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Friday, September 21, 2007

Maine News for Friday, September 21, 2007


Former lawmaker facing jail for forgery
Peter Throumoulos is sentenced to 60 days for faking signatures to receive Clean Election funds.

Baldacci nominees have little opposition, win approval by state Senate
Superior Court Justice Ellen Gorman is the governor's third nominee for the Supreme Court.

State oil dealers sign with LIHEAP
By this week, 86 percent of the oil dealers who participated last season had signed new contracts.

Plan for reuse of BNAS a good start on a long journey
The mix of uses strikes a balance between community and economic interests.

M.D. HarmonIf you're pondering a poll, remember Matt Wilkinson
Opinion polls are useful, but forgetting their limits can lead to ingesting things we should avoid.


SCHIP backers rally for program expansion
BANGOR, Maine - With a critical deadline nearing for the renewal of a popular federal children’s health coverage program, proponents gathered in Bangor on Thursday to announce their support for an expansion of the State Children’s Health Insurance Program.

Residents heard on Verizon-FairPoint
BANGOR, Maine - Local supporters and opponents of Verizon's plan to sell its land-based Internet and telephone service to FairPoint Communications Inc. finally had their turn to speak publicly and to the Maine Public Utilities Commission on Thursday night.

Editorial: Buying Success
President Bush and other administration officials have been citing Anbar Province, long one of the most violent regions of Iraq, as an encouraging success story as the war drags well into its fifth year. But like everything else in Iraq, the picture isn’t that clear.

Friday's Letters to the Editor … The enemy within … The facts of the matter … A question of training … A governor’s agenda


AUGUSTA -- Three of the four Democrats running for the 1st Congressional District said Thursday night they would end funding for the war in Iraq immediately.

SAD 11 board members question state's ruling
GARDINER -- School Administrative District 11 leaders want to know why the state Department of Education approved other districts' consolidation plans with as few as 1,500 students but rejected theirs because it would not create a district of at least 2,500.

Wind farm factions agree on value, not placement
CARRABASSETT VALLEY -- Although fiercely divided on whether wind turbines should be sited in western Maine, the audience at the Maine Land Use Regulation Commission's hearing found some common ground.

JOSEPH R. REISERT : D.C. voting rights bill bipartisan, but clearly not constitutional
A majority of the U.S. Senate demonstrated this week that they either do not understand, or that they do not care about, the structure of our Constitution. Fifty-seven senators, including Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, gave their support in a procedural vote Tuesday to "The District of Columbia House Voting Rights Act of 2007."

LTE: Blue Angels are 'essential part of national defense'
I have to take issue with my fellow townsman Tom Sturtevant concerning his Sept. 15 letter criticizing the Kennebec Journal for publicizing the appearance at the Brunswick Naval Air Station of the Blue Angels, the Navy flight demonstration team.

LTE: Baldacci neglects parole, the best option available
Recently there's been a buzz about the governor's plan to take over the county jails and "consolidate" them with the state prisons. Gov. John Baldacci says we've been on the edge of a crisis for a long time and that the current system is inefficient, outdated, unsustainable and intolerable. He cites chronic overcrowding, double-digit growth in costs and a lack of necessary services.

LTE: Familiar feeling from the Petraeus report
With the release of the Petraeus report, I sense that horrible feeling of "Deja Vu -- All Over Again."


LTE: Lower and lower Republicans go
As America's brave troops continue to languish in Iraq, eye-opening facts about the "surge" continue to emerge, raising serious questions about the credibility and purpose of the forthcoming progress report by Gen. David Petraeus.

LTE: Story on Bush Iraq troop plans was misleading
I have two questions about your article, "Bush orders gradual pullout," published on Sept. 14. Why did you choose the words "gradual pullout?" Anyone just glancing at the headline, as many readers do, could understandably conclude that Bush is planning to slowly pull our troops out of Iraq. But, as the article says later on, President Bush "said the U.S. engagement in Iraq will stretch beyond his presidency."

LTE: People in Maine and U.S. need a 'wake-up call'
There are many things that are going on in this state. The war is going on throughout the U.S. It's been going on for years now. When will we have enough? When everyone from the U.S. is dead? I really makes me sick to think of all the innocent people dying, just because the president wants to finish what his dad started. We need a wake-up call before it's too late.


