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Monday, August 27, 2007

Maine News for Monday, August 27, 2007


Group offers revisions to TABOR plan

The Maine Heritage Policy Center says its proposal is just as comprehensive.

Anti-war protest wraps up
Demonstrators leave Kennebunkport after a weekend of events.

Kucinich, in Maine, trumpets health care proposals
The presidential candidate backs universal plans under consideration in Congress.

LTE: Administration opponents acting in spirit of America


Mainers full of ideas on saving state money
AUGUSTA, Maine - Legislative budget writers who have solicited suggestions from the public in their effort to squeeze out $10.1 million in new state government savings have received several hundred proposals through a virtual suggestion box created by the Appropriations Committee staff.

Primary, caucus moves 'not good'
AUGUSTA, Maine - Last week the Michigan Senate voted to move that state's primary to Jan. 15, and Florida Democratic leaders are going ahead with moving their primary to Jan. 29.

War protesters rally in Kennebunkport
KENNEBUNKPORT, Maine - Even though President Bush wasn't in town, hundreds of war protesters including Cindy Sheehan marched by the Bush family compound on a scorching, muggy Saturday.

Collins, Allen race wades into Web
Almost 50 years after the famous Kennedy-Nixon TV debate opened a new arena for political campaigns, candidates like Sen. Susan Collins and Rep. Tom Allen are learning they need to be savvy about a new, vastly different medium - the Internet.

Among the many arguments Maine's congressional delegation made to the federal base-closure commission in 2005 was that the Defense Department had badly underestimated the cost of closing bases, meaning the expected savings wouldn't be nearly as great.

Monday's Letters to the Editor … Right to Privacy

Baldacci to propose jail consolidation

AUGUSTA - Gov. John Baldacci said Friday he will propose that the state take over the county jails to create an efficient prison system and to lower local property taxes.

As commissioner, McGowan puts pilot’s license to use

As head of a state agency that manages more than 900,000 acres of recreational land, Patrick McGowan travels to all corners of Maine while on the job.


Group draws up another tax reform package
AUGUSTA -- A conservative think tank that supported last year's failed push to curb government spending in Maine has drafted a revised plan that would make it a bit easier to raise spending or taxes

EDITORIAL: The Farm Bill needs to feed more people
You are forgiven for thinking that the federal Farm Bill is all about farms.

Columns: WILL LUND : State taking action to help consumers in mortgage mess
By now you've read about upheaval in the subprime mortgage market. You may be wondering what's being done to address the problem. As director of the state office that regulates many subprime lenders, let me describe steps we're taking to advise and assist consumers.


Republicans don't want energy solutions
When is a $20 billion savings over 10 years for American taxpayers misrepresented as a tax increase? When Republicans want to stop the kind of energy policy that will begin addressing America's addiction to foreign oil, that's when.


EDITORIAL: A Deplorable Practice

Imagine that you are attending a public event — a parade, a fair, a festival — and you have an opportunity for a few one-on-one moments with U.S. Sen. Susan Collins. Then, as you begin to converse with the senator, someone with a video camera steps up closely to film and record every word of your exchange.


Someone I used to know: Politics and other mistakes
Nobody can accuse Democratic 1st District congressional candidate Chellie Pingree of being blindly loyal to an old pal.


General Pace, You Can Save the US - by Arresting Bush for "Conduct Unbecoming"

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Senate 2008 Guru's Week in the Senate Races - Maine: If you think Susan Collins faced copious embarrassments last week, this week brought more of the same. The Collins camp last week tried to kick up a big fuss over the Maine Democratic Party sending a staffer to video record her public appearances. Shocking, I know.

Invasion of the Identity Snatchers: Immigration Benefit Fraud and ...
Additionally, Senators Charles Grassley (R-Iowa) and
Susan Collins (R-Maine) requested an investigation into the loss of immigration files at US Citizenship ...

tom allen Makes ActBlue Weekly "Top 5" Report

I want to take the time to cross-post this week's entry here as a Maine candidate made the list. I'll try to do that each week in any state with a community blog if they have candidates on that week's list as a service to the larger blogging community.

Political Moderates and Mavericks RE Smith Jr.
Christopher Shays, and senators Lindsey Graham, Chuck Hagel, Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chaffee, Olympia Snowe and
Susan Collins. He described them as “under ...