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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Maine News for Wednesday, August 29, 2007


US Senator Aware of Barriers to Trade --

Bartlett also said he hoped the Chinese government could understand why the issue had become so heated in the US.

"We would be vulnerable to anything that affects our children," he said. "The American people buy things not only with their heads but also with their hearts."


Baldacci says budget cuts would avert new taxes
The governor's plan to trim $11.3 million includes changes to jail oversight and custodial staffing.

EDITORIAL: Primary elections are not bath water
A democratic selection of candidates for state office should not be scrapped to save money.

LTE: Republicans responsible for our scary situation


Gov. Baldacci pitches cuts totaling $11
AUGUSTA - The Baldacci administration is offering an $11.3 million package of proposed spending cuts as a way to meet a target set in the new $6.3 billion biennial state budget, but it has stopped short of putting $30 million in potential reductions on the table as requested by the Appropriations Committee.

The Bush administration adds restricting and distracting limits to the State Children's Health Insurance Program when it sets new standards for coverage expansions and new caps on who gets coverage.

Wednesday's Letters to the Editor … Learning from history … U.S. must stay out of Iran


Lawmaker cool to idea of eliminating primaries
AUGUSTA -- Rep. Janet Mills said Tuesday she'd be "disinclined" to support a proposal to eliminate primaries as a way to save money.

Augusta plan rejection has leaders miffed

AUGUSTA -- It took the state less than 24 hours to tell city school leaders it might reject Augusta's proposal not to join with a neighboring school district.

SAD 11 will go right down to the deadline

GARDINER -- School Administrative District 11 won't decide who -- if anyone -- it will consolidate with until Thursday. That's the eve of a state deadline for picking potential consolidation partners.

Excise tax cut has momentum with activists
AUGUSTA -- Activists from both ends of the political spectrum are uniting behind a proposed referendum that would cut the excise tax on cars and trucks in Maine and give the owners of hybrid vehicles an additional break.

Maine poverty rate down,
but income declines, too

The number of poor families in Maine declined last year -- but so did the state's median household income.

NANCY KELLEHER : Playing telephone tag
We were shocked to see the Public Utilities Commission press release of Aug. 14, which said: "MPUC Approves Broadband Deal." In that release, PUC Chairman Kurt Adams takes credit for accepting Verizon Maine's proposal to invest $12 million of Verizon money into DSL or broadband access development in Maine.

LTE: State appears to back away from local issues
In the July issue of the Maine Townsman, Geoff Herman of the Maine Municipal Association writes, "a surprising number of our currently elected legislators are of the opinion that state government has every right to abolish existing local units of government and create new units of local government without even allowing the local voters to weigh-in."


Cal Thomas contradictions
Cal Thomas' column printed Aug. 21, challenging global warming, is riddled with contradictions. His push to label the majority of current data as extremist (Democratic party) seems as if he is paid by President Bush's oil company-supported researchers and uses fundamentalist labeling to avoid most independent studies for the last 25 years.


LTE: Why I continue...(full story)


Researchers find mercury in songbirds in saltwater marshes
Susan Collins, who was on hand for the news conference, renewed her call for Congress to pass the National Mercury Monitoring Establishment Act, ...


Senate committee to investigate toy standards
Susan Collins of Maine said in a statement. "Recent recalls of toys with dangerous levels of lead paint and small magnets that can come loose and be ...


War Protesters Rally Across Maine

PORTLAND (NEWS CENTER) -- On the heels of a massive demonstration in Kennebunkport, anti-war activists gathered again in several locations across the state Tuesday, including Monument Square in Portland.
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Lewiston Lawmaker Resigning

AUGUSTA, Maine (AP) -- Another vacancy has been declared in the Maine House of Representatives.


Senate prospects seem brighter for Democrats


Take a Stand takes off across America
Congressman Tom Allen is attending the event in Orono, Maine -- and you know Susan Collins will never show up. Ever. Our very good friend, Chris Achorn, will be liveblogging tonight. Ditch Mitch and BlueGrassRoots are covering the event ...

Invasion of the Identity Snatchers: Immigration Benefit Fraud and ...
Additionally, Senators Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) requested an investigation into the loss of immigration files at US Citizenship ...

Take a Stand
Tom Allen (D-ME), Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) and Rep. Betty McCollum (D-MN) at schoolhouses, churches and meeting halls around the country. ...

Take A Stand Day

Today is the culmination of the Iraq summer campaign Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. Today is Take a Stand Day day. Think Progress reports:

From Orono, ME town hall targeting Sen. Collins
"Craig Cote, father of an Iraq War Sergeant, speaks from the heart—

Tom Allen Takes a Stand to End the War in Iraq

by: Mike Nutter
Tonight Congressman Tom Allen joined scores of progressive activists are joined by Congressman Allen to demand an end to the war in Iraq.

Every single member of the Maine delegation, except Senator Collins, took a stand tonight. Senator Snowe submitted a four page statement. Congressman Michaud responded by video, and Congressman Allen delivered a speech and took questions from the audience.

I’ve included a few highlights of tonight’s event and will be adding photos and video of the even as they become available over the next few hours and days.

(Full discloser, I am the Director of Internet Communications for Tom Allen for Senate.)

Gonzo's Resignation Changes Nothing

Alberto Gonzales was never the right man for this job. He lacked independence, he lacked judgment, and he lacked the spine to say no to Karl Rove. This resignation is not the end of the story. Congress must get to the bottom of this mess and follow the facts where they lead, into the White House.

Looking for "Macaca"

Susan Collins has recently complained about being followed around by a tom allen-sponsored cameraman. The Bangor Daily News, inexplicably, supports Collins' efforts to limit who can film her in in public. The Republican Journal rightly criticizes her . What’s wrong with holding a U.S. Senator on the campaign trail accountable for what she says?

The Hanging Chad of Health Care

Guarantees are hard to come by. Even with medicine, doctors would be hard-pressed to tell patients that the drug they're prescribing is certain to work. … This fundamental misunderstanding is being advanced by politicians grasping for answers to questions on health care. For an example, look no further than Reps. tom allen, D-ME, and Jo Ann Emerson, R-MO, whose Enhanced Health Care Value for All Act would increase spending on one-size-fits-all, top-down solutions.