Host of Baldacci nominees confirmed
AUGUSTA (AP) - The Maine Senate, with occasional dissents by some members of the Republican minority, routinely approved several dozen nominees put forth by Gov. John Baldacci at a special confirmation session Thursday, including Superior Court Justice Ellen Gorman for a seat on the Maine Supreme Judicial Court.

LTE: Trying to 'trash America'
During the Vietnam War, the anti-war movement destroyed any chance of winning , while the rest of us did or said nothing. That was the beginning of the liberal movement in this country.


A Day of Sharp Wind Farm Criticism at Black Nubble Hearings
The Black Nubble Wind Farm proposed for western Maine near Sugarloaf was attacked by a National Park Service official today as being "excessive" in scope, and incompatible with the scenic vistas along the Appalachian Trail, about three miles away at its closest point. But it was Pam Underhill's downplaying of the role of global warming and her lambasting of a Maine environmental group for its support of the project that caused many jaws to drop as hearings before the Land Use Regulation Commission entered their second day. Susan Sharon has more.

New Laws Take Effect
Dozens of new state laws take effect today. Now, anyone under the age of 18 caught talking on a cell phone while driving faces a fine, and bicyclists 15 or younger caught riding without a helmet will get a warning. Other new laws are targeted at deceptive mortgage lending tactics and extending family health insurance policies for dependent children. Keith McKeen reports.

S-Chip Funding Heading for Standoff
A federal program that pays for the health care of uninsured children is heading for a standoff between Congress and President Bush. There's strong Congressional support for expanding the State Children's Health Insurance Program, better known as S-CHIP, but it may not be enough to override the President's promised veto. S-CHIP advocates gathered in Bangor today to emphasize the program's importance. Murray Carpenter reports.


Ballot Questions for Nov. 6 State Referendum Election
Question One: Citizen Initiative Do you want to allow a Maine tribe to run a harness racing track with slot machines and high-stakes beano games in Washington County ?


Moderate Republicans and GuantanamoSusan Collins & Olympia Snowe of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska. All three voted “no” on the procedural vote. But then a few minutes later, ...


Moderates’ Hope for Compromise on Iraq Fading as Reid Takes Hard LineNow it seems like that’s changed,” said Republican Susan Collins of Maine. “The question for Democrats is do they really want to force a change in policy in ...


Senators move further apart on Iraq legislationSusan Collins, R-Maine, and Ben Nelson, D-Neb., have a bill that would shift the mission of troops in Iraq. There is talk of merging that bill with the ...


Masters of the SenateAnd the rising tide of anti-war sentiment threatens to submerge a slew of Republican senators in Democratic-leaning states, such as Susan Collins (Maine), ...


Bush to veto plan for children's insuranceSusan Collins, R-Maine, said a veto would be a "terrible mistake," which she would vote to override. Bush said he proposed adding $5 billion in spending ...


Companies leading Congress in protecting gay rights
A national index that rates corporations on their treatment of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender employees, saw an increase of 41 percent over last year in the number of local and national companies obtaining a perfect score of 100. …In a conference call about the index and what effect it could have on ENDA, Allison Herwitt, HRC’s legislative director, said her organization is working with Sens. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) to move the bill through the Senate.


MoveOn vote splits DemsSusan Collins (R-Maine), who faces a tough reelection battle in 2008. “I’m disappointed” that Reid decided to eschew a compromise approach, said Oregon’s ...


Senate’s War Critics Still Short of Votes to Force Major Policy ...A rival proposal from Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Ben Nelson, D-Neb., would change the mission to fighting terrorism, providing border security and ...


Senator Blocks Bill to Reverse Bush's Order on Presidential SecretsSusan Collins of Maine, the top Republican on the Lieberman committee, who openly supports the bill. Senate rules don't explicitly provide for a "hold," but ...


Rep. Peter King points out too many Mosques in USA
President George W. Bush (C), is flanked by U.S. Senator Susan Collins (Republican / Maine), (L), and Representative Peter King (Republican / New York)

WaPo: Collins Visibly Angry
Don't miss this juicy anecdote in today's Washington Post (via Turn Maine Blue) about the disconnect between Maine's senators.

