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Monday, September 17, 2007

Maine News for Monday, September 17, 2007


Conflict in the WIND
Some say proposed wind farms would yield too little power to justify the harm they would cause.

Baldacci touts jail plan's potential
Republicans say the proposal ignores added expenses and flaws in state prison management.

TOM ALLEN: Time to pull troops out is now With no real change likely in Iraq, Congress has to force President Bush to withdraw U.S. forces.

Editorial: School districts deliver on merger mandate
Some remaining districts will need assistance from the state to comply with the law.

Editorial: Every child deserves a teacher like Martin McKeon and Mrs. Schultz
Maine's Teacher of the Year offers a reminder of the good work done in every school.

LTE: Impeachment suitable to offenses


FairPoint merger focus of hearings Monday, September 17, 2007AUGUSTA, Maine - The public gets to comment this week on the proposal by FairPoint to merge with the traditional telephone service of Verizon in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont, and the company faces lots of questions.

Snowe: Iraq must step upThe Iraqi government's failure to create a national reconciliation among battling political and secular factions likely will hasten a U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, U.S. Sen. Olympia Snowe said Saturday.

Monday's Letters to the Editor … Training Iraq forces

Cianbro touts Brewer mill site progressSaturday, September 15, 2007BREWER - Business and civic leaders celebrated the anticipated rebirth of the former Eastern Fine Paper Co. site Friday, touting the project as an example of what is possible when corporations and governments work cooperatively on economic development.

Bangor senator seeks tax break for Milbridge pairSaturday, September 15, 2007BANGOR, Maine - In an attempt to help a family from the Washington County town of Milbridge pay the taxes on a new home provided to them by a reality TV show, state Sen. Joe Perry, D-Bangor, has submitted a bill that he hopes will give them and people in a similar position a tax break.

Hollywood slots taking shape on Bangor's Main StreetSaturday, September 15, 2007If they look way up, people passing by the Hollywood Slots at Bangor work site on Main Street can see an American flag and an evergreen tree perched atop the highest beam.

Law evens fieldfor licensed,backyard breeders A law that takes effect Friday charging "backyard breeders" of dogs and cats $25 to $75 for their lucrative sideline represents good, constituent-driven legislation. It's a measure that seeks to place licensed dog and cat breeders on the same financial plane with people who breed retrievers and poodles and ragdolls under the table.

LTE: 'Disastrous' Iraq conflict must come to an end On Labor Day, George W. Bush made another sneak trip to Iraq. Grandstanding there, he touted the "success" he claims is being achieved in his disastrous war. He lies unceasingly while the slaughter continues in Iraq.

Source: Bush to tap N.Y. judge to replace Gonzales WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush has settled on Michael B. Mukasey, a retired federal judge from New York, to replace Alberto Gonzales as attorney general and will announce his selection today, a person familiar with the president's decision said Sunday evening.

Bishop celebrates 'Blue Mass'
Among dignitaries in attendance were U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, U.S. Rep. Michael Michaud, Diana Allen, who is wife of U.S. Rep. Tom Allen, Gilbert and Auburn Mayor John Jenkins.

LTE: Chinese handoverLet China go into Basra, Iraq. China is going to get the oil anyway.

LTE: Hidden costsLike all Americans, I was saddened to read of the death of seven U.S. soldiers reported in the Saturday, Sept. 8, edition. I believe we all mourn with the families of those killed. Were the names and hometowns of those killed known to the newspaper's editors? They were not in the article.


Snowe meets with U.S., Iraqi leaders
PORTLAND, Maine (AP) — Political reconciliation has been slow in coming in Iraq and Americans' patience with the lack of progress is wearing thin, Sen. Olympia Snowe said Saturday during a trip to Iraq.


Former Lawmaker Facing Prosecution For False Finance Statement


Senate to Resume War DebateBen Nelson, D-Neb., and Susan Collins, R-Maine have an amendment that would require US forces to shift their missions to training Iraqi forces, ...


General's report was pure politics
I would like to share some thoughts about last week's Ambassador Crocker/Gen. Petreaus hearings. While I didn't attend the House hearings, I was present as the Senate grilled these men … But the best question came from Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine. She's facing re-election next year and wanted to know what Petreaus would do if Iraq was in the same soup next year. If the general had ideas, he wasn't talking.


Exclusive: Does Petraeus Have a Bullseye on His Back? Some ...Republican Senators Susan Collins of Maine and Pete Domenici of New Mexico , who have publicly broken with President Bush over the Iraq war, ...


The Endless, Meaningless Blather From The Washington Establishment"If by September we do not see clear signs of progress, then I think we have to face reality and start planning for a complete change of mission," said Republican Senator Susan Collins of Maine. Another moderate Republican, Senator ...

Senate 2008 Guru's Week in the Senate Races
Maine: Speaking of illicit activities, Susan Collins is finally taking heat in the Maine media for inappropriately using taxpayer-funded Senate resources for political purposes. We know that Collins' Senate staff has used their Senate ...

George Bush: A Betrayal of Trust
Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins: ‘What [Bush] is recommending results in our having the same number of troops 10 months from now as we had 10 months ago.’ (New York Times, 9/12/07; ...

Collins: Thumbs Down on Bush's Troop Levels - "[W]e need to shift the mission right now. I don't see any point in waiting another six months to assess the situation in Iraq," Collins said.

Snowe: Reduce Forces, Change Mission, Get Senate Votes - "Everyone recognizes that in order to effect change in Iraqi policy it's inevitable that we'd have a reduction in forces, a change in mission and have it structured in a way that gets the right number of votes in the Senate."

Bob Woodward: How Bush Deceived Public on Iraq
In one public confrontation at a hearing with Senator Susan Collins, the earnest Maine Republican, Rumsfeld had put her down in a manner that was stunning even for him. Collins’s voice had quivered at one point.

George Bush gets a bonk on the head… - ….POOR BABY. He won’t be getting Ted Olson as the replacement for Attorney Alberto Gonzales, but instead, will be getting a candidate who is supported by some democrats & even liberals.

Senate 2008 Guru: Sunday Round-up
Maine & New Mexico: Despite any attempt to feign otherwise, Susan Collins and Pete Domenici are solidly with George W. Bush when it comes to Iraq. Their reactions to Bush's Iraq speech this week: