodus from the Bush administration may be likened to rats jumping off a sinking ship. Karl Rove, one of the most vicious political strategists in United States history, along with incompetent Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, are two Bush cronies to decamp Washington.


Goodman home from turn as congressional page
Ben Goodman, a senior at Kennebunk High School, has always been interested in politics. Up until Goodman was 3 years old, George H. W. Bush used to visit the town as President. Then, while watching the 1999 primary debates with his father, he became...


Fundamental Change Needed
Current events in our nation and around the world indicate this is a very serious moment in history. We need a fundamental change in Washington to turn this violent society around, in both the foreign and domestic realms.

Now Is the Time for Change
I remember typing over and over again when I was in typing class learning to use the typewriter: “Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party.” Somehow that thought of “NOW IS THE TIME” seems far from any kind of reality.

Disdain for Republicans
Arrogance is confidence without competence. Hypocrisy is piety without honor. George W. Bush is a perfect storm of ineptitude and greed. In Susan Collins, we have a stealth candidate who is trying her best to remain an enigma when we should clearly understand exactly where she stands on such issues as the war in Iraq, the outsourcing of American jobs, national security and our lackluster, one-sided economy. Occasionally, she will oppose the Bush agenda when it’s safe for her to do so.

One Interesting Summer
Summertime, and the living is … well, whatever else it is, it’s certainly speech-writing time. President Bush, at the Veterans of Foreign Wars convention, urges perpetual war (perpetual profits for arms manufacturers, too) against the terrorists who, he claims, are poised to invade.

Politicians Are Fair Game in Public
I have to disagree with most of your editorial, “A Deplorable Practice” (Ellsworth American, Aug. 23), about the tactic of tracking politicians with cameras by the opposing political party. Recently, Sen. Susan Collins has been the target of this and she voiced her opposition to this practice to the media (so this would be publicized to her advantage) and to the Maine Democrats.


BELTWAY BLOGROLL Bloggers Cry Media Foul In Maine Senate RaceSusan Collins. Editor & Publisher reports that Bangor Daily News Executive Editor Mark Woodward is married to Bridget Woodward.

Lost in the Shuffle, a Milestone
...already are on premier panels and won't give up those spots to become junior members on Appropriations. Attention will focus on Susan Collins (Maine) and Mike Enzi (Wyo.).Even if Craig does return, GOP leaders have already stripped him of his posts as the top Republican...

GAO Criticizes Homeland Security's Efforts to Fulfill Its Mission
...half years ago," said Lieberman, who will chair a hearing on the matter this afternoon.The panel's ranking Republican, Sen. Susan Collins (Maine), who faces a reelection race next year, also called on the DHS to "pick up the pace. . . . With so much at stake...


The old Ben Nelson is back — with a plan
Readers will be relieved to hear that Sen. Ben Nelson’s (D-Neb.) hair has returned to the salt-and-pepper (mostly salt) color that was so startlingly changed to brown in July. Nelson, who maintains that he didn’t understand what his untested barber was up to when he turned Nelson’s hair color to a deep chestnut, explained that the experience has led him on a new crusade. “I am challenging all women to let their natural hair color grow back — it’s only fair,” Nelson joked. Nearby, Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), a brunette whose coiffure we had never thought to question, thought not. “No way,” Collins said, pointing to her own hair with both hands.


GAO Criticizes Homeland Security's Efforts To Fulfill Its MissionSusan Collins (Maine), who faces a reelection race next year, also called on the DHS to "pick up the pace. ... With so much at stake and so many areas where ...


Senate GOPers' Dark '08 OutlookTom Allen will go against Collins, and either Al Franken or Mike Ciresi will challenge Coleman. The big question is whether Jeanne Shaheen gets in for a ...


From the media room at the Fox News GOP debate

The debate begins / Live blog post

First reaction to the debate

Republicans: Everything’s Just Ducky - Republicans on the House Armed Services Committee are challenging the Government Accountability Office’s assessment of the 18 benchmarks of progress in Iraq. The report that essentially said things were lousy.

Maine Congressional Delegation:The Topic is Iraq - The August recess is over and Maine’s Congressional delegation is back at work with one thing on their minds: ending the Iraq conflict and making sure that wounded soldiers are getting the care they need. Okay, two things on their minds.

09/05/2007 - Oversight In DC?, Fred & SIGN THE PETITION!Senator Norm Coleman and Senator Susan Collins both agreed to give back $2500 they received from Craig. Senator Lamar Alexander and Senator Bob Corker received $5000 each from the Alliance for the West but have not commented on the ...

Support our troops? - I want to start off by saying I stand behing every American Soldier that has chosen to enlist and their families that are left behind to worry ... be a mistake. Sen. Susan Collins said that going to war in Iraq was a problem of faulty intelligence

2008 Senate Race Rankings - OK, time for my soon-to-be-famous rankings of the US Senate races likely to change hands in next year's elections. I've broken them down into 5 broad categories. In Serious Jeopardy 1. New Hampshire - Sununu Plain & simple, New Hampshire is a Democratic state now