BDN Double Standard?
Yesterday, we commented at some length about BDN's decision to cloak objective, verifiable facts in the language of "he said/she said."

Condemn 'Betray Us' Ad? 24 Democrat Senators Vote 'NO'
The vote expressed “the sense of the Senate that General David H. Petraeus...deserves the full support of the Senate and strongly condemn personal attacks on the honor and integrity of General Petraeus and all members of the United States Armed Forces."

Senator Susan Collins is too Extreme to Support Even Weak Habeas ...Senator Susan Collins of Maine voted against this, the most tepid restoration of Habeas Corpus rights possible. Senator Collins likes to refer to herself as a moderate Republican. But opposition to even the mildest Habeas Corpus ...

Autumn comes to Collins CountryOur Senator, Susan Collins, said this on 28 March 2007:. "My vote against this rapid withdrawal does not mean that I support an open-ended commitment of US troops to Iraq," Collins said in a statement issued after the vote. ...

Time to get back to work Tom!Congressman Tom Allen seems to be the complete opposite. In the ten years he's been in congress, Allen has missed 129 votes. The following is a statement is from the Maine Republican Party on Tom Allen. Where Was Tom? ...

Thursday Rundown
Maine: We remember from yesterday that Olympia Snowe voted in favor of restoring habeas corpus rights while Susan Collins opted to spit on the Constitution, the rule of law, and due process. Well, Collins seems pretty miffed at Snowe ...

An Evening With Tom Allen
A couple of evenings ago I took the plunge and blew most of this year's donation budget to spend an evening a fundraiser for Democratic Congressman and candidate for the US Senate seat in Maine currently held by Susan Collins, ...

The Sassy Sundries: My Week in Review
Joe Lieberman votes with the fascists, and Susan Collins of Maine shows why she’s still with the fascist party.

Pressure High on Coleman to Protect GOP Seat Margin
Then there are the GOP moderates in Democratic-leaning states – Susan Collins in Maine, John Sununu in New Hampshire, and Gordon Smith in Oregon. The question is how many of these seats will turn over to the Democrats a la Lincoln ...

Flawed Analyses
Susan Collins of Maine has proposed a redeployment of 50000 troops from combat in Iraq to training Iraqis, in anticipation of her re-election battle (which is shaping up to be a doozy, and Olympia Snowe, the other Senator from Maine, ...

Allen misses 19 votes in one week for “political activities”
When pressed whether “political activities” means that Allen was campaigning for the US Senate instead of voting, Sullivan deferred the question to Allen’s campaign staff. Allen is challenging Senator Susan Collins for her Maine Senate ...

A New Definition of Lockstep of Which We Were Previously Unaware
Susan Collins (ME, 48%);. Chuck Hagel (NE, 75%);. Gordon Smith (OR, 72%);. Olympia Snowe (ME, 36%);. John Sununu (NH, 88%). So 43 out of 49 Republicans voting with the president (a rate of 87.8%) constitutes "march[ing] in line" with ...

Why Do Joe Lieberman & the Republicans Hate America & Our Troops?
The same group -- minus Specter and Lugar, plus Norm Coleman and Susan Collins -- joined all Democrats in voting to move forward on Jim Webb's troop bill. After the remaining Republicans joined Lieberman in killing Webb's bill, ...

Tom Coburn : Dr. Death aims to kill Congress
So often, we now see a handful of Republicans breaking with Party Managers on specific votes, but I suspect some (Norm Coleman, Gordan Smith, and John Sununu) are motivated by the 2008 election while others (Susan Collins and Olympia ...

Kay's Fan Club Attacks WNIW
One would think that the link was to some laid out path to the inner evil of liberals, no instead the bright troll linked toKay’s post about Susan Collins ignoring her constituents. Here’s the first paragraph from the link: ...

Political Dork
Maine - Susan Collins is vulnerable. The state is very blue and she is not as stable as Olympia Snow. She did raise a lot of money and so far no strong Democratic challenger emerged yet. I hope the state's Democratic party get their act ...

What Bishops Do -Or Refuse To Do- Matters
A quick glance at the list of the 16 Catholic Senators who voted for the amendment in question shows that 15 are Democrats and only one (Susan Collins (R-ME)) is a Republican. How else can we explain this travesty? ...